The Conference Owner’s Guide: From Conference Touchpoints To Journey Experiences Part 1

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Too often conference and meeting professionals assume that their role is best suited to planning and executing the conference. I get that from the education section or the conference technical teams.”. They own designing the conference customers experience journey.

Musings from the RSA Conference

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RSA Conference is this week in San Francisco. This event is like the annual prom for the security industry—part conference, part trade show, part “place to be.” Finally, I was pleased to see the conference include a track this year on.

American Board of Medical Specialties Conference

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ABMS , a prominent board of medical specialty boards, will hold its annual conference in Chicago, September 25-27. The post American Board of Medical Specialties Conference appeared first on Web Courseworks.

The Secret Value of Conferences

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Why do people go to conferences even though online learning and books are a better deal? These are all reasons to go to a conference rather than buy a book or take an online class. When you invest in a conference, you give yourself permission to take the time to be there.

The Conference Owner’s Guide: Steps 2-5 To Transition From Conference Touchpoints To Journey Experiences

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Once you’ve observed the conference through the lens of your target customer and gained insights from conference data, you can move to the next steps. These steps are critical for you and your conference planning teams to embrace, enlist and employ.

The Conference Experience Starts Before the Conference

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How do you create a great conference experience? By getting attendees ready for a great conference experience! Here are three new things to try out: Rock the pre-conference communications : What are the most common attendee mistakes or misunderstandings?

The Whole Conference Experience is Decided in the First 10 Seconds

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A meeting planner said to me, “the whole conference experience is decided in the first 10 seconds”. Those critical first impressions are made at the registration desk at most conferences. We, the professionals organizing the conference, think of registration as a transaction.

Former Southeastern Conference Commissioner Slive dies at 77

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Mike Slive, the former Southeastern Conference commissioner who guided the league to unprecedented success and prosperity, died Wednesday. The Southeastern Conference said Slive died in Birmingham, Alabama, where he lived with his wife of 49 years, Liz.

What if Your Association’s Conference Moved Online?

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Sure, right now you might use apps to deliver content or as an add-on to the conference experience. One of these tests could be your annual conference. Likely only 10% of your membership goes to the annual conference. Maybe, the first place to start is with your conference.

What Participants Expect From 21st Century Conference Experiences

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Everything we take for granted about conferences, and planning them, faces disruption. Participants from all generations and cultures increasingly expect conferences to mirror their work and personal lives. Savvy conference organizers meet these disruptions head-on.

Creating A Customer-Centric Conference Strategy

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Established, successful conferences have leadership that are usually adept at incrementally improving their event each year. Conference organizers must focus on both their customers’ needs—their pain points and problems to solve—and their aspirations—their wants and professional goals.

Great Questions Define Great Conference Experiences

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It is much more effective to provide opportunities for conference participants to solve their own problems, then telling them how to solve it. Conference organizers automatically assume that if someone is attending their event, they expect the conference to help them solve their problems.

Boards and Annual Conference Venues

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I've had two recent experiences that have made me think critically about an association board's role in selecting venues for their association's annual conference. As if that was the only thing that could spell success for the conference.

Help Attendees Bring the Value of the Conference Back to the Office

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” Or, “conferences are a great reminder of things I know we should do.” ” The conference, as busy as it is, is an oasis of thought and learning. Within their notes, in the conference app, and in a pile of business cards are their best intentions.

BOSTON | Cavs, Celtics ready for Eastern Conference finals rematch

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BOSTON (AP) — The jerseys and venues will be the same, but so much has changed since the last time Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics met in the Eastern Conference finals. Continue reading BOSTON | Cavs, Celtics ready for Eastern Conference finals rematch at STL.News.

Many Conferences Lack Connective Tissue

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Your conference is lacking! So how does the metaphor of our body’s connective tissue relate to conferences? Your Conference, That House And Connective Tissue. Your conference is just like that house.

Mediocrity Is Your Biggest Conference Competitor

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Your real conference competition is not that event held six months after yours. Today’s technology driven, hyper-connected, instant gratification, real-time world puts you as a conference organizer in a difficult position. Have you normalized conference mediocrity as acceptable?

Good Moods are Contagious at Conferences

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Let’s think about how emotional contagion works at conferences. We, the organizers of the conference, have been working on this event for months. The few weeks leading up to the conference have been more than jam packed. Then pre-conference attendees.

Are We Creating The Wrong Type Of Conference Experiences?

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It’s as if Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s Experience Economy is just now hitting its stride—for conferences at least. The word is out: we’ve got to create conference experiences, not just conferences that feel like a patchwork quilt of our great grandmother’s dresses.

The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences

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Members love to talk about their conference experience during in-depth interviews with me. We spend a lot of time talking about their conference experience because the conference is where most members get the most value. Many conference attendees go to every session.

Configurable and Personalized Conference Experiences

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The mass-personalization wave that is dramatically changing what and how we buy as consumers has application to conferences. Application to Conferences. In my opinion, the first item — individualizing a conference experience for every attendee — isn’t scalable today.

En Route For Next-Gen Conference Audiences

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This is the first of two posts that are intended to be a helpful resource for conference organizers as they develop their attendee succession-plan strategy. Key Indicators For Most Conferences. The post En Route For Next-Gen Conference Audiences appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

3 Things Your Conference Attendees Want to Do on Their Phones [Research]


Conference Management Mobile Strategy Event App77% of people say that when they’re attending live events they often (or always) use their smartphones for business. Another 13% say they sometimes use their smartphones, while only 10% say they rarely or never use their phones.

Flourishing Conference Professionals Lead With Purpose

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As a conference organizer, how purpose-driven are you? Successful conference organizers are purpose-driven! They design conference experiences that become meaning-making opportunities for their participants. Purpose-Driven Conference Organizers’ Mindset.

The Conference Lecture Paradox

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When talking about conference education, most people think about the traditional lecture. It is perceived as the holy grail of much of the conference. Our Love/Hate Affair With Conference Lectures. Five Myths Of Interactive, Participatory Learning For STEM Conferences.

Misguided And Misinformed Conference Barometers

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Many of us who plan conferences have become so busy at the logistics of the event that we lose sight of the goal. Misleading Barometers Our own expectations of repeating what we’ve always done for organizing our conferences have become misguided barometers.

Designing 21st Century Conference Learning Experiences And Spaces

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Our conference learning spaces affect our audience. Then we can focus on changing our conference participants’ learning spaces with the right goal in mind—nurturing their learning. Are You Putting Lipstick On Outdated Conference Education Models And Calling It A Success?

What Is Your Conference ROM?

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So what is your conference’s return on mission? Think of ROM as investments that should move the mission of your organization and conference forward in very real and tangible ways. So how are your investments in your conference moving the mission of your organization forward?

Conference Organizer: Proceed With Caution!

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Danger, conference organizer! Your Conference Data Just Might Be Flailing Its Arms. If you are paying close attention to the right conference data, it might just be flailing its robotic arms shouting danger. So, what is your conference data really telling you?

Four Personalization Strategies Conferences And Associations Can Adopt From Education

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Let’s separate reality from fiction regarding personalized conference experiences and personalized learning. Fact: Meeting professionals and conference vendors frequently confuse personalization with configurable conference experiences. So what is conference personalization?

Patient-Centered Care Conferences

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Impact on Healthcare Conferences? Here are four questions (and tips) for your conference committee to consider as they navigate this changing landscape: 1. Tip: have each conference committee member reach out to five to ten key attendees to understand their pressing priorities.

How to Pick Forward Thinking Conference Topics

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Much less how to apply forecasting to picking future-focused conference and education topics for my customers.”. Your organization’s conference and education topics need to be forward focused not best-practice or backwards focused on what worked for someone last year. Forecasting!

Creating The Highly Energized And Engaged Conference Participant

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Are 50%-80% of your conference attendees in your programming at any given time? One thing is certain, if your conference attendees are not fully engaged in the experience you provide, there is little, if any, chance that they will leave your event with any real ROI.

365-Day Conferences Are Unrealistic

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Conference organizers have been on a quest to create a 365-day community around their big annual event. Most conference organizers do a decent job of delivering education and networking value before and during the event. But what about after the conference?

Conference Circuit: Lab Hours

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The Association of Public Health Laboratories’ 2017 Annual Meeting and 11th Government Environmental Laboratory Conference will begin in Rhode Island this weekend. Conference: 2017 APHL Annual Meeting and 11th Government Environmental Laboratory Conference.

Embracing Otherness for Conference Uniqueness [Webinar]

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The future success of your conference will depend on changing your culture to be one of inclusiveness. Want to know more on how you can infuse your conference culture with Radical Hospitality? However, conference radical hospitality welcomes all people, just as they are.

Designing Conference Customers, Not Just Traditional Conferences

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We are thinking about conference innovation from the wrong perspective. We usually think about conference innovation as something we create for our paying attendees. Conference innovation is a way to design attendees! Evolving Your Conference Customer.

Another Secret Reason Why Conferences are So Valuable for Members

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So some members think of their time at conferences as the only time of the year they are out of the office and away from the fray. The time at the conference is special, and it is valuable because this is their: Time to think. Related: The secret value of conferences.

Turning Post-Conference Euphoria into Action

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The days after a major conference are filled with busy work, attending to all of the things you pushed off leading to the conference. I have 50,000 vendors calling me (yes they call me too, I know how you feel) some from conference and others I politely deferred before conference.

Three More Problems Attendees Experience at Association Conferences

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Many of you were super interested in learning about the six problems attendees experience at conferences : If you don’t have me at registration, you’ve lost me. I don’t use what I’ve learned at the conference back in the office. I am not implementing what I learned at the conference.