How one association is strengthening Ohio’s workforce.

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Accounting and auditing are the eighth highest in-demand positions in Ohio, and accounting is the sixth best business. The post How one association is strengthening Ohio’s workforce. Demand for CPAs remains historically high, according to the AICPA 2017 Trends in the Supply of Accounting Graduates and the Demand for Public Accounting Recruits, and future hiring expectations continue to be positive, especially among large firms.

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Ohio Brewers Group Launches ‘Ohio on Tap’ App

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To promote its craft brewer members and to encourage beer tourism, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association is launching an app that helps people find breweries. The Ohio Craft Brewers Association is launching a mobile app called Ohio on Tap to lead customers to breweries. It’s a means of promoting beer tourism in the state of Ohio,” said Communications Manager Justin Hemminger. The Ohio on Tap app “shines light on everyone making great craft beer here in Ohio,” he said.

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Ohio Bill Would Create State-Run Certification Programs

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ASAE is urging its members to weigh in on legislation pending in the Ohio Senate that would impact professional certification programs run by associations. With support from ASAE and the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC), associations are raising concerns about a bill in the Ohio Senate that calls for the government to set up its own voluntary certification programs in certain cases to compete with those administered by associations.

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Ohio CPA Group Launches State-Approved Micro-Learning

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After receiving approval from the state’s accountancy board, the Ohio Society of CPAs has launched a collection of 10-minute courses. The approval makes certified public accountants in Ohio the first in the country to be eligible to earn continuing education credit for micro-learning courses. Accountants in Ohio no longer have to wade through hours-long courses to fulfill their continuing education requirements.

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Pro-Cannabis Groups See Bright Side of Ohio Loss

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Mexico's Big Shift While some might consider Ohio’s vote a setback for legal cannabis, a decision across the border in Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday could be a major turning point for legalization, advocates say. Don’t let the emphatic “no” vote on Ohio’s Issue 3 fool you, advocates say: The ballot measure’s failure had a lot to do with the details.

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8 Points Associations Can Learn from Ohio State’s Marching Band

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The hugely successful Ohio State University Marching Band incorporates several practices for associations and nonprofit organizations. I gleaned ideas from band director Jonathan Waters’ presentation and discussion with the Ohio State Alumni Club of Southwest Florida. And the Ohio State Marching Band has lots of systems: Tryouts (to join the band) Challenges. The Ohio State Marching Band has mentored members of the marching band of the Ohio State School for the Blind.

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3 steps to drive student membership growth.

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At The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA), we’ve taken a proactive approach to building our membership and growing the future CPA workforce in Ohio. Industry News + Trends Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Thought Leaders association management software association members association membership growth member engagement member recruitment membership growth membership marketing OSCPA The Ohio Society of CPAs young professionals

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Best Benefit Ever: Ohio Attorneys Expand Legal Education Resources

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Members of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Akron Bar Association both have something to gain from a new cooperative agreement. The Ohio State Bar Association is enhancing an existing program to expand continuing legal education for members of the Akron Bar Association , resulting in a big payoff for both organizations’ members. The Ohio State Bar Association helps its members save money with a range of discounts for various tools and services.

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Beekeeping creates big buzz in quaint Ohio town

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When I saw the title for the video posted … Continue reading → All about bees Uncategorized Beecology beekeeper Beekeeper Group Ohio SolonIt seems as though there is more than one beekeeper from my hometown! Since I’ve started working at Beekeeper Group, I have developed an uncanny awareness for anything related to bees.

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Nonprofit Workplace Wellness Initiatives: United Way of Central Ohio

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United Way of Ohio – Healthy Eating Event. Recently, colleague Neil Parekh the of the United Way called my attention to the to the United Way of Central Ohio and its employee wellness initiatives focused on healthy eating. Four years ago, the United Way of Central Ohio created a staff committee that focuses on balanced well-being, which also includes healthy eating.

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Focus on Your Passion (and Culture), Not Your Paycheck

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This month’s Corner Office profile shines on Shane Yates, CAE, CMP, executive director of the Ohio Society of Association Executives (OSAE), which has more than 500. From the Corner Office Leadership micro volunteering Ohio Society of Association Executives OSAE Shane Yates small staff organizations Getting it done and having fun.

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From the Corner Office: Scott Wiley, CAE

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Scott Wiley, CAE, head of the Ohio Society of CPAs , and newly elected Chair of the ASAE board, shares his thoughts about advocacy, millennials, member engagement and the importance of financial literacy in an exclusive Association Adviser interview. . Association Adviser : Scott, on top of your duties at the Ohio Society of CPAs, you’re the newly elected chair of the ASAE Board. The talent gap is hitting Ohio firms and businesses hard as more Boomers retire.

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Galloway neighbors say HOA targeting Black Lives Matter yard displays (OH)

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So when she received a sign from her union, the Ohio Nurses Association, she knew the two causes she cared about most intersected perfectly. Read the article…………………………… Displays & Signs National Condo & HOA News Ohio Condo & HOA NewsRefynd Duro says she knew she wanted to take a stance. She’s seen a lot as a nurse working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and her son is half black.

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Traditions Can Boost Member Loyalty

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I went back to Columbus to an Ohio State football game last week. Here is a selection of Ohio State’s Game Day traditions: Skull Session: This is the band’s rehearsal and open to the public. Hang On Sloopy: This popular 1960s song has become a tradition at Ohio State. In fact, this is the 50th anniversary of Ohio State’s playing Hang On Sloopy. Script Ohio: First performed in 1936, Script Ohio has become a signature event for the band and for Ohio State.

A Social Media Banana Split

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NPR recently aired this story examining how Ohio and North Carolina residents are using Twitter to vie for the favor of the Chiquita fruit company, which is considering moving its Cincinnati headquarters to Charlotte. The report describes how Ohio marketing … Continue reading → Uncategorized Aguirre Banana Baquis Chiquita North Carolina NPR Ohio Salomone Social Media Twitter

7 Secrets from a Hugely Successful Marching Band

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The other day, Jonathan Waters, director of the highly rated Ohio State University Marching Band, shared ideas about the traditions and innovations of the band. During the fall of 2013, the Ohio State Marching Band hit the big time: 20 million people have seen us on YouTube; six billion media exposures worldwide. association communications association executives association management Ohio State University Marching Band TBDBITL

The Moery Company’s Motorsports Division Announces Partnership Today With Driver Joe Ostholthoff

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Joe’s racing season continues June 25, 2021at Mid-Ohio Sports Course. “We The Moery Company’s Motorsports division announced today its partnership with Joe Ostholthoff, driver for Jay Howard Driver Development in the F4 US Championship powered by Honda.

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Don’t rely on one form of communications for your association

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Ohio State recognizes 50 years of varsity ice hockey One common theme among association professionals: frustration about communication with members and prospects. As a college sophomore playing JV ice hockey, I was called up to the varsity team in late January, 1964, thus becoming part of the original varsity hockey team for The Ohio State University. So, Ohio State organized a 50th anniversary event as part of an upcoming Big 10 conference hockey game.

Diversity and inclusion must move beyond discussion.

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Recently, The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA) has been evolving our diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts to create an intentional culture shift in the association. Why are we making D&I a priority? Research shows companies that elevate D&I beyond just a focus on creating greater demographic diversity financially outperform their peers and an inclusive business. The post Diversity and inclusion must move beyond discussion. appeared first on YourMembership.

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Are You Using Identity as Association Marketing Strategy

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Ohio State. Miami (Ohio). Ohio State North Face association executives Nike association leadership association marketing ASAESitting in the airport last Saturday, I noticed a huge number of people wearing logoed clothing that identified themselves with their team, cause, city, company. Rather than a team or cause, some were unpaid walking billboards for “cool” apparel companies. In 35 minutes, I saw hats, t-shirts, jackets and bags promoting: STL Cardinals. SF Giants.

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Cultural Alignment Key to Organizational Success

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Oregon and Ohio State are playing for the college football championship Monday (1/12/15) night. Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer put it this way in a news conference last week: “From Amy, my assistant, to everybody associated with the facility person, everyone, this is the way we do it, really not a whole lot of conversation about it, and we have a culture here, too. Both teams exhibit a specific culture. the way we do things.”

5 ways your members can up their odds of getting hired from a job board.

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The article originally appeared on the blog site of the Ohio State Bar Association. The following is a guest blog by certified HR professional, executive coach and CV writer, Carrie Maldonado, who divides her time between consulting with small to mid-size businesses and career coaching with executives in transition. There are few things as exhilarating, […].

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What 3 things will your association do well this year?

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That’s why at The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA), we’re “focusing on focusing,” a not-so-strategic term for being more […]. Be selective with where and how you spend your time and resources. As association executives, we all know we must evolve our business models to remain relevant. It’s not enough to do what’s always been done.

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Matt Gerst Joins Internet Association As Vice President And Associate General Counsel


Matt graduated from Ohio University, received his J.D. I’ve seen Matt in action over the years and know him to be a master of building consensus across member companies on important policy positions.” ” SNOWDEN.

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The New Normal Began in the 1920s

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When I went to Ohio State, Woody Hayes coached football. Today, Urban Meyer coaches Ohio State football featuring a pass-heavy spread offense. Urban Meyer SCD Group A&P The Wall Street Journal Woody Hayes Ohio State Marc Levinson association executives Avectra association leadership ASAE Art via When my dad was growing up, Grange Halls dotted the rural landscapes.

From #OSAE17: 3 Marketing Trends for Association Professionals to Watch


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Ohio Society of Association Executives ’ Annual Conference in Cincinnati. The sessions were great, but one in particular stood out: Dan Farkas ’ Marketing on a Budget: Three Developing Trends for 2017 and Beyond. The marketing landscape is constantly changing and it can be hard enough for full-time marketers to keep up, much less busy association professionals trying to balance a million tasks.

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What Should Associations Do to Bridge the Education to Employment Gap?

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Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants. If you’ve been persuaded by the information I’ve shared about The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm the past few days that we do have a large-scale problem that associations are uniquely equipped to address (and I hope you have), the next question is: where do we start? fourth post of The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm release week).

Building standards: Improving structural integrity requirements for condominiums


In addition, condominium associations are required to have reserve funding for maintenance, repair, and replacement of major components in 11 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon.

3 Reasons Why the Big Red “M” is Sponsoring an IndyCar - Moery Company

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Big example: We’ll be traveling to Detroit, Michigan; Fort Worth, Texas; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Ohio for a scheduled IndyCar race. Since announcing our IndyCar sponsorship two weeks ago, we’ve been getting unprecedented activity on social, and record hits on our website over the news. If you haven’t heard, we’re sponsoring Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan as an official partner of the No.

Internet Association Hires Jerry Golden As New Head Of Global Government Affairs


Earlier in his career, Golden was Head of Nationwide Financial Government Relations, serving on their Ohio-based executive leadership team while leading their advocacy efforts in Washington, DC.

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The Workforce Crisis (And What To Do About It)

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As CEO of the Ohio Society of CPAs, Scott realized his association needed to consider what their industry would look like 15 years in the future, and implemented some radical programs as a result. The workforce development problem in your industry is very real. How can your association pivot towards engaging both younger members and employees?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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And, getting ready for the Ohio State - Michigan football game! Happy Thanksgiving! In recognition with this holiday, we will not be publishing SCDdaily again until Monday, December 2. Sort of our way of "boycotting" Black Friday. Go Bucks

Calling the shots: Addressing rollouts of COVID-19 vaccines in your community


Kaman, founding partner of Kaman & Cusimano in Ohio and president of the Board of Governors of CAI’s College of Community Associations Lawyers (CCAL) , suggests refraining from such a requirement. As the U.S.

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4 ways for your staff to volunteer virtually

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Joseph’s Home based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a nonprofit organization that serves to create a home for children and adults with significant developmental disabilities. Mykayla Kroeger, 10722 Wyscarver Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.

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Know before you fly: Not all flags are treated equally under the law


State laws in Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington prevent restrictions on the display of state flags. Contributed by Kevin M. Hirzel, Esq. Flag Day, held annually on June 14 since 1916, celebrates the history and traditions of the U.S. as Americans proudly display the Star-Spangled Banner.

Do You (and Your Organization) Strive to Be the Best?

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In a radio interview several years ago, football broadcaster and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Dierdorf was asked why Ohio State, Michigan and other Big 10 teams were not winning football games on the national stage. I found Dierdorf’s response interesting and as I recall, was this: “Michigan recruits and builds its team to beat Ohio State. And, Ohio State recruits and builds its team to beat Michigan. Those don’t really count like the Ohio State - Michigan rivalry game.”

How Our Association Prepared for the Future.

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At The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA), we have implemented a business model that keeps the next chapter front and center. The accounting industry is strong in Ohio and nationwide. OSCPA decided to tackle this challenge strategically by leveraging our knowledge of the accounting market in Ohio and relationships with leading CPAs. OSCPA offers free memberships to high school and college students we meet through our extensive outreach programs across Ohio.

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The Perfect Storm

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Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants. I’d like to share some sobering statistics about higher education and employment: In the United States, students graduate from college with an average debt load of nearly $29,000. Total student debt in the U.S. is $1.23 trillion and rising. 47% of college-educated workers under 25 work in jobs. that do not require a college degree. Worldwide, 73.3 million people under the age of 25 are unemployed, representing 36.7%

Conference Circuit: That’s So College

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The National Association for College Admission Counseling’s 72nd National Conference starts next week in Columbus, Ohio. More than 6,000 college admission professionals from around the globe are headed to Ohio’s capital city to network with industry leaders and learn how to better support students and families as they transition from high school to college. City: Columbus, Ohio. Rundown Attendees: 6,000. Exhibitors: 100-plus. Education sessions: 100.

How One Association Changed Its Look from the Inside Out

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The Ohio Restaurant Association has been busy behind the scenes, launching an array of new products and services for its members in the last year. In announcing a major rebrand last week , the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) had similar aspirations: It wanted to reflect what was going on inside the association with a new look on the outside. We are a unified community providing the Ohio restaurant industry the resources to succeed.

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