Statement On The Passage Of The Arkansas Online Marketplace Consumer Inform Act


Washington, DC – Today, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed the Online Marketplace Consumer Inform Act (SB 470). Today, the privacy and economic well-being of Arkansas small businesses and solo entrepreneurs were sacrificed to Big Box retail interests.

Arkansas Realtor’s Murder Is “Big Reality Check” for Real Estate Associations

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Last Thursday, Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter went missing after showing a property to a prospective buyer in a rural town. In the wake of the incident, both the Arkansas Realtors Association (ARA) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) promised that they would focus on improving safety for agents. It’s just a good business practice we need to all start,” she told Arkansas Matters.


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Resident files suit over ban on white fences in Bella Vista (AR)

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Bella Vista resident Jim Parsons has waged a protest for weeks against the Bella Vista Architectural Control Committee’s decision to ban white fences. Read the entire article……………………………… Arkansas Condo & HOA News National Condo & HOA NewsLittle appears tranquil behind the white fences in Bella Vista.

Mediation could settle long-running gate litigation (AR)

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1, 2019, contending that the company met its end of the contract, and also supplied equipment at gates and custom supplies for the POA. Read the article……………………………… Arkansas Condo & HOA News National Condo & HOA NewsA mediator could settle litigation involving Hot Springs Village gates. The Property Owners’ Association board of directors in executive session on Aug.

Community Bankers’ Fintech Program Sees Accelerating Momentum

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The Independent Community Bankers of America found so much success with the first round of its Arkansas-based ThinkTECH Accelerator that it’s doing it all over again next year. In fact, one banking association has found the perfect home for the latest iteration of its financial technology accelerator: Arkansas. It comes about nine months after launching the first round, also in Arkansas.

Bold idea? This association got rid of its annual conference

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When John Bridges took over the Arkansas State Employees Association as executive director about two years ago, he had big ideas.

After Agent’s Murder, Realtor Association Offers New Safety Resources

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Last September, real estate agent Beverly Carter’s body was discovered in a shallow grave outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, on the last day of Realtor Safety Month. In the wake of Carter’s death, both the Arkansas Realtors Association and the National Association of Realtors vowed to work on increasing agents’ safety.

ASAE Set to Oppose Discriminatory Bill in Texas

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Over the past two years, ASAE has opposed the proliferation of similar legislation in Georgia, Indiana , and Arkansas, among other states. As state legislatures get ready to reconvene after the election, lawmakers in several states are poised to introduce new measures allowing discrimination on religious grounds. ASAE is preparing to fight a bill in Texas, where the first is likely to emerge.

Texas 86

Nursing Groups Cite Looming Employment Shortage

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For example, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock recently announced a partnership with CHI St. Vincent , a regional health network, launching an accelerated career-track program for 40 nursing students per year, offering financial assistance, and helping graduates gain employment in central Arkansas’ health system, which has 700 vacant nursing positions.

A Hairy Situation: Occupational Licenses Face New Scrutiny

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A hair braider’s fight against Arkansas’ tough licensing requirements for cosmetologists is just the latest example of a growing debate about whether licensure of some professions is really needed. Take, for example, the case of Nivea Earl, a professional hair braider and president of the Natural State Braiders Association , who sued the state of Arkansas last year over its licensing requirement.

Internet Association Opens Texas Office And Hires State Government Affairs Southern Region Director


Hines will also cover Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, which include an additional 1,366,000 American internet sector jobs. “We’re excited to have James join our team.

Family of Slain Realtor Launches New Foundation Aimed at Safety, Training

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The president of the Arkansas Realtors Association, which assisted immediately after Carter’s death, gave the new foundation his full support. The initiative extends upon the work that Carter and his family have already done with the Arkansas Realtors Association (ARA) and other groups, including speaking at real estate conferences.

Report: The Story Machine Learning Tells About Nonprofits

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Meanwhile, benefits and insurance nonprofits tend to get the best funding in the Midwest and a handful of other isolated states around the country (Nevada, New Mexico, Arkansas, New Jersey). The analytics firm Civis says that its topic modeling-based analysis of nonprofits highlights how there are different kinds of organizational hot spots around the country. What could machine learning teach us about nonprofits nationwide?

Clown Group Looks to Change Public Perception on Clowning

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Since then, “creepy clowns”—the moniker given to this craze—have made appearances in more than a dozen states , including Arkansas, Texas, and California. In light of the creepy clown hysteria, the World Clown Association is speaking out and hoping to clear the good name of clowns everywhere. It’s also equipping its members on how to stay safe and acclimate. Clown hysteria started back in August when local police in Greenville, South Carolina, got a handful of calls about clown sightings.

26 ways association professionals find problem-solving inspiration

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Arkansas State Employees Association executive director John Bridges needed to find a way to connect with his members quickly as state policy needs arise, but he didn’t know of any resource to solve that problem.

Making Introductions: Landmen Group Launches “Meet Us” Campaign

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The group focused its efforts on markets near major shale plays like Marcellus (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia), New Albany (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky), and Haynesville-Bossier (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas), among others. Facing negative media depictions and a lack of knowledge about their profession, the American Association of Professional Landmen launched campaign to help the public—especially landowners—get to know them. Early returns have been promising.

Report: Goodwill Locations Hit By Credit-Card Breach

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However, tech security journalist Brian Krebs reported Monday that stores in 21 states showed patterns consistent with fraud, including locations in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Social Media and Disaster: Hospitals On Facebook

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Arkansas Heart Hospital is another one that has done a tremendous job with their Facebook page, connecting with the residents of their community and posting healthy tips and articles alongside community events to keep people informed. It was the scariest day of my life. I was settled in on the couch with my husband and daughter enjoying our Sunday evening when my phone rang. Giving it a quick look, I saw it was my cousin Sarah calling from Texas.

Summer-Fresh Meeting Ideas

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The Arkansas Gas Association, for example, will host its 15th Annual Bar-B-Q Cook Off and Dinner [PDF] at its annual conference in September. Meetings are making the most of the season to provide attendees with experiences that give a nod to their summer favorites. We’re on the verge of “triple H” time here in DC—hazy, hot, and humid. You know, that time of year where you start sweating as soon as you step foot outside.

County Clerk Associations in Hot Spot Over Same-Sex Marriage

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In Arkansas a county clerk resigned, citing moral objections to the ruling. Last month’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage put county clerk associations in a difficult spot, in some cases forcing association leaders to begin accepting marriage licenses in their own counties even if it goes against their personal convictions. The issues around same-sex marriage are at once intensely personal and politically controversial.

Partnerships Take Affordable Food Program Nationwide

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The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention , which operates in the most obese state in the U.S., Through partnerships with local organizations, the national nonprofit Fair Food Network is expanding its program that increases accessibility to healthy food. A program that helps low-income communities gain access to healthy food options is expanding across the country through local partnerships.

How An Informal Nonprofit Employee Champion Program Can Benefit A One-Person Communications Dept.

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Perhaps you can relate to this chart from Gerard Matthews , Communications Director of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. Are you an one-person communications department? As a one-person communications department, your workload, which includes doing the social media, is always increasing.

Drone Journalism: Media Groups Raise First Amendment Concerns

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Last month, Brian Emfinger, a storm chaser and videographer, used an unmanned vehicle to cover the aftermath of the damage caused by a tornado in Arkansas for local television station KATV. With the FAA still working on regulations for nonmilitary uses of unmanned aerial vehicles, the agency says there’s no gray area regarding unapproved drone use. But groups interested in using the technology for journalistic purposes argue that there is a pretty sizable one: freedom of the press.

Association Blasts Medicare for Paying Unlicensed Prosthetics Providers

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The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics reports that 15 states currently have certification laws: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

ASAE Cites Discrimination, Business Impact in Testimony Opposing Texas Bill

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Over the past two years, ASAE has opposed the proliferation of similar bills in Georgia, Indiana , and Arkansas, among other states. As a Texas Senate committee considered a proposed “bathroom bill” in a Tuesday hearing, ASAE submitted written testimony opposing SB 6, saying the measure discriminates against members of the LGBT community and is bad for business.

Texas 52

Engineering Group Takes Heat Over Anti-Gay Letter

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More details: The controversy: In the controversial letter to the editor published in the September issue, Wayne Helmer, a professor at Arkansas Tech University, questioned whether all types of diversity should be supported and encouraged in the engineering world. After a letter denouncing homosexuality appeared in its magazine, the American Society for Engineering Education found its own leadership publicly criticizing the piece’s publication.

How Your Organization’s CEO Can Use Social Media for Thought Leadership

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Rich Huddleston Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, is an example. If your nonprofit’s executive director or CEO a thought leader? Thought leaders drive conversations – online and off, influence others, and shape perceptions in their field. They are the respected voices who others turn to understand sector social change issues.

Advocating for a Better Legislative Flow

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GTM: The Beaver (Arkansas) Water District has put in a rate increase for source water protection through landscape protection. Water is essential to life, and for the American Water Works Association , there may be no function more essential to its mission of “providing solutions to effectively manage water, the world’s most important resource” than advocating for clean, safe drinking water.

Are associations stuck?

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The fourth generation to be involved in the family business, as a native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Tom started his first job working in his grandfather''s general store. Guest Blog by Tom Shay. Toto, I have a feeling we''re not in Kansas anymore." And Dorothy was right. We’re not able to operate associations as we did 20 years ago.

Association Subculture: DIY - "Makes Me Think Of" Creativity Exercise

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For example, "Clouds" which makes me think of "sky" which makes me think of "planes" which makes me think about "visiting my grandparents in Arkansas," which makes me think of.well, you get the picture. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Sunday, January 8, 2012. DIY - "Makes Me Think Of" Creativity Exercise. Ok, you DIYers out there.One thing we know we need to do and we dont do enough are simple creativity exercises. Heres one Ive picked up along the way and its really simple.

Transforming Nonprofit Staff Into Champions on Social

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One Person Communications Department: Arkansas Advocates for Children has a one-person communications department. Today I presented on a “featured session” at the United Way Community Leaders Conference in Grapevine, Texas. The conference theme was “Working Together in the Era of the Individual.” ” I facilitated an interactive featured session on why and how leaders should be engaged on social as well as other insiders (employees, board, and volunteers).

Why Good Doesn’t Get to Great

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” The survey, conducted by the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) in collaboration with the University of Arkansas Department of Political Science, was built around the responses of approximately 1,000 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States. Nonprofits of all kinds see the virtues of strategic planning. But middling organizations struggle more to get strategy right.

Powering the Nonprofit Community through Customer Support

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As I said to Tyler at the conclusion of the first chat, ‘I was so happy I could cry.’” – Janet Holmes Uchendu, Arkansas Arts Center. Powering the Nonprofit Community through Customer Support Guest Post. by Dorie Wallace Vice President, Customer Support, Blackbaud. Millions of nonprofits around the globe do incredible work each day to make the world a better place for all of us. Running a nonprofit is possibly one of the most important jobs out there.

Lunchtime Links: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Political Keynoters

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Clinton gave a good speech that was relevant to the audience and noted her ties to the industry (Thomas “Mack” McLarty, a childhood friend of President Bill Clinton’s and former White House chief of staff, is now a major auto dealer in Arkansas). Democratic heavyweight Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech at an auto dealers convention could have the drawn ire of association members with different political leanings, but it didn’t. Here’s why.

As Newtown Anniversary Nears, Associations Help Schools Tackle Security

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Such bills have been introduced in 35 states; South Dakota was the first to pass a measure in March, and six others—Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas—followed suit. The State of Gun Laws In the year since the Sandy Hook school shooting took place, state legislatures across the country have worked on a variety of laws related to gun ownership.

Friday Buzz: Exploring New Communities Through Volunteering

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But when her work with Teach for America took her to rural Arkansas, she worried that she would become a fish out of water. A frequent volunteer moves to a new part of the country and underscores the importance of accommodation for nonprofits. Plus: Predictions on 2015′s tech trends. Recent graduate Dylan Manderlink was involved with nonprofits and volunteering throughout her time at Emerson College in Boston.

How Experimentation and Measurement Can Help Win A Little Bet with Facebook Promoted Posts

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This month the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families presented the results of their experiment with promoted posts on Facebook for their Medicaid Toolkit Rollout. As part of my work at the Packard Foundation, I have the honor of working with a cluster of grantees working on children’s healthcare coverage on a networked capacity building project called “ Friending the Finish Line.”

Balance the Spontaneous and Strategic of Social Media: Newsjacking and Obamacare

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Brett Kincaid, Outreach Director, for Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families , said that being organic without too much structure helped them be more effective with their social media integration. It is sort of like the difference between a play that is totally scripted and doing an improv scene where actors know the general narrative but the specific lines are spontaneous and created on the spot. (2)