The American Lung Association’s Urban Planning Push

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A decrease of 2,490 lost work days between Kern, Fresno, and San Joaquin counties.

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Clown Group Looks to Change Public Perception on Clowning

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Police also arrested a 14-year-old in Fresno, California , who used social media with clown imagery to threaten violence at an area high school. In light of the creepy clown hysteria, the World Clown Association is speaking out and hoping to clear the good name of clowns everywhere.

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Attention Data Nerds: The Future is Now: Mobile Strategies for Social Impact

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My favorite example of how mobile technology is literally putting power in the hands, pockets and purses of people is Fresno BusTracker. Community members are using this data to press for – and win – changes in the transportation system in Fresno.

Amid Food Stamp Cuts, Associations Help Inform Providers and the Public

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To help inform those affected in California—home to two of the top five hungriest cities in the country (Bakersfield, which is number two, and number-five Fresno), according to the San Jose Mercury News —CAFB is working through its member organizations.

California’s Nut Producers Have a Costly Problem: Organized Crime

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General Manager Andrew Howe told the Fresno Bee. “We 40K The weight, in pounds, of the truck shipment recently stolen from a California nut producer. The nuts were worth nearly half a million dollars.