Nevada Chambers Unite to Form Association Health Plan

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Taking advantage of a June Labor Department ruling that expanded association health plans to create more access to affordable health coverage for small businesses and their employees, three southern Nevada chambers of commerce have joined forces to offer an AHP to their members.

Why Nevada Doesn’t Have the Powerball

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A combination of resort-industry opposition and lack of legislative momentum has kept Nevada, a state known for its legalized gambling, out of the lottery for decades. That’s because Nevada is one of just six states in the country that don’t allow for legal lottery games.

In Protest, Fantasy Sports Group Moves Event From Nevada

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The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, currently in the midst of regulatory controversy and legal challenges, decided over the weekend to move its upcoming winter conference from Nevada. The post In Protest, Fantasy Sports Group Moves Event From Nevada appeared first on Associations Now

Nevada Cattlemen on Cause Célèbre: Cliven Bundy Has a Point

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With the rancher and activist becoming a political flashpoint in his decades-long dispute with the Bureau of Land Management, the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association released a statement this week supporting Bundy’s point of view—but not his supporters’ recent actions.

Conference Circuit: Commencement Officers

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The North American Association of Commencement Officers’ 2019 Annual Conference begins next week in Reno, Nevada. Location: Reno, Nevada. This year’s organization is the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, which provides emergency food services to families.

Meetings, Education & Professional Development Survey Report

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A group of 12 state societies of association executives collaborated with Whorton Marketing & Research in Las Vegas, Nevada and Event Garde in Kalamazoo, Michigan to conduct a survey of their education, meetings, and professional development activities.

What’s an SEO Keyword? Why it Matters and How to Use It.


To get past this, add more words such as “Builder Associations in Nevada” or “Home Builder Health Insurance” (linking that one to your member benefits page).

Utilize Unserved Conference Food To Fight Local Hunger

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In fact, Three Square is southern Nevada’s only food bank and the distribution hub for the community’s emergency food services. By partnering with a local food bank, meeting planners can overcome the perceived safety risks and donate unused food to a noteworthy cause.

4 Lessons Association Chapters Can Learn From Craft Breweries

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In 2016, for example, Nevada’s Lovelady Brewing Company teamed with the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada on a fundraising event called Cookies & Kegs , which is exactly what it sounds like.

Nevada 105

Gaming Association’s Voter Guide Presents Candidate’s Views

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Before Nevada casino employees go to caucus starting on Saturday, they may want to take a close look at the guide recently sent by the American Gaming Association (AGA).

When Unlikely Pairings Yield New Awareness

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Hoping to attract a new audience to its mission, the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada is hosting Cookies & Kegs, a fundraising event that pairs the group’s signature cookies with a local brewery’s craft beer.

U.S. Travel Association Doubles Down on Vegas Ahead of Debate

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Another Big Bet Also last week, the Nevada legislature approved funding for a new football stadium in Las Vegas. Travel Association announced a major ad campaign ahead of Wednesday’s debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Report: The Story Machine Learning Tells About Nonprofits

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Meanwhile, benefits and insurance nonprofits tend to get the best funding in the Midwest and a handful of other isolated states around the country (Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey).

Governors Association Helps Members Leverage Possibilities of the Great Outdoors

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Governors from a number of states, including Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Montana, and Nevada, took part in the network’s launch last week.

Utah 74

NV Lawmakers: Lift Agency Resort, Casino Meeting Bans

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Federal lawmakers from Nevada—which was uniquely affected by the restrictions—are pushing legislation to lift them. Meetings and conferences hosted by federal agencies could make a Las Vegas comeback if legislation introduced by a group of House members from Nevada passes.

NV 72

Boomers at CES Prove Technology Is Not Just for The Young

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AARP Nevada sent a group of members to the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow last week to check out whether some of the latest tech gadgets meet the needs of those over 50.

Forestry Group Looks at Big Picture Amid California Wildfires

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Earlier this year, the Little Hoover Commission, an independent nonprofit watchdog in California, raised the question with a study [PDF] that called out mismanagement of Sierra Nevada forests and suggested the recent attention the issue has received opens up the possibility for change.

Local Perspective

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The cattle are hand-selected in Nevada, sent to a butchering facility in California and brought back, and listed on the menu as Nevada Beef. Going local is more than just one of the hottest restaurant trends.

Don’t Let Polls Mislead Your Association's Actions

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The headlines from Saturday’s South Carolina primary and Nevada caucuses show that the news media suffers from misperceptions arising from polling. For example, they reported that Hillary Clinton had a “big 5% win” in the Nevada caucus and that Marco Rubio had “narrowly” finished second to Ted Cruz. While facilitating an association board workshop Friday, I shared that 9.2% of their members answered in a specific way. then, I let them know that for this question, 9.2%

Boozing, Bribing and Brawling on Election Day

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But, when Lincoln won the election of 1860, it took six days for the Pony Express to deliver the news from a fort in Nebraska to a fort in Nevada. The ugliness of this election has certainly caused a lot of boozing. Bribing? Not touching that one. And brawling? I guess we’ll see.

Final Fantasy? Scandals Keep the Fantasy Sports Industry on Edge

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A move by Nevada regulators to shut down daily fantasy sports sites in the state, arguing that the websites need gambling licenses to operate. For example, the American Gaming Association was quick to cheer Nevada’s decision to treat daily fantasy sports as gambling.

An Introduction to Social Media For Strategic Communication


for his class at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (By There are three truths to social media. People are more important than platforms. Experiences are easier to remember than content. Social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum but as part of an integrated communication campaign.

Amid March Madness, Gaming Group Calls for Regulated Betting System

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PASPA, a federal law passed in 1992, largely prohibits betting outside of Nevada. billion estimated for this year’s tournament, only about 3 percent ($295 million) will be wagered legally through Nevada sports books.

Sunny Side Up: Solar Industry Seeing Record Returns

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While the industry’s growth is significant, there’s plenty of room for more growth, as just five states (California, Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Nevada) represent three-quarters of the cumulative solar-energy production.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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Presenter: Patti Shock, academic consultant, The International School of Hospitality, and professor emeritus, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… Yesterday I went on an ebook buying rampage thanks to BookBub.

The Group Lobbying the States for a Presidential Popular Vote

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And Nevada’s handling of the legislation points at a political debate more complex than it appears. The National Popular Vote has long made the case that there’s no reason that states have to stick with the electoral college—and has legislative success stories to show for it.

An Anniversary to Collect: Letter Carriers’ Charitable Event Gets Commemorative Stamp Set

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Jeff Keane, along with officials from NALC, will be on hand at the AmeriStamp Expo, taking place March 3-5 in Reno, Nevada, to release the souvenir set out into the world.

Conference Circuit: National Black Nurses Association

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NBNA will host a book drive to benefit the local charity Spread the Word Nevada, which provides books to at-risk students. Rundown Attendees: 1,000 plus. Career Fair Exhibitors : 100.

Report: March Madness All About Big Bets

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In Nevada alone, for example, sports bookies will likely accept $240 million in bets on the tournament. The American Gaming Association reports that college basketball’s biggest month is going to drive about $9 billion in bets on games—around $2 billion of which will come from brackets.

Report 101

Trade Groups Breathe Easier After Overtime Rule Blocked in Court

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The decision, made as part of Nevada v.

Nevada 109

ISP Privacy Battle Moves to the States

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Nevada and Minnesota have ISP privacy regulations set into law. Old Rules, New Target The Federal Communications Commission is taking its own approach to internet privacy in the wake of the ISP rules repeal.

How Much Should Associations Care About Blockchain?

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Nevada passed a series of laws designed to encourage the use of blockchain in the state, including the creation of a regulatory sandbox and a law that explicitly allows companies to use a blockchain to store public records.

Nevada 100

Airport Amenities: What’s In, and What’s Out?

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Airports like Nevada’s Reno-Tahoe International Airport have made up for the loss of pay phone access by offering access to a bank of free courtesy phones to customers.

How Three Associations Partnered to Feed the Content Beast

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campaign—which advocates for dairy jobs in the United States and spotlights stories of members, like Nevada farmer Daniel Perazzo. Developing and delivering editorial content to your members can be an uphill climb, especially with limited staff and budget. The U.S.

NBA, Gaming Group Push to End Illegal Sports Gambling

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In an op-ed published last week in The New York Times , NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the time is right to begin allowing consumers to place wagers on professional sports games—an act that is currently legal only in Nevada.

Your life in ten words or less


Though he has been declared legally dead, five months after he disappeared over the Nevada desert, it made me smile because I happen to know that he's now flying alien aircraft for Area 51. I read Steve Fossett's obituary this weekend. Regardless, what really caught my eye was the headline of his obit: Steve Fossett, 63; Adventurer of the Seas and Skies. How AWESOME is that. We should all be so lucky to have our lives captured in a nutshell as inspiring as that. Dream big.

Pro Football Group Considers Marijuana as Pain-Management Tool for Players

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This announcement came one day after voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada joined a handful of other states, including Colorado and Washington, in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

With New Labeling Program, Brewers Association Makes Craft Beers Clear

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If you were buying beer in a store, the difference between a truly independent beer, like Sierra Nevada or Fat Tire, wouldn’t be obvious next to a mass-market brew like Shock Top or Blue Moon.

Report: Governments Must Help Manage Transition to Driverless Trucks

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But that’s without driverless trucks, which would more than fill that workforce gap and are already operating in states like Nevada.

Conference Circuit: Education Technology Advocates Cross Digital Divides

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January 26-29: The Nevada Water Resources Association plans to take advantage of its meeting venue to highlight environmental issues during its 2015 annual conference.