How Associations Have Responded to the Tennessee Wildfires

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Wildfires in and near Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains have caused significant damage and loss of life in one of the country’s most popular tourist areas. The post How Associations Have Responded to the Tennessee Wildfires appeared first on Associations Now

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Allowing Denial of Counseling Services

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Tennessee Gov. The post Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Allowing Denial of Counseling Services appeared first on Associations Now

Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers

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With the development of a new digital library, Tennessee high school students will be switching from print textbooks to online learning materials this school year. The post Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers appeared first on Associations Now

ASAE Urges Veto of Tennessee Bill Allowing Denial of Counseling Services

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ASAE joined counseling groups in opposing a bill passed Monday by Tennessee lawmakers that would allow counselors to deny services to clients on the basis of personal “principle.”.

When An Organization Takes a Stand

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When controversial legislation passed in Tennessee, Rich Yep, CEO of the American Counseling Association, had to lead his association in a huge move to relocate their annual conference.

10 Things You Need to Know About Non-Dues Revenue, Part 1

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Features American Beverage Association Florida Society of Association Executives integrated marketing non-dues revenue Tennessee SOciety of Association Executives Twitter Association execs offer frank insights about what’s working and not working in the NDR trenches.

Weeding Out Members From Pretenders

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Features Membership American Marketing Association ASAE Home Builders Association of Iowa Institute of Food Technology Jeff DeCagna Jenny Matthews John Graham members membership Risk and Insurance Management Society Russ Klein Sharon Kneebone Tennessee SAE High performing associations are focusing on the engagement level of their members—not how many dues bills they send out. The post Weeding Out Members From Pretenders appeared first on Association.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn | Judge rules Confederate statues removal by Memphis is legal

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AP) — A judge has ruled the removal of three Confederate statues from public parks in Memphis, Tennessee, is legal. The Tennessee Heritage Protection Act limits the removal or changing of historical memorials on public property. MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP)

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  | Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney tells grads to have courage

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The human rights lawyer spoke Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, for senior day, a part of the university’s commencement activities. Clooney admitted that she had never been to Tennessee before, but said her husband George Clooney told her the university had a good basketball team.

American Counseling Association Moves Meeting from Nashville

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Though its 2017 annual conference is only 11 months away, the American Counseling Association is moving the event from Nashville following the passage of a controversial Tennessee law.

Construction Groups Set Out to Fill Industry’s Skills Gap

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A group of construction-related associations in Tennessee has launched an initiative to encourage young people to pursue careers in the industry and to fill its thinning ranks. The good news: Construction is booming in Tennessee.

Counseling Groups Partner to Fight Bill They Say Allows For Discrimination

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The American Counseling Association has partnered with other organizations to oppose a Tennessee bill they say would permit discrimination against LGBT people based on a service provider’s personal beliefs.

Leaving Your Family at Disneyland

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And as I read on I realized, much to my own chagrin, that I had once done exactly the same kind of thing -- leaving a family vacation (not at Disneyland, but in Gatlinburg, Tennessee) for a few days to see to a work commitment in another city.

Chuck Spurlock: An Appreciation

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Chuck is originally from Clifton, Tennessee. He went on to manage gubernatorial and Senatorial campaigns in Tennessee and Alabama. I went to Montgomery, Alabama today to be with the friends and family of Charles Hughes Spurlock, Jr. Chuck Spurlock passed away Tuesday evening after a year fighting cancer. Chuck was one of the smartest, sweetest, and most interesting people I have ever met. I admired Chuck enormously and today I learned some things about him I didn’t know.

Meet You in Nashville: Celebrating Craft Beer at #ASAE14

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Tennessee Brew Works ( Twitter , taproom Twitter ). They just released the first in their “Tennessee Sessions” series of lower-alcohol brews – American Pale Session Ale. The first female-owned brewery in Tennessee, they have tours on Saturday afternoon.

Associations Advise Public After Gas Shortages Arise

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In Tennessee, where occasional gas shortages have been reported, the Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association is keeping the public abreast of how fuel shippers are responding to the situation. “A As reported by The Tennessean , LeRoy credited Tennessee Gov.

Is Your Board Ready for a Crisis?

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ACA’s board turned out to be quite split—the new law was a black eye for the profession, the consensus went, but what did leaving Nashville say to ACA members in Tennessee?

Conference Circuit: Web Ed

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The HighEdWeb 2016 Annual Conference begins Sunday night in Memphis, Tennessee. City: Memphis, Tennessee. Rundown Attendees: 650 plus. Presentations: 70 plus. Half-Day Workshops: 10.

Actuarial Groups Launch Climate Measurement Tool

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In just the last few months, droughts and fires have plagued Tennessee , and heavy rains and floods have deluged Louisiana.

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Counseling Association Chooses San Francisco as New Host of 2017 Annual Meeting

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ACA pulled its conference from Nashville in May after Tennessee passed legislation allowing counselors to refuse service based on “strongly held principles”—a condition that violates ACA’s code of ethics. ACA will also give a special discount to members from Tennessee who plan to attend.

If You’re Looking for a Job, Look Inland, Lists Say

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The Midwest is likewise heavily represented on Glassdoor’s list, with three Ohio cities in the top 10, and four others in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Nonprofits Raise Concern Over Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why”

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The National Association of School Psychologists and the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network are among a variety of organizations warning of potential dangers to young people posed by the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why , centered on a teen who takes her own life.

Conference Circuit: Read All About It

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Location: Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, a seven-member student news team from three universities in Tennessee will work with NAA staff to cover the conference. Rundown Attendees: 1,000 plus. Speakers: 45. Exhibitor booths: 48.

Basketball May Not Be Pat Summitt’s Greatest Legacy

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But the University of Tennessee icon may have left another legacy behind that stretches far beyond those win totals. Summitt’s longtime colleague Joan Cronan, the former Tennessee women’s athletic director, recently recalled a conversation with her friend soon after the diagnosis.

Meet You in Nashville: Recharge with Art at #ASAE14

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Half of the Omni’s 350-piece collection is by Nashville artists and 75% of it is by Tennessee artists. art collection with all but five works by Tennessee artists.

Meet You in Nashville: Be a Tourist at #ASAE14

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Once the centerpiece for Tennessee’s 1897 Centennial Exposition, it now houses an art museum and a 42-foot statue of the goddess Athena, the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world.

Associations Reflect, Assist on 9/11 Anniversary

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The National Fireworks Association, which is holding its annual expo in Bristol, Tennessee, this week, will hold memorial events at the Bristol Dragway on Friday and Saturday. Tennessee’s lieutenant governor, Ron Ramsey, will speak at the event on Friday, whole Rep.

Conference Circuit: Time for Practice

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The Medical Group Management Association’s 2015 Annual Conference begins this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Location: Nashville, Tennessee. Rundown Attendees: 5,600. Exhibitors: 300. Content Areas: 12. Learning Formats: 7. Learning Levels: 5.

Hit the Road: Using Roadshows to Bring Education to Members

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For example, the Tennessee Medical Association hosted its TMA Summer Roadshow last month. Instead of associations making attendees come to them, many groups are taking meetings and education opportunities directly to attendees. A look at roadshows and their benefits.

Meet You in Nashville: Sipping at #ASAE14

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I never got to try Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream which was described as similar to Bailey’s but made with aged Tennessee whiskey, not Irish whiskey.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips: What Associations Recommend

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With all the recent reminders about fire safety filling the news—whether in Oakland or in Tennessee —it’s worth remembering a fire risk that is going to hit a lot closer to home in the weeks to come.

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Ground Up: How a Construction Association Built Community

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Despite challenges such as limited finances and manpower, the renovation of the Tennessee Concrete Association’s Nashville headquarters turned out to be a significant source of member engagement.

Evacuation Procedures: How Can Your Association Prepare?

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Wildfires in Tennessee led to the evacuation of more than 14,000 residents and tourists in the affected areas. How can association meeting planners best prepare for a situation that would require attendees to be evacuated?

Meet You in Nashville: Where to Eat during #ASAE14, part 2

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Charred Tennessee pork belly appetizer at Bound’ry (photo by Bound’ry/Instagram). I’ve already written one post about dining in Nashville that focused on downtown restaurants – the ones closest to the Music City Center. But there’s more!

Meet You in Nashville: What You Need to Know for #ASAE14

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All but five of their 128-piece collection are by Tennessee artists. If you’re on the fence about attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Nashville , let me tell you: Nashville will pleasantly surprise you. No, that’s not quite right. You are going to have a blast in Nashville! What a cool city!

Events That Will Drive Buzz With Members

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The latter are bars in cities like Washington, DC; Chicago; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Seattle, where members have access to Society whiskies.

Distillers Turn Kentucky Bourbon Trail Into Major Driver of Tourism

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Tennessee may have Jack Daniel’s, but the Kentucky bourbon industry has a pretty strong trump card of its own: lots of interest from tourists.

What Associations Can Learn from the Dorton Experience

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But then, my son, brothers, cousins and nephew attended the Memorial Day services at Dorton United Methodist Church in Crossville, Tennessee.

Contractors Group Aims to Quell Workforce Shortage

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For instance, in Tennessee, one member used the PHCC resources and created a Ride-and-Decide program, where high school students can get paid for a six-week summer job of riding alongside a plumber, as well as working in the office and observing on the job site.

Best of the Web: September 2013

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Tennessee Society of Association Executives. Best of the Web. How Do You Address the Long-Time Members or Customers No Longer in Your Ranks? Jeffrey Cufaude. Idea Architects. The 5 Must-Have Qualities of the Modern Employee. Jacob Morgan. Forbes.