Supporting Future Leaders’ Efforts: Brian Hoffman, Illinois Banking Business Services

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Brian Hoffman of Illinois Banking Business Services talks about supporting IBA with non-dues revenue and BankTalentHQ, a natioanwide career center network. Careers Features From the Corner Office Leadership Revenue association leadership Illinois Bankers Association

Illinois Pork Producers Boost Support of Animal Feed Innovation

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The Illinois Pork Producers Association is helping to fund a new animal feed research facility at the University of Illinois, expanding a decades-long relationship between the school and association.


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Illinois Hospitality Groups: Restore “Choose Chicago” Funding

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Three Illinois associations spent $50,000 on an ad campaign asking state lawmakers to restore funding for Choose Chicago, which is being affected by a budget stalemate. For five months and counting, the state of Illinois has not had a 2016 budget, largely due to political tension between the state’s Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Why Illinois Corn Growers Are Working With NASA

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NASA will be supplying the data for an effort launched by the Illinois Corn Growers Association that aims to improve farm management throughout the Midwest. The Illinois Corn Growers Association has a new collaboration in the works—and it has a NASA pedigree. The post Why Illinois Corn Growers Are Working With NASA appeared first on Associations Now

Manufacturers Group Hosts Contest To Find “Coolest Thing” Made in Illinois

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It’s down to the final four, with flavored peanuts, a mining truck, a functional hand, and hair clippers all vying to be “ The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois. ”. Taking a cue from the bracket traditionally used for the March Madness basketball tournament, he Illinois Manufacturers’ Association launched its first “Makers Madness” contest as a way to raise awareness of the state’s robust products industry. What is the Coolest Thing Made in Illinois.

New Illinois Domestic Violence Law Leans On Hairstylists’ Unique Role

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Taking effect next year, an Illinois law mandates that hairstylists receive education on how to handle instances of suspected domestic violence. Now, a new state law in Illinois could help hairstylists act on signs that something might be seriously wrong. The law, signed in August by Illinois Gov. The post New Illinois Domestic Violence Law Leans On Hairstylists’ Unique Role appeared first on Associations Now

Illinois Solar Group Opens Industry’s Doors to Public With Statewide Tour

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The Illinois Solar Energy Association has open houses taking place throughout the state later this month to highlight solar energy’s use in both homes and businesses to the public. That’s the strategy the Illinois Solar Energy Association is using with its latest campaign, which aims to highlight the power of solar throughout the state. More than 75 Illinois cities will take part in the event—including Chicago, Aurora, and Rockford.

Illinois Ruling Throws Wrench Into ‘Amazon Tax’ Dispute

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Illinois’ highest court has struck down a state law intended to allow sales tax on e-commerce—the exact opposite of a New York state court’s decision on a similar law earlier this year. An Illinois court decision late last week added a new twist to the saga over states levying a so-called “Amazon tax” on online purchases—making it more likely that the Supreme Court could be dealing with the issue soon.

Executive Connections: SLA's Illinois Chapter Invests in Members

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SLA’s Illinois Chapter Invests in Members. I cannot tell you how delighted I was to learn that the 2010 SLA Illinois Board of Directors has decided to offer up to 20 Early Bird registrations to the SLA 2010 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO to its members —on top of two student stipends of $1,000 each! Congratulations, SLA Illinois!  Listed below are links to weblogs that reference SLA’s Illinois Chapter Invests in Members : Comments. Executive Connections.

‘Working while Black’: White man tries to boot Liberty Mutual agent parked in his neighborhood in viral TikTok (IL)

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He claims he is President of the neighborhood’s Homeowners Association and received a call from a neighbor about Kaye’s presence. Read the entire article……………………………… Illinois Condo & HOA NewsIn the video, Kaye states that the man drove past her car once before driving up a second time and approaching her.

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Podcast: Creating the Place Where Talent Gathers

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Brian Hoffman, president and co-creator of BankTalentHQ, explains how the Illinois Bankers Association attracts talent to the banking industry. The post Podcast: Creating the Place Where Talent Gathers appeared first on Association Adviser.

Condominium must allow census worker to enter building (IL)

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Does our association need to admit census workers to the property? Read the article………………………………… Illinois Condo & HOA News National Condo & HOA NewsQ: A census worker contacted our condominium association in connection with the 2020 federal census. The census worker asked to be admitted into the condominium building, to which the entry doors are locked.

A Busy Start to 2012

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Another organization I am very excited about is the Northern Illinois University Varsity Club. MASAE NIU Staffing Volunteers Work Associations Joseph Sapp Northern Illinois University Toastmasters volunteeringAfter a month it is beginning to look like 2012 is going to be extremely busy for me. The start of the year was also the start of my first time leading an organization as the lead staff person.

Internet Industry Applauds IL AG Raoul On Launch Of Organized Crime Retail Theft Task Force


Washington, DC – In a milestone event for the fight against organized retail crime in Illinois, Internet Association joined Attorney General Kwame Raoul in announcing the launch of an Organized Crime Retail Theft Task Force.

Why a Tech Association Merged With a Tech Incubator

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The Illinois Technology Association will join forces with 1871, a Chicago-area tech incubator that focuses on small companies. The Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center, a nonprofit best known for running the technology accelerator 1871, recently acquired the Illinois Technology Association.

Conference Circuit: School Rules

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The 2015 Joint Annual Conference of the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators, and Illinois Association of School Business Officials is happening in Chicago this week. Nearly 9,000 Illinois public school leaders, including local school board members and superintendents, will be in Chicago this weekend to participate in and prepare to advance public education in their communities, state, and nation.

Just Because You Can

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I have noticed this behavior in rural Illinois and in bustling New York City. Before the days of EZ Pass, a motorist in front of me paid for my toll. A similar thing happened at a Starbucks drive-through. Strangers have handed me coupons in stores.

Your Four Most Asked Questions Answered

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I recently had a great conversation with our friends in the state of Illinois, they had 500 to 1000 people on their educational webinar.

Satisfaction survey: Homeowners overwhelmingly happy with community association living


The online survey includes responses from 1,507 homeowners and condominium association members nationwide with oversampling conducted in four states: Illinois, New York, North Carolina, and Washington state.

One year later: Turning tragedy into change for community associations


Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia passed legislation to increase condominium requirements for reserve studies and funding. Shortly after Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, Fla.,

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Chapters Impacting the 2020 Census

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The Alabama, Illinois and Texas Chapters of American Academy of Pediatrics are among those taking action. The 2020 Census has been in the news for many reasons. Many are talking about. And some are taking that talk to action.

Lots of Changes - BlogClump


But, I traveled last weekend to see my beloved Wolverines get crushed by Illinois. skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. Friday, October 10, 2008. Lots of Changes. I am so sorry I havent blogged in a while. 9 days between posts is a lot for me. Then this week I was out for 3 days for my final InfoComm trip which was to St. Louis and Nashville.

Building standards: Improving structural integrity requirements for condominiums


In addition, condominium associations are required to have reserve funding for maintenance, repair, and replacement of major components in 11 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon.

Could “Safe Phone Zones” Help Stop Distracted Driving?

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The Governors Highway Safety Association has given a thumbs-up to plans by Illinois and other states to create designated zones for drivers to use their cellphones. That appears to be the strategy that the state of Illinois is taking as it adds six “ Safe Phone Zones ” to the Illinois Tollway in the coming weeks. Illinois isn’t the first state to try phone zones.

The Associations That Stand Behind the Flag

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flag a high level of notice and respect: IMA President and CEO Mark Denzler continued the “Manufacturing Matters Illinois” tour this afternoon with a stop at member company @FlagSourceJCS – which has been busy producing American Flags ahead of the July 4th holiday. This week, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association took members to visit FlagSource/J.C. a flag manufacturer in the Illinois town of Batavia.

AARP Opens Tech Lab to Foster Innovation

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AARP has teamed up with the University of Illinois to open a lab to develop new technologies to improve quality of life for the 50-plus population. To drive innovation in technologies that can benefit people as they age, AARP and the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) have joined forces. They held a grand opening of their joint innovation venture, the Tech Nest, last week at the university’s Research Park, a tech hub where many other organizations and corporations reside.

Help Your Speakers Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

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Guidance and Orientation LeadingAge Illinois , like some associations, includes a brief statement in their speaker guidelines “to sensitize speakers to the potential diversity in the audience.”

Know before you fly: Not all flags are treated equally under the law


Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have laws that prevent deed restrictions on military flags. Contributed by Kevin M. Hirzel, Esq. Flag Day, held annually on June 14 since 1916, celebrates the history and traditions of the U.S.

Study: Telecommuters May Work Harder to Prove They’re Not Gaming the System

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A new study form the University of Illinois found that people who work remotely are likely to show more dedication to their organizations and coworkers to prove they are working just as hard as they would in the office. Analyzing data from more 300 employees at various organizations, researchers at the University of Illinois found that telecommuters actually work harder to contribute to their organizations and help coworkers.

The Pandemic’s Effect on Association Membership, Events, and Leadership – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 227

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I recently had a great conversation with our friends in the state of Illinois, they had 500 to 1000 people on their educational webinar. I recently had a great conversation with our friends in the state of Illinois, they had 500 to 1000 people on their educational webinar.

A vote for technology: How electronic voting can facilitate community association elections


Illinois dictates that once a condominium adopts electronic voting in its rules and regulations, proxy voting is no longer allowed for board elections. Contributed by Denise Lash, Esq.

Renting Your Seat at the Leadership Table

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1980-81 Executive Board, Illinois Association of Student Councils As a senior in high school, I have the tremendous honor of serving as the state president for the Illinois Association of Student Councils. One of the best lessons my mentors taught me is that you don't own your seat at the leadership table no matter how talented, knowledgeable, or caring you might be. Part of leadership success is knowing when to exit and create space for the enthusiastic contributions of others.

Lincoln’s Tomb, Facing Tough Times, Buoyed by Association

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The resting place of Abraham Lincoln, located in Illinois, may be the victim of budget cuts in coming years, but a volunteer association that helps manage the facility could help remove some of the burden. With this week marking the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, the Lincoln Monument Association (LMA) is putting attention on a dire funding situation for historical projects in Illinois—one that endangers Lincoln’s tomb, which the association promotes.

Association Supply Chain Advocacy

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Recently, the Soft Drink Industry faced an onslaught of proposed Soda Taxes in Santa Fe , New Mexico and in Cook County , Illinois. Association Supply Chain Advocacy can be a game changer for members. By uniting the Supply Chain through Associations members can better influence the destiny of their company and their Industry in ways they could not do on their own.

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Digitization Is Not Digital Transformation


I was recently reminded of this need for innovation when I watched an interview with Arshad Saiyed , the Executive Director of Online Programs for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Gies School of Business.

Give Members the Gift of In-Person Conversation

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That might seem like a heavy lift, but Debbie Trueblood, MS, CAE, executive director of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association, says it can be done if you set a goal and work to meet with members throughout the year.

First Concussion Lawsuit Filed Against High School Athletic Association

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Last week, the Illinois High School Association became the first defendant, but he promises more suits are coming. Last week, one of Siprut’s clients, former Notre Dame College Prep quarterback Daniel Bukal, sued the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) for not doing enough to protect him and other players from the risks of concussion. The Illinois lawsuit—the first of its kind against a high school athletic association—will likely be the first of many, Siprut said.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.11.20

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Debbie Trueblood, MS, CAE, executive director, Illinois Park and Recreation Association. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. 2021 attendee intent survey.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.24.19

Reid All About it

The Illinois Principals Association (IPA) faced several years of declining attendance at their annual conference and wanted to involve their 21 chapters in remedying that. Presenter: Drew Thomason, Director of Marketing & Communication, Illinois Principals Association. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Billhighway asks, “ Do your chapter awards spark joy? ”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.14.20

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Professional Development Coordinator, Illinois Association of School Business Officials. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… #ASAE20. I took three days off this week to dedicate my time to ASAE’s Virtual Annual Meeting aka #asae20.