Iowa Cattlemen Raise Money for Out-of-State Wildfire Victims

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The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association will hold a charity auction to assist victims of wildfires that devastated a number of nearby states—hoping to supply ranchers with needed supplies as they work to rebuild.

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University of Iowa Eyes Plan to Combine Alumni Association, Foundation

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For years, the University of Iowa treated its foundation and its alumni association as separate entities. Similar examples of this kind of merger helped along the decision-making process in Iowa.

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Renewable Fuel Groups: Ethanol Could Help Decide Iowa in 2016

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And as 2016 candidates go, Scott Walker , Jeb Bush , and Hillary Clinton have all come out in favor of the mandate—and Walker is currently leading polls for the Republican caucus in Iowa. Nevertheless, it’s an issue particularly important to Iowa—something highlighted by IRFA research.

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Advocacy Groups (and Their Shirts) Speak Up Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

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Groups from around the advocacy space—including associations—have been working the grassroots to draw attention to their issues ahead of the Iowa caucuses. ” Did your association do any advocacy work in Iowa ahead of this year’s caucuses?

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Weeding Out Members From Pretenders

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Features Membership American Marketing Association ASAE Home Builders Association of Iowa Institute of Food Technology Jeff DeCagna Jenny Matthews John Graham members membership Risk and Insurance Management Society Russ Klein Sharon Kneebone Tennessee SAE High performing associations are focusing on the engagement level of their members—not how many dues bills they send out. The post Weeding Out Members From Pretenders appeared first on Association.

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If You Build It –and Communicate It– They Will Come

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In the film “Field of Dreams,” a voice in Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella’s cornfield convinces him to turn his acreage into a baseball diamond, and sure enough, once he’s done it, the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago White Sox do appear. “If you build it, they will come.”

Best Benefit Ever: Hitting All the Pins

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The offering is coming in handy for a number of state-level groups, including the Iowa Bowling Proprietors’ Association (IBPA) , which recently announced that it was giving its members access to the online courses for free.

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Corn Growers Group Plots Quick Response to Super Bowl Ad

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The Iowa Corn Growers Association also decried the ad. “As After a Bud Light ad put its members and the product they grow under attack, the National Corn Growers Association reacted quickly to protect its industry.

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Measuring Success, Let’s get to the Point!


Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Social Brand Forum in Iowa City, Iowa. Wake up, get ready, head to work, check your email. what can be checked off the checklist today? Work, work, work! Email campaign done, CHECK! Sound familiar? There’s something missing!

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Trucking Groups Boost Effort to Fight Sex Trafficking

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Kansas is currently reviewing a similar program in Iowa called the Iowa MVE Model. Two trucking associations and the Kansas attorney general have teamed up to prevent sex trafficking on the state’s highways, extending a program that is already assisting law enforcement in other states.

Renewables Groups Collaborate in Launching National Clean Energy Week

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Most events will be held in DC that week, but related events over the next two months will be in Sea Island, Georgia; Baltimore; Minneapolis; Las Vegas; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Big Ten Student Group Scores With Voter Registration Drive

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” Meanwhile, in a Huffington Post blog post , University of Iowa Student Body President Rachel Zuckerman argued that, for students, the initiative matters far beyond the top of the ticket this year.

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14 Tips from a PR Hall of Famer

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And, being the only woman’s college in Iowa was a great PR advantage. My picture of their fun – with the distinctive Clarke spires in the background – ran in newspapers across Iowa. Iowa was home to a hugely popular 6-person women’s high school basketball.

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Happy, Healthy 2016: What’s Your Theme for the Year?

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In the US, I gave workshops at nonprofit conferences in Iowa, San Antonio, Iowa, Tahoe, Palm Beach, Miami, and San Francisco on networked leadership skills. Happy New Year ! I had a wonderful break – filled with fun, family, walking, hiking, reading, quiet, and reflection.

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Destinations Experiment With New Marketing Efforts

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Late last month, the Greater Des Moines CVB combined efforts with the Greater Des Moines Partnership to showcase Iowa at the opening night of “The Bridges of Madison County” musical on Broadway. A look at how three U.S.

Gaming Association to Presidential Candidates: What’s Your Stance?

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To make the information it receives from candidates most useful for industry employees, Freeman said AGA will compile the responses into a voter’s guide ahead of the Iowa caucuses in February.

Opening the Door to Government Members

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Professionals who work in government remain critical for many associations, says Cindy Adams, president and CEO of the Iowa Society of CPAs. Complaints about the barrier to entry have been echoing around the Iowa statehouse.

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Mayors Take Strong Pledge Against Extremism, Bigotry

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Mayors from more than 270 cities —including major urban centers like New Orleans and Los Angeles and smaller towns like Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and Dubuque, Iowa—signed the compact.

How Associations Are Responding to Hurricane Matthew

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GoServ Global, an Iowa-based group organized to “rescue the vulnerable” in the island nation, suffered extreme damage to most of its Haiti facilities, the Des Moines Register reported last week. Tragedy in Haiti While the U.S.

Small Towns, Big Gesture: Bar Associations Push Law Students Back to Main Street

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The association launched the program last year, hopping off the work of a similar program in Iowa. In an effort to bring more lawyers to communities in need, the Nebraska State Bar Association has launched a program to place law clerks in small-town practices across the state.

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These Conference Presentation Myths Cramp The Attendee Experience

Velvet Chainsaw

Barb Licklider and Howard Shapiro at Iowa State University showed that active participation in engineering education increased learning, retention and cognitive thinking at a higher level. Most conference organizers see attendees as consumers of the conference’s information.

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Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants: Who Should Lead the Social Media Charge for Your Association?

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When I read newly minted University of Iowa grad, Catherine Sloan''s blog post titled Why Every Social Media Manager Should be Under 25 , I have to admit I wondered for a minute there whether it was some kind of spoof from the Onion.Well, it wasn''t and after I chuckled my way through the post and the hail-storm of angry comments from the geezers (i.e.

CompTIA Study Finds Tech Hubs Where You Wouldn’t Expect Them

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But even cities that couldn’t simply be excused as college towns, like Des Moines, Iowa, or Colorado Springs, Colorado, also did well on the list. The Tech Town Index, a new report from the association, finds a surprising geographic diversity among tech hot spots, helped along by both booming college towns and maturing local tech economies. Yes, you’re probably aware that San Francisco or Seattle are tech hotbeds, but what about Huntsville, Alabama, or Lansing, Michigan?

Monday Buzz: Boost Engagement During Volunteer Week

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KCCI, a TV station in Des Moines, Iowa, profiles how one man has spent nearly half a century with the American Heart Association. Make sure your volunteers are getting the most out of your programs. Plus: how to spot signs of poor leadership.

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Made to Stick: Examples for Associations

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They include: As the PR director for Clarke College, one of 38+ liberal arts colleges in Iowa, I crafted a phrase to create distinction.

CEO of Small Association Responds to Staffing Small Nonprofits

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He previously served as the Vice President of the Finishing Contractors Association; Executive Vice President/CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Iowa; and Executive Vice President of the Midwest Manufacturing Technology Corporation.

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Airport Group Highlights Members with Fresh Deck of Trading Cards

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For example, you may not travel through Iowa’s Sioux Gateway Airport often, but if you’re a collector, there’s a pretty good reason to stop by: The airport’s IATA code is SUX, and the airport (of course) sells swag highlighting that fact.

After Scandals, Nursing Home Group Pushes Social Media Policies

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This week, ProPublica reported on the case of an Iowa caretaker who used Snapshat to distribute embarassing photos of a resident.

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Hispanic Journalists: Trump’s Treatment of Univision Reporter Crosses Line

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Ramos, one of the most vocal critics of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration, was forcibly escorted out of a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa.

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Report: Goodwill Locations Hit By Credit-Card Breach

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The charitable nonprofit group reported evidence that its payment systems were recently attacked and announced an investigation. Although Goodwill stores in multiple states may have been affected, the nonprofit’s decentralized organizational structure could limit the damage.

Transportation Association: Drones Could Save Money and Time, Limit Drivers’ Headaches

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AASHTO, which released a video report along with the survey, noted that the association is planning to launch an upcoming series of webinars about the use of drones and will make them a key point of discussion at its spring meeting in Des Moines, Iowa , in May.

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Say Cheese: Instagram at Meetings

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The Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics encouraged its attendees to use both Instagram and Vine—a video-sharing app—at its 2013 Annual Meeting. Snapping photographs that capture the excitement of a meeting is not an easy task.

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Drug Store Group Launches Immunization Initiative

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Hy-Vee, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Nebraska Health Network, and the University of Iowa Health Alliance.

The Dangers of Shifting Your Work Schedule

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As The Huffington Post notes in one example, a 2012 study by University of Iowa researchers found that police officers who commonly worked evenings and nights were far more likely to get less than six hours of sleep than fellow officers who worked the day shift.

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Bird Flu Outbreak Puts Associations On Notice

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Thus far, commercial facilities in 13 different states —including an Iowa facility with nearly 4 million infected birds—have confirmed cases of influenza among the bird population, which, in some instances, is leading to drastic steps.

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Monday Buzz: Learning Collaboration Lessons From Academia

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of Upper Iowa University, who has written a paper on the topic , outlines several specific factors, from trust and compatibility to open communication and shared governance, that bring about productive relationships. Can academics teach us a thing or two about working together?

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Interested in Social Media and the Elections?


Boynton: Analyses of the 2008 YouTube Campaigns Dr. Boynton is Professor of New Media and Politics at The University of Iowa. Check out the American Political Science Association's free webconference TOMORROW, Friday 11/14 at 1:30 EST : APSA/ITP Webconference on Social Media and the 2008 Elections Friday, November 14 1:30-3:00 EST AGENDA George Kilpatrick: Welcome and Moderation Mr. Kilpatrick is Multimedia Advocate for New Inspiration for the Nation Derrick L.

A Real Headache: Realtors’ Excitement for Drones Outpaces Regulators’

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But according to Iowa Association of Realtors attorney Paul McLaughlin, the FAA is currently in a hard place. The real estate industry has jumped on drones as a way to promote properties for sale.

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Five Myths Of Interactive, Participatory Learning For STEM Conferences

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Dr. Doug Jacobson, Dr. James Davis and Dr. Barb Licklider created a program called LEA/RN (Learning Enhancement Action/Resource Network) at Iowa State University in 1994.

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Group Touts Local Flavor During National Farmers Market Week

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” This year’s Farmers Market Week comes at a time when news has surfaced about a cyclospora outbreak , possibly as a result of tainted salad mixes that came from Mexico and were served in Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants in Iowa and Nebraska.