Illinois Hospitality Groups: Restore “Choose Chicago” Funding

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Three Illinois associations spent $50,000 on an ad campaign asking state lawmakers to restore funding for Choose Chicago, which is being affected by a budget stalemate. The post Illinois Hospitality Groups: Restore “Choose Chicago” Funding appeared first on Associations Now

New Illinois Domestic Violence Law Leans On Hairstylists’ Unique Role

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Taking effect next year, an Illinois law mandates that hairstylists receive education on how to handle instances of suspected domestic violence. Now, a new state law in Illinois could help hairstylists act on signs that something might be seriously wrong.

Illinois Ruling Throws Wrench Into ‘Amazon Tax’ Dispute

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Illinois’ highest court has struck down a state law intended to allow sales tax on e-commerce—the exact opposite of a New York state court’s decision on a similar law earlier this year. The reaction: PMA says the 2011 Illinois law devastated the industry in the state.

Illinois Retail Group Helps Members Recover Unclaimed Valuables

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The Illinois Retail Merchants Association is working with the state’s treasurer to automate the process of recovering unclaimed valuables—a real perk for members who have a little cash unexpectedly hidden away.

A Busy Start to 2012

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Another organization I am very excited about is the Northern Illinois University Varsity Club. MASAE NIU Staffing Volunteers Work Associations Joseph Sapp Northern Illinois University Toastmasters volunteeringAfter a month it is beginning to look like 2012 is going to be extremely busy for me. The start of the year was also the start of my first time leading an organization as the lead staff person.

Study: Telecommuters May Work Harder to Prove They’re Not Gaming the System

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A new study form the University of Illinois found that people who work remotely are likely to show more dedication to their organizations and coworkers to prove they are working just as hard as they would in the office. If you think all telecommuters are slacking off, think again.

Conference Circuit: School Rules

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The 2015 Joint Annual Conference of the Illinois Association of School Boards, Illinois Association of School Administrators, and Illinois Association of School Business Officials is happening in Chicago this week. Rundown Attendees: 9,000. Panels: 100 plus. General Sessions: 3.

Could “Safe Phone Zones” Help Stop Distracted Driving?

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The Governors Highway Safety Association has given a thumbs-up to plans by Illinois and other states to create designated zones for drivers to use their cellphones. Illinois isn’t the first state to try phone zones.

Creating Mentorship Programs to Drive Engagement

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At an #ASAE16 session, the executive director of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association discussed its mentoring program and how other associations can build their own successful, sustainable programs to serve members.

Online Community Case Study: Illinois Park and Recreation Association's IPRA Online


One of my case studies is the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association, and I recently got a heads up from Dean Comber, Director of Operations at IPRA, with a press release on their new online community which they launched at the end of September. Here's a teaser for you. I've been conducting some interviews for case studies of associations using social media, which will appear as part of the Association Social Technologies Survey , which is coming out very soon.

Lincoln’s Tomb, Facing Tough Times, Buoyed by Association

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The resting place of Abraham Lincoln, located in Illinois, may be the victim of budget cuts in coming years, but a volunteer association that helps manage the facility could help remove some of the burden. Illinois Gov.

6 Quick Website Tweaks that Make a Big Impact

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The image of a smiling man increased conversions by 47% in Illinois, but decreased them 42% in Indiana. If you watch budget design shows on TV, you know that one of the designers’ favorite tricks is paint. It’s cheap, fast, and gives a whole new look to furniture and walls.

A Big Course From a Small Association

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Since 2012 Grimes has been the executive director of the Illinois HomeCare and Hospice Council. Grimes also has the assistant of Ray Schroeder, a leading MOOC expert at the University of Illinois Springfield.

MOOC as Promotion: Brewers Association Launches Beer Course

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Another association, the Illinois HomeCare and Hospice Council, has found success with a similar strategy.). In an effort to draw attention to beer’s culinary role, the Brewers Association announced a five-day course on how to best pair the popular beverage with food.

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How Moose Became King of the Forest: 5 Tips for Recruiting

YourMembership Blog

an award-winning communications firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing.

Managing Volunteers? Learn from the Lutherans

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Hundreds of volunteers were involved in the success of the group’s meeting in Pittsburgh last June, which drew 3,200 delegates, as well as at its 2011 meeting in Peoria, Illinois, which had a record attendance of 5,000 delegates. According to a Bureau of Labor report in March, the overall volunteer rate of Americans last year was the lowest since 2002, when the bureau began tracking volunteer service.

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Association Membership Jobs This Week – January 19


Membership Director , CHIME – The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is an Illinois-based nonprofit membership organization (headquarters located in Ann Arbor, Michigan) serving Chief Information Officers and Senior Healthcare IT Executives.

President Obama’s Surprising Medical Journal Showing: How It Happened

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In fact, it’s something of a bookend for the president, who, in 2008, while still a Senator from Illinois, wrote a commentary discussing his healthcare strategy , as did his competitor, John McCain.

FTC Seeks to Stop Tradeshow Directory Scam

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Postal Inspection Service, the Attorney General’s Offices of California and Illinois, the Better Business Bureaus serving Central Ohio, Metropolitan New York, and Chicago and Northern Illinois, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Monday Buzz: The Impact of Small Events

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It may not have shot to the top of Google News or occupied a lead spot in The New York Times , but the recent tournament hosted by the National Dart Association (NDA) in Rockford, Illinois, had a positive impact on the community nonetheless.

Monday Buzz: Why the Gig Economy Is Growing

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Many of those side-hustlers are working in states with high costs of living, such as California, New York, and Illinois. According to new research from LinkedIn, side hustles are driving the gig economy in new ways. Also: A few tips to make your SEO shine.

Renting Your Seat at the Leadership Table

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1980-81 Executive Board, Illinois Association of Student Councils As a senior in high school, I have the tremendous honor of serving as the state president for the Illinois Association of Student Councils.

How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Nonprofit Training

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I came across a brain scan by Dr. Chuck Hillman from University of Illinois Neurocognitive Kinesiology Laboratory. Photo: Americans for the Arts. Designing and facilitating training (not matter the topic) is one of my passions and why I blog about it on a regular basis.

Help Your Presenters Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

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Guidance and Orientation LeadingAge Illinois , like some associations, includes a brief statement in their speaker guidelines “to sensitize speakers to the potential diversity in the audience.”

Report: Goodwill Locations Hit By Credit-Card Breach

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The charitable nonprofit group reported evidence that its payment systems were recently attacked and announced an investigation. Although Goodwill stores in multiple states may have been affected, the nonprofit’s decentralized organizational structure could limit the damage.

Friday Buzz: The City With the Best Wireless (Hint: It’s Windy)

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Overall, cities in the Midwest did particularly well, with five Rust Belt cities—Chicago; Lansing, Michigan ; Rockford, Illinois ; Fort Wayne, Indiana ; and Detroit —sitting in the top 10.

The State of the MOOC: What Associations Should Know

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Illinois State University alone created 110 badges when it launched a [program] with Credly in 2016. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, have been around long enough that some strong takeaways are starting to show themselves.

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Making “What is” Visible

Jamie Notter

And Thursday Maddie and I were speaking at Northeastern Illinois University to students and professors who had all been using Humanize in just about every course in the College of Business this semester.

Member, Meet Sponsor: A Model for Reaching Under-Served Segments

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The Chicago-based Community Memorial Foundation offers grants to nonprofits in the communities it serves to join the Management Association of Illinois. Can’t get certain audiences to pay to join your association? Why not get someone else to pay for them?

Put a Price Tag on Your Benefits

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Illinois Technology Association. Don’t leave the value of your association’s member benefits open to question. Here’s why you should put dollar values on your benefits, plus a few examples of associations that are doing so.

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Engage volunteers, take a page from the magazine

Aaron Wolowiec

Similar publications are offered in California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, as well as two regional publications (i.e., “Busy.”. I suspect this is the four-letter word you last used in response to the question, “How are you?”

Destinations Experiment With New Marketing Efforts

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A look at how three U.S. destinations have unveiled new promotional campaigns to attract leisure and business travelers, along with meetings and conventions, to their locales.

Social Media Roundup: If Astrophysicists Can’t Solve Airplane Boarding, Who Can?

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Astrophysicist Jason Steffen of the University of Illinois told the Associated Press he calculated the perfect plan , but admitted it probably wouldn’t work because it calls for boarding passengers in a precise order. Not at Annual?

Why Movement Is the Killer Learning App for Nonprofits

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I came across a brain scan by Dr. Chuck Hillman from University of Illinois Neurocognitive Kinesiology Laboratory.

Association Blasts Medicare for Paying Unlicensed Prosthetics Providers

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The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics reports that 15 states currently have certification laws: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

Tuesday Buzz: Don’t Forget Your Case Studies

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In his latest blog post, Cufaude talks about his time, while in high school, as the state president for the Illinois Association of Student Councils—a role he had for only a short time, and one defined by a bursting-at-the-seams scrapbook he received when he took on the job.

Making Introductions: Landmen Group Launches “Meet Us” Campaign

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The group focused its efforts on markets near major shale plays like Marcellus (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia), New Albany (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky), and Haynesville-Bossier (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas), among others.

Report: Major Hotel Chains Hit by Long-Term Data Breach

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The company’s statement listed the affected hotels—located in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia—and stated it will offer credit monitoring services to customers affected by the breach. White Lodging Services Corp.

March Madness, Meetings Edition

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For example, the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois hosted a March Madness event with two other groups last week. We’re in the thick of March Madness again.

Aging Members Will Stick Around (& Keep Learning) Longer Than You Think

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Jay Olshansky, a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65. Many associations operate with the assumption that they’ll lose these aging members to retirement. But don’t jump to that conclusion—older members may not be going anywhere anytime soon. According to a Merrill Lynch/Age Wave study, nearly 50 percent of retirees want to continue working in retirement.