Virtual Conferences Will Change Conferences Forever

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The same thing happened with virtual conferences. The first virtual conferences looked like in-person conferences because the schedules, timing, duration, formats, and speakers were similar. The first conferences were great and met a need, and now it’s time for a change.

8 Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

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At this point, you may have attended a virtual conference, and you’ve probably attended a webinar or two. When you’re at a conference in-person, you attend sessions at a dedicated location and dedicated room leaving (most) of the distractions behind.


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6 Tips to Attract Attendees to Your Virtual Conference

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When the pandemic started causing conferences to cancel at the last minute, those that quickly went virtual saw a high number of attendees. Some of us sit on video conference calls the better part of the day.

Making Conference Conversations Less Ephemeral

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A few weeks after the conference ends, almost everything is forgotten. The post Making Conference Conversations Less Ephemeral appeared first on Smooth The Path. Conversations, ideas, and solutions at events are fleeting.

Smart Tactics to Keep Members and Sponsors Engaged During Challenging Times

With conferences being canceled due to COVID-19, associations need to be nimble by implementing alternative strategies and tactics that can continue to bring value to their members, keep sponsors/exhibitors, generate revenues for the Association.

Elevate Your Conference Education

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There’s never been a better time than right now to reimagine your education programming for your first in-person conference in some time, for many—in over two years. Conference education sessions have long been considered the main course of the event, yet typically they reek of status quo.

5 Post-Pandemic Conference Program Design Changes

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As it becomes more apparent that face-to-face events will return in some form this year, conference organizers have an opportunity to make changes that would have been more difficult to sell up the ladder in the past. Long-term traditions can deter next-generation conference participants.

Virtual Conferences Connect with A New Audience of Members

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People from afar like virtual conferences. Young professionals like virtual conferences. Parents and care-givers like virtual conferences. Time-pressed professionals like virtual conferences. When budgets are tight, people like virtual conferences.

The Next Huge Hurdle for Virtual Conference Engagement

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Why would only a small fraction of registrants attend the live virtual conference? When attendees assume the conference is a compilation of passively viewed webinar-like sessions, there’s little reason to participate live.

Five Tips for Conference Sponsorship Pricing

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In my experience, most large conferences this year are realizing about 80 percent of their 2019 revenue performance. C) Investors help activate the sponsorship through their pre- and post-conference marketing.

Price 102

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Hybrid Events For Your Association

Hybrid events give associations the ability to drive greater value for their members –– provided they are done right. Don’t "host and hope;" use the proven strategies in this playbook to boost membership activity, and maximize your event ROI and experience.

2022 Conference Registration Pacing

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The post 2022 Conference Registration Pacing appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Before March of 2020, pacing data was a useful tool for predicting final attendance and revenue. If you were pacing behind, you could make midcourse corrections.

Your 2022 Guide to Hosting a Virtual Conference

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Over the last two years, more and more organizations have made the move to virtual events and conferences. We now have the technology to host thousands of attendees in the virtual space, while providing them with valuable, engaging, and memorable experiences. events

It’s Time to Get Started: 5 Key Steps to Success with a Virtual Conference

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Whether a virtual conference is driven by the current virus COVID-19 virus, financial considerations, member outreach, or beneficial global dialogue, the fundamental process for planning and implementation remains the same. At the heart of a conference’s success is audience participation.

Conference Rooms Are Freezing!

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Who says conferences or chapter meetings have to be in traditional meeting spaces? Conference rooms tend to be dark, and participants may find themselves fighting post-lunch naps. Recently, I got a conference promotion with the subject line, “Have you ever had a meeting in a kayak?” Sample your association’s conference for prospective participants. The post Conference Rooms Are Freezing!

Virtual Meeting Etiquette (Best Practices for Conference and Video Calls)

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Associations, companies and other organizations have been using conference and video calling to meet and conduct business for many years. Check out these videos of what some of your calls may be like: A conference call in real life: [link]. Association Management Companies CM Services Conference Calls Leadership Meetings Video Calls Virtual Meetings Volunteerism meeting etiquette

Video 224

Seeking a Hybrid Conference Steady State? Here’s a Framework

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With live conferences’ comeback, event organizers need to make complex decisions about how to incorporate digital product extensions into their business model. Conference organizers need to invest significantly in bandwidth, video cameras, lighting, and labor.

Reconciling Small Virtual Events Versus Massive In-Person Conferences

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Related: In-person conference conventions don’t work online. Will members really want to go back to in-person conferences? Your speakers want training before their next virtual conference performance. What happens if we build it, and no one comes?

Conference Planning 101 (Plus a Check List!)

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If you’re considering hosting a conference, we say go for it — it’s an amazing way to offer professional development to your community, provide them with networking opportunities, and grow your own presence in your industry.

Conference Innovation While Traveling at Warp Speed

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Not every effort was a rousing success but attempting to inject new conference elements made us more nimble, creative and smarter as a team. What should we expect for hybrid or virtual conference attendance? Navigating change during a crisis is not for the faint of heart.

2021 Virtual-Conference Big Ideas

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In 2020, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors were more forgiving of our virtual conferences than they will be in 2021. Use this opportunity to beta test changes that can be carried over to the next in-person conference.

A New Session Model for Conferences

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A big part of planning the conferences is selecting tracks, speakers, topics, and presentations. The post A New Session Model for Conferences appeared first on Smooth The Path. Conference attendee engagement attendee experience conference solving members' problems virtual conference

Continuing Education: Not Just for Meetings and Conferences Anymore

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According to the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study, meetings and conferences, which traditionally have emphasized training and continuing education, are one area where association professionals (Pros) are very focused.

The Physics Of Conference Entropy

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In physics, the second law of thermodynamics says all things—bodies, businesses, conferences, energy, organizations, relationships—move toward chaos and disorder. As your conference matures, it experiences entropy. As a conference professional, you know this to be true. It is also the natural law of evolution for any conference. Working to create a great conference experience for your customers is no longer a good baseline for success to paraphrase Conrad.

Conference Creativity Rooms

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Although I didn’t participate in today’s #assnchat about ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference , it still inspired a blog post. Perhaps playing with toys shifts our mindset from serious office mode to relaxed engaged conference mode. The association professionals in today’s Twitter chat had plenty of great ideas (heh heh) for conference creativity rooms and I even have a few of my own. F&B : The Canadians also served poutine at one point during the conference.

Fostering a Winning Conference Culture

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But when it gets to “go time,” does that culture manifest at your conferences and meetings? Her boss apparently thought she should spend all her time out “doing meeting planning” and not hanging out in a hotel conference room. Make colleagues and vendors feel welcome and involved in conference operations. Conference staff are not able to do everything! How can you make your conference culture more open and transparent?

Skip the Pageantry for Your First Virtual Conference

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Putting on an in-person conference can be like putting on a show. Remember what it feels like to have people coming into the main session room during the conference opening and finding their seats? Organizations are coding their conference platforms.

Conferences are Super Awkward for Young Professionals

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Where are young professionals during the breaks at your conference? Young professional pre-conference workshops – invite young professionals for learning opportunities before the conference starts. Are they enjoying quiet time back in their rooms?

Attendees See the Discord in Your Conference

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The program at a recent conference was nearly perfect. After a long conference day, one night, I fell in with a crowd walking to the reception, and I learned they were some of the conference staff. The conference was beautiful on the outside, but it seemed very broken inside.

Increase Engagement and Reduce Your Risk with Your Next Hybrid Conference

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Two years ago, associations of all types and sizes reported that many of their virtual conference registrants were members who had never attended a conference in the past. Members Plan the Conference Content. Stay tuned because more hybrid conference ideas are coming soon!

Conference Organizers: What Is Your Duty of Care?

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Over the next year or so, conference organizers will need to define their responsibilities for duty of care, as well as what is expected of those who choose to attend your conference in person. How will they help ensure duty of care throughout the conference?

In-Person Conference Conventions Don’t Work Online

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Engagement is the next big hurdle for virtual conferences. We are starting to see that all the conventions we learned while hosting our in-person conferences might not work online. The post In-Person Conference Conventions Don’t Work Online appeared first on Smooth The Path.

A Prediction for Virtual Conferences in the Future

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Attending a conference was about the most uncomfortable thing he had to do as an adult, he said. New and infrequent attendees say that conferences can be nerve-wracking. Perhaps we will find post-COVID that our online conferences will be warm-up opportunities for the in-person event.

The Secret Value of Conferences

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Why do people go to conferences even though online learning and books are a better deal? These are all reasons to go to a conference rather than buy a book or take an online class. When you invest in a conference, you give yourself permission to take the time to be there. Once you buy a book or an online conference, it is always with you. When we register for a conference, we are committed. Conferences and in-person events are worth it because we engage.

Beyond Hybrid: Repackaging Your Conference Content

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Over the past nine months, many industry experts have proclaimed that meetings and conferences are forever changed and hybrid is here to stay. Conference content product management requires a good deal of business acumen.

Together at last: 2021 CAI Annual Conference is almost here


After a long time apart, CAI is excited to welcome more than 1,000 registered attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to the 2021 Annual Conference and Exposition: Community NOW, Aug. During conference, we will present 16 thought-provoking education sessions.

Will Members Really Want to Go Back To In-Person Conferences?

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In-person conferences were generally quite exclusive. Conferences sometimes excluded women with younger children because it is hard for them to travel. Many introverts steer clear of conference social functions because these big group events are awkward to attend.

Get Conference Inspiration from Trusted Peer Connections

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In spite of all the bad, there is also much that is positive for the next phase of association conferences. The post Get Conference Inspiration from Trusted Peer Connections appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw. Conference Planning Hybrid & Virtual

Making The Common Conference Uncommon

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Who wants to attend a common, ordinary, ho-hum, everyday , I’m-just-like-all-the-others traditional conference? Your conference growth and revenue depends upon repeat paying attendees year after year. And your customer loyalty is built upon making your common conference uncommon. Routine Been-There-Done-That Conferences. When your conference experience is no-frills run-of-the-mill…. And when your conference content can be found on the web for free….

Turning Post-Conference Euphoria into Action

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The days after a major conference are filled with busy work, attending to all of the things you pushed off leading to the conference. I have 50,000 vendors calling me (yes they call me too, I know how you feel) some from conference and others I politely deferred before conference. The post Turning Post-Conference Euphoria into Action appeared first on Membership Management conference social media