After Flag Goes Down, NAACP Lifts South Carolina Boycott

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NCAA Ends Boycott, Too As the flag was removed from the South Carolina state grounds on Friday, the nation’s primary college athletics association announced that it would loosen a boycott of its own.

South Carolina Medical Association Launches Platform to Ease Health Records Headaches

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Members of the South Carolina Medical Association could soon have an easier option for electronic records-keeping. The post South Carolina Medical Association Launches Platform to Ease Health Records Headaches appeared first on Associations Now

“A” or “The: Precise Language Important for Association Communications

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Clearly, this was not the only Confederate flag owned by the State of South Carolina. ASAE association boards Association CEOs association communications association executives associations Confederate flag SCD Group South Carolina

Jumping Ship : Off Stage

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On January 19, 2011, Inman News carried a feature article by Matt Carter with the headline, “South Carolina real estate brokerage drops Realtor affiliation: Company maintains MLS membership. Off Stage. 20, 2011 - Jumping Ship.

S.C. Firefighter Group Launches Database to Track Cancer Cases

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Despite a link between cancer and the often-challenging work of being a firefighter, South Carolina had nothing in the way of data to show the potential health risks firefighters face.

Newspaper Contest Aims to Prevent Texting and Driving Among Teens

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To help spread the word about the dangers of texting while driving, the South Carolina Press Association and its newspaper members are sponsoring a statewide essay and video contest for high school students.

Associations Respond to School Officer’s Treatment of Student

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Video of a North Carolina high school student being physically removed from a classroom last week went viral and became a flashpoint for public discussions about race and school policing.

Can Social Media Get Me a Job?

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Last week I spoke to the South Carolina Speech Language Hearing Association (SCSHA) about ways to amplify their professional presence online. Is it important to have a professional profile to be on social media? Better yet, can social media get you the job you want most?

Press Group Fights Gag Order in Charleston Shooting Case

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Citing the public’s right to know, the South Carolina Press Association has joined local media outlets in fighting a court order that sealed documents in the trial of Dylann Roof, the suspect in the mass shooting at a Charleston church.

Neurologist Shortages Widespread in U.S., Alzheimer’s Association Warns

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The gaps were most significant in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. According to new research released at an association event, neurological care is struggling to keep up with the demand in 20 states.

Legal Groups Call Out GOP Attacks on Attorney Candidate

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In South Carolina, a gubernatorial candidate finds himself under fire from the Republican Governors Association over his work as a criminal defense lawyer. Opponents of one South Carolina attorney-turned-candidate are saying no, aiming to convince voters to reject state Sen.

In “Digital Protest,” NAACP Urges Users to Boycott Facebook

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The NAACP’s historic legacy of leading boycotts to prompt change includes a long-running economic boycott of the state of South Carolina, which ended in 2015.

Recycling Partnership Rolls Out 100,000 Curbside Carts

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Most recently, the cities of Roanoke, Virginia; East Lansing, Michigan; and Greenville, South Carolina have received the grants, which the cities have welcomed with open arms.

Hurricane Michael: Electric Group Turns Website Into Info Hub

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Its website includes an “information hub,” with maps highlighting the co-ops feeling the brunt of the storm, which are largely focused in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.

Clown Group Looks to Change Public Perception on Clowning

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Clown hysteria started back in August when local police in Greenville, South Carolina, got a handful of calls about clown sightings. In light of the creepy clown hysteria, the World Clown Association is speaking out and hoping to clear the good name of clowns everywhere.

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Epic Mentoring: Delta Airlines Sparks Mile-High Chats

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” Next up, Sean Brock, the executive chef at two Charleston, South Carolina, restaurants—Husk and McCrady’s—will be headed to New York for the James Beard Awards on May 5, and the airline is accepting applications via LinkedIn for potential seat partners.

Conference Circuit: Fruits and Veggies

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Associations: Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association and the South Carolina Peach Council. Rundown Attendees: 3,700. Exhibitors: 290. Education Hours: 75 plus.

What to Expect From Labor Day Travel

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with South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi currently averaging below $2 per gallon. According to two transportation industry groups, Labor Day travel is going to be pretty busy.

Monday Buzz: The Results of a Gigantic Email Survey

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The South Carolina Society of Association Executives and Beth Ziesenis highlight one possible solution: Microsoft Office Lens, which is available on iOS. Billions of emails have been thoroughly examined, and the results should interest every association.

Ready for the Solar Eclipse? Not Without Eye Gear, Associations Say

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Next month, the heavens will serve up a total solar eclipse viewable across the United States. As excitement builds over the rare spectacle, associations are warning about the risks of viewing the eclipse without the right protective gear.

Don’t Let Polls Mislead Your Association's Actions

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The headlines from Saturday’s South Carolina primary and Nevada caucuses show that the news media suffers from misperceptions arising from polling. While facilitating an association board workshop Friday, I shared that 9.2% of their members answered in a specific way. then, I let them know that for this question, 9.2% was only one member! Associations reading surveys need to be careful what they discover and the decisions they make.

TV Meteorologists to Help Explain Climate Change

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Among the invitees was WLTX Chief Meteorologist Jim Gandy, who helped create “ Climate Matters ”—a 12-segment TV program meant to help educate the viewing public in Columbia, South Carolina, about the science behind climate change.

Study: Travelers Hungry for Culinary Experiences

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Good places to eat and drink will never go away in terms of branding yourself as an attractive destination,” said Erica Hill, director of communications at Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) in Charlotte, North Carolina. “It

Thursday Buzz: What’s the Most Influential Association in Congress?

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And for conference speakers, the site has tutorials on the ins and outs of improving your delivery , with the likes of President Obama , Shaquille O’Neal , and former Miss South Carolina Caitlin Upton as real-world examples of improved public speaking.

Civil Rights Groups Welcome FCC Ruling On Prison Phone Fees

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A group of seven South Carolina inmates who created a music video while in prison received harsh punishments, including a combined total of nearly 20 years in solitary confinement, for their creation.

Meetings, Destinations Get Ready for Solar Eclipse

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For example, one association—American Athiests—is hosting its 2017 National Convention in North Charleston, South Carolina, during the eclipse.

After Tragedy, Employers Need to Respond to Mental Health Needs, Counselors Say

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It’s impossible to predict how employees will respond to tragic events like the recent shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church. But employers can prepare themselves to get staff through a difficult time by crafting a disaster plan that includes a mental health component.

Conference Circuit: Home Sweet Home with the Apartment Association

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June 18-21: Devotees of literature for younger audiences would do well to keep tabs on the 41st annual Children’s Literature Association Conference , held this year at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia.

Report: Goodwill Locations Hit By Credit-Card Breach

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The charitable nonprofit group reported evidence that its payment systems were recently attacked and announced an investigation. Although Goodwill stores in multiple states may have been affected, the nonprofit’s decentralized organizational structure could limit the damage.

How to Give Members the Bad News

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In 2013, John Durst saw a lot of South Carolina. In his first year as CEO of the South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association, he racked up about 1,000 miles on his car every month visiting members in person.

Tips for Activating a Culture of Wellbeing in the Nonprofit Workplace

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I also delivered a workshop to South Carolina nonprofits on the same topic hosted by Shine The Light, Nonprofit Forums.

Restaurant Association Announces Its Own 2016 Campaign

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In South Carolina, 213,000 people are employed by restaurants, accounting for 11 percent of the workforce.

Is Your Board Ready for a Crisis?

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It’s not easy to expect the unexpected—especially when you have 30 volunteer leaders with different opinions and experiences. One association’s experience suggests a path to success. How well-prepared are boards for surprises?

Groups Push Ban on Powdered Alcohol in Massachusetts and Beyond

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Alaska, Louisiana, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia have already banned the substance. Powdered alcohol? Yes, there is such a thing.

Baltimore Riots: NAACP Denounces Violence, Launches Satellite Office

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Like Ferguson, Missouri, North Charleston, South Carolina, and Sanford, Florida, before it, Baltimore has found itself caught in the public outrage after the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of an authority figure.

Weak Second Half Slows Tradeshow Industry in 2012

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The reality is that 2012 wasn’t the good, robust year we’d hoped it would be,” CEIR President and CEO Doug Ducate said in announcing the findings at the Society of Independent Show Organizers CEO Summit in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Weather Proof: Why This Insurance Association is Testing Roofs

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” While this is AMIG’s first time trying something like this, it is one of a few go-rounds for IBHS, which has similar roof-testing projects in Richburg, South Carolina, and Madison, Wisconsin. ( The latter is a collaboration with American Family Insurance.).

Month of Events Promises to Be Udder Delight for Dairy Lovers

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The Southeast United Dairy Industry Association and its partners have similar events on the calendar, including the Virginia Cheese Festival on June 9 and South Carolina’s Ag + Art Tour , which spans most of the month.

New Orleans: Returning to Life, a Decade After Katrina

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And the metro area is even seeing some major critical acclaim: Earlier this year, Travel and Leisure named New Orleans the second-best city to visit in the United States, behind only Charleston, South Carolina.

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