Beekeeping, With Associations’ Help, Takes New York City By Swarm

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Among the many things buzzing through New York City—yellow cabs, fast walkers, cyclists—are lots of bees and multiple beekeeping associations. “Tending beehives on top of New York City and other urban areas is nothing new. However, there has been something of a renaissance in the past five to eight years and it has gained great popularity,” New York City Beekeepers Association President Andrew Coté explained in comments to Reuters.

Should New York City Cap The Number of Uber Drivers?

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After New York City’s mayor and city council dropped legislation that would have put a cap on the number of Uber cars allowed in the city, a number of associations responded with mixed reviews. Uber and other ridesharing companies have the green light, for now, to operate in New York City without any impending restrictions on their companies’ growth. The cap was an attempt to reduce traffic congestion, according to The New York Times.


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New York City Taxi Drivers Launch Association in Response to Uber

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If Uber doesn’t like a city’s rules and regulations, it really will leave. That’s what’s happened in San Antonio, to the dismay of its Alamo City customers and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC). Uber pulled out of San Antonio—the country’s seventh-most-populous city, which also has the fastest-growing millennial population —in April after the city council imposed new regulations on all ride-sharing companies, including mandating the fingerprinting of drivers.

Mixed Support for New York City’s New Sodium Warning

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When New York City became the first place in the country to require chain restaurants to post a warning next to high-sodium items, a number of associations came out both for and against the new rule. On December 1, New York City became the first city in the U.S. But if the National Restaurant Association gets its way, the new warning labels won’t be around for long.

New York City’s “Bloomberg Soda Ban” Dies With Appeals Court Ruling

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While the large-soda ban is out of the picture in New York City, the beverage industry still could face a set of regulatory challenges. Affirming two lower court decisions, New York’s highest court invalidated a New York City regulation limiting the size of soda containers sold at restaurants. In New York Statewide Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce v. The Next Soda-Wars Front?

Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change

Jamie Notter

The first is a session that I’ll be doing at BlogWorld Expo in New York City , along with my coauthor Maddie Grant and Amy Ward, who is the Membership Director at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change. Posted June 1, 2012. in Announcements , Change , Humanize. Tweet.

The Failure of Flyover Leadership


New Yorkers were not amused. Ethics Governance Leadership Politics Staff Leadership Air Force One Defense Secretary Gates Deputy Chief of Staff Messina DoD FAA flyover leadership Jim Messina leadership lessons Louis Caldera Mayor Bloomberg New York City PAG President Obama September 11th US Air Force White House White House Military Office WMHOThe day after the head of the White House Military Office stepped down President Obama could joke about the fiasco.

1-On-1 with Joe Bednar: Delivering Value to an Alumni Club

Wild Apricot

Here are highlights of an interview with Joe Bednar, president of the Whitman Syracuse University Alumni Club in New York City, who offers insight into how to provide value and help an alumni organization flourish. membership member-advisory-group

Pet Rules: Creating fair and reasonable rules fur better or worse


Pamela Babcock, a writer and editor in the New York City area, contributed to this article. . By Joni Lucas . Establishing reasonable rules can help communities striving to be pet friendly avoid ending up in the doghouse.

Wag more, bark less: Developing reasonable and enforceable pet policies


Pamela Babcock, a writer and editor in the New York City area, contributed to this article. People consider pets as part of the family so it’s important for community associations to embrace that and document pet policies to ensure a positive and productive relationship for all.

Just Because You Can

Smooth The Path

I have noticed this behavior in rural Illinois and in bustling New York City. Before the days of EZ Pass, a motorist in front of me paid for my toll. A similar thing happened at a Starbucks drive-through. Strangers have handed me coupons in stores.

Optometric Association Offers Free Lyft Rides to Eye Exams

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Noting that nearly six in 10 Americans haven’t had their eyes checked in the last two years, the American Optometric Association is offering Lyft rides in 10 cities to help people get to their eye exams.

Public-Private Collaboration Drives Freelancers Union’s New NYC Hub

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A new Brooklyn facility for freelancers—launched in collaboration with the Freelancers Union and New York City—could prove inspiration for a field that’s growing in prominence but comes with a lot of extra complications. With freelance work on the rise, workers need new tactics to tackle a career path that’s made up of a bunch of small gigs here and there. A collaboration between the Freelancers Union and New York City might just prove the strategy to watch.

NYC-Based Freelancers Union Scores Major Legislative Victory

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In a move likely to have ripple effects nationwide, a new law in New York City will stiffen the penalties for nonpayment of freelance contracts. The effort came about thanks in no small part to the work of the Freelancers Union, which mobilized its members—many of whom are based in the city. In a city perhaps more defined by freelance work than anywhere else in the world, new protections are being put into place to ensure workers get paid.

Conference Circuit: Linguistic Society of America

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The Linguistic Society of America’ s 2019 Annual Meeting begins January 3 in New York City. More than 1,000 linguistic scholars and students are headed to the Big Apple in the new year to discuss cutting-edge research focused on the scientific study of language, get to know colleagues, and honor leaders in the field. Venue: Sheraton New York Times Square. City: New York City. Rundown Attendees: 1,000 plus.

New Writers Room Fellowship to Diversify TV Industry

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The Writers Guild of America, East, and two New York City agencies opened a new writers room fellowship to better include women and minority groups in the television industry. In an effort to diversify television writers’ rooms, the Writers Guild Of America, East (WGAE), the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), and the New York City Department of Small Business Services have announced a new six-month writing fellowship.

Boozing, Bribing and Brawling on Election Day

Reid All About it

During the 1860 presidential election, Democratic supporters of Stephen Douglas held a “Grand Political Carnival and Ox Roast” in New York City. The New York Times called it “one of the most magnificent affairs of the kind ever held in this neighborhood.”. To reduce voter fraud, cities and states started to adopt the secret ballot, beginning with Louisville, Kentucky in 1888. A new election vocabulary developed.

Sit. Stay. Set standards: The most valid and enforceable pet restrictions are written in community declarations


Pamela Babcock, a writer and editor in the New York City area, contributed to this article. When drafting or amending pet restrictions in community associations, it’s important to be familiar with local laws.

New York Law May Signal Challenges Coming for Airbnb

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An agreement with New York City this month removes some liability concerns for Airbnb in its largest market. But New York’s law making short-term rentals illegal could be the opening salvo for opponents elsewhere who say such rentals reduce affordable housing in major cities. The move was the result of a liability shift related to a New York state law that fines parties who rent apartments for less than 3o days—Airbnb’s bread and butter.

With Eye Toward Diversity, NYC Gives Grants to Nonprofit Theaters

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New York City is allocating $2 million in grants to nonprofit theaters throughout the city, with the goal of allowing theaters to target diverse staffs and audiences. With the help of a new series of grants, New York City’s theater scene could soon become a lot more diverse. Last week, the city announced it would allocate $2 million in grants aimed at boosting diversity in its nonprofit theaters.

Association Boosts Legal Fight Over NYC Taxi Medallions

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New York City taxi medallions have severely declined in value as a result of the rise in app-based ride-hailing alternatives. The taxi medallion, once one of the most valuable investments a New York City resident could make, is in the middle of a long decline brought on by the rise of Uber and Lyft. million each but now have a value of as little as $150,000, according to The New York Times.

ASAE Voices Support for Pandemic Risk Insurance Act (H.R. 7011) Introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney


[ From ASAE ]. May 27, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. ASAE Voices Support for Pandemic Risk Insurance Act (H.R. 7011) Introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney. WASHINGTON— ASAE endorsed a bill introduced on May 26 by Rep.

Add Chapters to Make an Old Association Feel New

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Launching a chapter network has helped PEN America, a literary organization with almost 100 years of history, recruit new members and reinvent opportunities for member engagement at the local level. There’s no denying that we’ve been fairly New York City-centric in terms of programming since we were founded in 1922,” she says. New threats to free expression, press freedom, and discourse have emerged.”.

Tulsa 52

Membership Hack: Host an ‘Amazing Race’

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The American Probation and Parole Association is adding some friendly competition to its annual conference to get members moving in their host city. At this year’s Annual Training Institute , the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) is launching a new workshop designed to get members moving beyond the meeting room. We have three sites in New York helping to put this challenge together, and each stop will be a chance for our members to learn.”.

How NYC’s Foam-Container Ban Won Over an Association Ally

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Despite the higher cost of using alternatives to polystyrene containers for food packaging, the New York State Restaurant Association backed the city’s new ban on the material, thanks in part to some key concessions. But a plastics-industry group says the city missed an opportunity to recycle. New York City just scored a big victory in its war on trash. But thanks in part to some flexibility from the city, NYSRA got behind the ban.

The Power of Person Accounts: Customer 360 

Nimble AMS

At the Salesforce World Tour New York City conference in December, it was made very clear how important Person Accounts is to the future of Salesforce and their vision of the Customer 360. Salesforce Customer 360 is a new cross-cloud technology initiative that makes our B2C Marketing, Commerce, and Service products work better together.

After Settlement with Trade Groups, NYC Halts Menu Labeling Rules

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New York City, which originated many of the menu labeling standards that the Food and Drug Administration is trying to implement, won’t jump ahead of the FDA’s own planned deadlines after a coalition of trade groups sued the city. With the Food and Drug Administration’s menu labeling requirements for restaurants on hold until May 2018 , it looked like New York City would get ahead of the FDA and implement requirements of its own.

How Specialty-Food Producers Are Working to Fight Hunger

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With a large-scale post-event donation to food banks across New York City and the launch of a new foundation, the Specialty Food Association is using its members’ upscale feasts to help feed those who struggle to make ends meet. The upscale edibles are quite an upgrade for food pantry clients, who often struggle to afford even the most basic of meals, according to Matthew Reich, vice president of food sourcing at City Harvest.

Could Your Association Thrive in a Remote-First Culture?

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The issue is this: These industries have focused on certain regions of the country—tech in Silicon Valley and Seattle, media in New York and DC—a model that made more sense when physical limitations made it harder to spread out. The syndicates were in New York City, and both the relationships and logistics involved were important to the comic artists. (A

PR Week Award

Beekeeper Group

The Beekeeper Group partners accepted the honor at the 15th annual PRWeek Awards in New York City this past March. Beekeeper Group is honored and excited to announce that we have been named the 2014 PRWeek Boutique Agency of the Year. We are humbled to have even been among the finalists. We owe our clients a debt of gratitude; their campaigns give us the opportunity to utilize our strategy techniques and stretch our creative muscles.

Conference Circuit: American Orchestras

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More than 1,000 artistic administrators, composers, conductors, musicians, and business partners are headed to Nashville to network with colleagues, learn about new industry innovations, and discuss how orchestras can grow and adapt. City: Nashville. The proceeds will support a number of League initiatives, including establishing a new headquarters in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. Rundown Attendees: 1,000 plus. Exhibitors: 60 plus.

Hello, Perfect Community Manager - Are You There?

Higher Logic

Currently there are 114, 657+ open positions for community managers on LinkedIn – New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles rank as the top three cities in the United States. Let’s say you did the research and crafted the perfect job description for this new position, thanks to samples like this one from Online Community Results. It’s not a new tactic, but especially for this particular position, check them out on social.

Ban on “Issue” Ads in DC Metro System Blocks Popular Advocacy Channel

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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which has long allowed advocacy messages to be posted throughout its system, this week chose to ban all issue-related ads, rather than let an anti-Muslim group display cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on the city’s trains, buses, and stations. AFDI made its name during the 2010 controversy over Park51 , a planned Muslim community in New York City.

Metro 71

The Event World Celebrates Global Meetings Industry Day

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On Thursday, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) will hold a panel discussion in the city’s new T-Mobile Arena to honor the meetings industry. On Thursday, the digital screens that tower over the busking Elmos in New York City’s Times Square will promote the meetings industry’s benefits to the people walking around the famous neighborhood.

City-Based Manufacturing Groups Promote Their Economic Might

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But with the rise of maker culture, artisanal crafts, and locavores across the country, small, city-based manufacturing associations have been flexing their muscle too, arguing that you don’t need a large plant in the suburbs to make an economic impact. This spring, Made in NYC , a trade group of 5,700 small and medium-sized manufacturers based in New York City, launched a marketing campaign to promote the value of those businesses.

Why Coworking Will Survive the WeWork Saga

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In some cases, associations and other nonprofit organizations have established their own coworking spaces—including the Freelancers Union, which earlier this year launched a partnership with New York City. For example, startups like New York’s Spacious are turning fancy restaurants into coworking spaces during the day, and others, like the U.K.-based based Desana, allow workers to find new spots to work on any given day —even when they’re on the road.

2018 Forrester CXNYC Forum Recap: How Communities Add Value to the Customer Experience

Higher Logic

Two weeks ago, I attended the Forrester Customer Experience forum in New York City. The forum focused on leveraging Forrester’s recent research to help customer experience (CX) professionals deliver better CX. What does CX have to do with communities, you may ask? Quite a lot, as I suspected and then confirmed while at the show. Forrester conducts an annual survey measuring CX across various industries.

French Cheese Board Launches NYC Boutique Shop

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To highlight its key product, the trade group for all things French cheese has launched a brand new store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, going so far as to hire a design firm to give the shop a striking look. That appears to be the idea behind the French Cheese Board’s newest endeavor: The trade group is opening up a boutique store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

Report: The Story Machine Learning Tells About Nonprofits

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Meanwhile, benefits and insurance nonprofits tend to get the best funding in the Midwest and a handful of other isolated states around the country (Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey). The report also noted that cities tended to be hot spots for specific kinds of organizations. Youth character development groups were often very common in major cities, while New York City had a strong focus on cultural organizations.

Transportation Group Aims to Keep Urban Bike Riders Safe

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212k The number of trips taken through New York City’s Citi Bike program since it launched two weeks ago. One association is working to keep city bikers safe. New York City’s bike-sharing program has plenty of bugs to work out , but it has attracted more than 36,000 annual memberships since its debut two weeks ago. According to Citi Bike’s blog, riders have taken 212,015 trips using the shared bikes during that time.