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Using a Job Analysis to Design & Market Credentialing Programs

WBT Systems

If your association offers (or plans to offer) a credentialing program, you know all about job analysis—or should know. Job analysis is the best way to connect the content of your credentialing or education…

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A Requirements Analysis is Critical to the Success of Your Technology


To a large extent, your fate will be determined by how well you handle one critical part of the project process: requirements analysis (RA). When you are ready to select a solution, a thorough requirements analysis process will ensure that you have everything needed in the requirements documentation to evaluate proposals.


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Forces Impacting Our Success: MSAE Members Complete PESTLE Analysis

Aaron Wolowiec

During the Michigan Society of Association Executives, members and attendees had the opportunity to participate in a facilitated exercise to identify and explore current forces at play that are affecting them and their organizations.

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Geospatial Analysis and Predicting the Future

Association Success

All of this (combined with the knowledge of what type of members go to conferences and how far members and customers travel to conferences) enables us to do some fancy analysis and predict our attendance at an event and how much revenue it will bring in—even if we are planning years ahead. Can you show that data to me geospatially?”.

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The Roses and Thorns of an LMS Strategy: How to Flourish with the Right LMS

Speaker: Amanda Davis, Chief Experience Officer and Liam O'Malley, VP of Association Solutions

Any of these steps could cause analysis paralysis for your team. There are many complex decision-making processes within your learning & development strategy and LMS lifecycle management, including: Selection. Implementation. Integration. Effective marketing & monetization. And even more!

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How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis for Association Planning


What is a SWOT Analysis? Taking time to regularly analyze these factors is an important part of strategic non-profit planning and analysis. How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis? For a general analysis, keep it simple. The results of the SWOT Analysis should be used to determine what’s working and where improvements can be made.

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A Century-Old Association Committed to Online Community and Data Analysis

Higher Logic

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is more than a century old, but that doesn’t mean it relies on old technology.

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