Beekeeping, With Associations’ Help, Takes New York City By Swarm

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Among the many things buzzing through New York City—yellow cabs, fast walkers, cyclists—are lots of bees and multiple beekeeping associations. “Tending beehives on top of New York City and other urban areas is nothing new.

Should New York City Cap The Number of Uber Drivers?

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After New York City’s mayor and city council dropped legislation that would have put a cap on the number of Uber cars allowed in the city, a number of associations responded with mixed reviews. The post Should New York City Cap The Number of Uber Drivers?

New York City Taxi Drivers Launch Association in Response to Uber

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If Uber doesn’t like a city’s rules and regulations, it really will leave. That’s what’s happened in San Antonio, to the dismay of its Alamo City customers and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SAHCC). Uber competitor Lyft also ceased services in the city.

Ethics… Not Again

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That question came back to mind in reading about an interesting struggle in New York City’s City Council. He spent $140,000 renovating his office; $27,000 on a private smoking deck off of his office; $110,000 on two, new “executive” conference rooms; and he painted his private bathroom and shower. In December 2014, the Board of Trustees , which is appointed by New York City’s Mayor and the Queens Borough President , finally got around to firing the CEO.

New York City’s “Bloomberg Soda Ban” Dies With Appeals Court Ruling

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While the large-soda ban is out of the picture in New York City, the beverage industry still could face a set of regulatory challenges. In New York Statewide Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce v. The Next Soda-Wars Front?

Four Community Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

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Even if you don’t go to the monthly Community Manager Breakfast meetups (in San Francisco and New York City), sign up for this weekly newsletter. Where do you turn to for information?

Association Boosts Legal Fight Over NYC Taxi Medallions

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New York City taxi medallions have severely declined in value as a result of the rise in app-based ride-hailing alternatives. million each but now have a value of as little as $150,000, according to The New York Times.

CEIR Report: Tradeshows Continue Growth Streak

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According to new research released this week by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, the first quarter of 2016 maintained its streak of growth, improving by 2.6

International Compliance Group Expands Into U.S.

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based office in New York City. membership through referrals from current ICA members, a media campaign, and an open house in New York City.

Membership Hack: Host an ‘Amazing Race’

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The American Probation and Parole Association is adding some friendly competition to its annual conference to get members moving in their host city. We have three sites in New York helping to put this challenge together, and each stop will be a chance for our members to learn.”.

City-Based Manufacturing Groups Promote Their Economic Might

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But with the rise of maker culture, artisanal crafts, and locavores across the country, small, city-based manufacturing associations have been flexing their muscle too, arguing that you don’t need a large plant in the suburbs to make an economic impact.

Pop-Up Events: The Next Trend for Associations?

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Some familiar brands have found they’re a great way to not only generate buzz and revenue (between $ 45 billion and $50 billion annually , according to a study conducted by Chicago-based marketing firm PopUp Republic) but also introduce and test new products. New attendee engagement.

What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


Gen Y was born and raised on Hip Hop culture—which began in 1970s New York City and has flourished from the 1980s through today. for this fun and informative session, where we’ll invite you to think about your content in all new ways.

The Event World Celebrates Global Meetings Industry Day

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On Thursday, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) will hold a panel discussion in the city’s new T-Mobile Arena to honor the meetings industry. NYC & Company, the city’s convention and visitor’s bureau, will hold several events honoring the day.

Retail Industry’s New Training Effort Wants to Build Better Workers

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The National Retail Federation, currently in the midst of Retail’s BIG Show (its annual tradeshow taking place in New York City), announced a new initiative through its NRF Foundation that would boost training and education opportunities for retail workers.

Wednesday Buzz: Facebook Ups Its Events Game

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The massive social network will now curate hot events in a new feature box. We hope you can get on Facebook’s Featured Events list—it’s sure to be the new hot spot for events , as the social network’s Events section garners 550 million users each month.

The Failure of Flyover Leadership


New Yorkers were not amused. Ethics Governance Leadership Politics Staff Leadership Air Force One Defense Secretary Gates Deputy Chief of Staff Messina DoD FAA flyover leadership Jim Messina leadership lessons Louis Caldera Mayor Bloomberg New York City PAG President Obama September 11th US Air Force White House White House Military Office WMHOThe day after the head of the White House Military Office stepped down President Obama could joke about the fiasco.

Boozing, Bribing and Brawling on Election Day

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During the 1860 presidential election, Democratic supporters of Stephen Douglas held a “Grand Political Carnival and Ox Roast” in New York City. The New York Times called it “one of the most magnificent affairs of the kind ever held in this neighborhood.”.

How NYC’s Foam-Container Ban Won Over an Association Ally

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Despite the higher cost of using alternatives to polystyrene containers for food packaging, the New York State Restaurant Association backed the city’s new ban on the material, thanks in part to some key concessions.

Could Less Be More When It Comes to Meetings?

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At this week’s College Art Association’s 2017 Annual Conference in New York City, all attendees were welcome to stop by the meeting’s dedicated Quiet Room.

Executive Connections: Train, Learn, Survive.

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I attended the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) Information Industry Summit (IIS) in New York City last week, and I was encouraged by the positive attitudes expressed by leaders in the content industry. In the midst of the current economic turmoil, she sees an opportunity to train 21 st Century employees in new skills—skills that we may not have even heard about yet. Executive Connections. « Launching a Special Year With a Great Summit | Main.

Airbnb’s Business Travel Fortunes Rise

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The popularity of annual events such as Dreamforce or South by Southwest might result in hotel room saturation in the host city, forcing business travelers to book alternative accommodations such as Airbnb rentals,” the report states. “In

New Writers Room Fellowship to Diversify TV Industry

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The Writers Guild of America, East, and two New York City agencies opened a new writers room fellowship to better include women and minority groups in the television industry. The post New Writers Room Fellowship to Diversify TV Industry appeared first on Associations No

American Bar Association Gives Members Leeway on Jurors’ Social Presences

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The New York City Bar Association allows social media searches, but sites that notify people that they’ve being researched—LinkedIn, in particular, does this—cannot be used.

IT Group Hosts Virtual Reality Events, Encourages Tech Careers

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During its “Virtual Reality Experience Tour,” the foundation is hosting events in Washington, DC; Chicago; New York City; Boston; and at CES 2017 in Las Vegas to introduce kids, students, and parents to augmented-reality technology.

Law School Partnership Brings Finance Group’s Certification to Broader Audience

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That’s why ACFCS is partnering with Fordham University’s Law School to offer the CFCS certification courses and exam to everyone from law students to seasoned attorneys in a weeklong event, taking place July 24-28, at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus in New York City.

Our Favorite 2016 Summer Community Resources

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Although it’s based out of New York City and focuses on that area, it’s useful no matter where you live. And, at the bottom of each issue, they always have New York City-based community or customer support job listings accompanied by a fun GIF.

Ban on “Issue” Ads in DC Metro System Blocks Popular Advocacy Channel

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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which has long allowed advocacy messages to be posted throughout its system, this week chose to ban all issue-related ads, rather than let an anti-Muslim group display cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on the city’s trains, buses, and stations.

Metro 25

Report: Nonprofits Increasingly Challenged to Compete on Salary

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Job opportunities at nonprofits are growing, but the pay often isn’t enough to bring in new recruits, according to a new report. Nonprofits may be expanding their staffs rapidly, but their relatively low pay remains an obstacle to attracting fresh talent.

Monday Buzz: Associations Embrace #GivingTuesday

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Donations to the American Autism Association won’t benefit just the association—the group is teaming with Ballet for All Kids in New York City to help pay for individual classes for children in the program.

Can You Better Serve Your Tradeshow Market?

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Is there a way associations can make sure they are living up to current attendee and exhibitor expectations and developing new audiences at the same time? But given a number of factors, including costs and staffing, associations can’t create new tradeshows for every audience.

Tech:NYC Builds Unified Voice for City’s Startups

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A new organization dedicated to New York City’s technology scene—founded by the CEO of AOL and one of the city’s most prominent venture capitalists—hopes to expand the startup world’s influence locally.

Hello, Perfect Community Manager - Are You There?

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Currently there are 114, 657+ open positions for community managers on LinkedIn – New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles rank as the top three cities in the United States. It’s not a new tactic, but especially for this particular position, check them out on social.

The Importance Confidence Plays In The Workplace with Susan Marshall of The Backbone Institute

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Her corporate and consulting experience includes work with Best Buy, Subaru of America, Harley-Davidson, GE Healthcare, We Energies, New York City Leadership Academy, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and many others. [link]. In this Association Maven’s episode, Josh Studzinski interviews Susan Marshall on how confidence plays a critical role in our jobs. We go through the definition of confidence, how to develop confidence, and ways to change your frame of mind.

Benchmarking and its Application to Your Member-based Organization

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For instance, a marketing association can survey its membership to find out what vice presidents of marketing in New York City earn; how much their departmental budget is; and the components of their marketing mix. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions.

Google, American Library Association Team on Coding Initiative

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It’s in that spirit that the American Library Association joined forces with Google to teach kids something new—about coding. ALA is working with the tech giant to make resources available to librarians in an effort to make exploring code as easy for kids as exploring a book at the library.

How Specialty-Food Producers Are Working to Fight Hunger

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With a large-scale post-event donation to food banks across New York City and the launch of a new foundation, the Specialty Food Association is using its members’ upscale feasts to help feed those who struggle to make ends meet.

Strawless in Seattle: How One City Committed to a Straw-Free September

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It’s an issue nearly as serious as that of the foam containers that New York City keeps trying to ban. The post Strawless in Seattle: How One City Committed to a Straw-Free September appeared first on Associations Now

Give ‘Em Options: Lessons From a Kid-Targeted Membership Startup

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Currently, the startup is available in and around New York City, with plans to expand to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. The for-profit Silicon Valley startup KidPass, which recently closed a $5.1

The Senate’s Press Secretaries Group Keeps It Bipartisan

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With the changing of the political guard comes a whole lot of people in new roles. In recent years, the event has put SPSA members in front of Daily Show host Trevor Noah and the editorial boards of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times , among other notable media.).