The millennial mantra: give

Aaron Wolowiec

And millennials are taking note. According to the plethora of research on millennial behavior, Gen Y embraces social responsibility. At the same time, millennials believe in giving back – but not necessarily with money. Engage your millennials. ‘Tis the season for giving!

Is your association helping millennials further their careers?

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The post Is your association helping millennials further their careers? Career Solutions Job Board Software Professional Development Career Center Solutions MillennialsAt the risk of stating the obvious, every membership organization needs members. Recruiting and retaining members is fundamental to the success of any association, but it’s often easier said than done.

Millennials Are Lazy?

Eric Lanke

The Hourglass Blog came to an end for a variety of reasons, but one was clearly how, even in 2012, the focus of all generational conversations in the workplace was increasingly on the Millennials. Millennials are lazy. I see something similar happening with Millennials.

Learning from Millennials

Higher Logic

Ever since the Millennials started coming into the workforce about 10 years ago, we’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about them. For the Millennials, that has come in the form of complaints about them being entitled – showing up at work and immediately wanting a promotion.

Speed and Trust - Why Millennials Need Both

Higher Logic

Based on our research, the Millennial generation is coming into the workforce expecting something that most, especially associations, are truly bad at: speed. The Millennial generation expects things to be fast. This post is part of a series about Millennials and Online Community.

Millennial-friendly meetings: Bring on the couches and big screens

Aaron Wolowiec

Google images of millennials and you’ll find young professionals connected to their smart phones and tablets. Meetings and events offer the best possible platform to help millennials expand their networks, customize their self-education and personalize their career paths,” the report says.

There Are 100 Million Millennials - Are You Ready?

Higher Logic

Generations expert (and my co-author and partner) Jamie Notter recently posted this extensive article detailing some numbers research he has been doing around exactly how many Millennials there are. Millennials: 99 million. Millennials & Communities

Study says, associations must target Millennial learners.

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The Millennial generation—of which I’m a proud card-carrying member—has certainly been a hot topic during the last couple of years. To learn more, The post Study says, associations must target Millennial learners. Membership & Marketing MillennialsAs the largest working generation, we’re shaping how associations recruit, engage and retain membership.

The Key to Attracting Millennials

Association Success

I am not an expert on Millennials, but I have three daughters aged 22, 20 and 18 so I am definitely gaining some basic understanding of how they think. Five years ago, when figuring out how to rejuvenate our gradually declining association revenues and aging membership, I remembered my kids comfort level with digital technology and knew intuitively that any attempt to attract the Millennials would have to include a new approach to our clearly outdated digital presence.

Millennials and The Rise of Virtual Volunteering

Higher Logic

How would you finish this sentence: “Millennials are __”? It turns out, as Millennials take #blessed selfies and appear entitled at work, they’re actually giving more time and money to charity than previous generations. Maybe Millennials aren’t as bad as the media makes them out to be.

How to Get Millennial Donors from Social Media

Wild Apricot Blog

If you're struggling to get millennials to donate, follow these tried and tested ways nonprofits these days are successfully getting new millennial donors off social media. Millennials

Your Millennials Are Frustrated

Jamie Notter

When we did our interviews with Millennials as part of the research for When Millennials Take Over , we were struck by how.perplexed the Millennials were with the way organizations are run. It's not that we need to do whatever the Millennials want.

Millennial learners: Creating connection in an era of disconnect

Aaron Wolowiec

Just when you thought you’ve considered generational differences from every possible angle, another new consideration crops up: How are you creating connection and engagement for millennial learners

Why Building Community Online is Important When Attracting and Engaging Millennials


71% of American adults think that millennials are selfish. People look at millennials on their smartphones and tablets and say they’re focused on themselves, lacking engagement with other people. Member Engagement Online Community Public Social Networks Millennials

The One Thing You Need to do to Attract Millennials

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: millennials TIME Magazine published a recent article entitled The Me Me Me Generation. The subhead read “Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.” Member Engagement + Retention millennials

Millennial Research Opportunity

Jamie Notter

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Maddie and I are doing some research for our next book, and we are looking specifically for the perspectives of Millennial employees in the workforce (even more specifically, ages 25 to 30, but we’re somewhat flexible). Millennials: we want YOU.

Attracting Millennials: Are you thinking age-appropriately?

Association Adviser

Attracting millennials to your association requires thinking about the different life stages they are living through – and marketing to them appropriately. Millennials range in age from 16 to 35. Targeting older millennials for membership? Younger vs. Older Millennials.

What If Your ED Was a Millennial?

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There’s plenty of talk among organizations on how to recruit and engage Millennials but are you getting them involved to the point they are assuming the role of your next ED? And what would your organization look like if it was Millennial led?

Changing the World: The Millennial Appeal

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Categories: Social Media and Business Trends Tags: millennials I’ve written about Millennials frequently. The sheer numbers of Millennials and their propensity towards consensus building, means most associations (and member-based organizations) are [.] ( Read more. ) The post Changing the World: The Millennial Appeal appeared first on Social Media and Business Trends millennials

Review: When Millennials Take Over

Spark Consulting

I recently had the opportunity to read a review copy of When Millennials Take Over , a new book by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant of Culture That Works designed to help us get past the freak out and to a “ridiculously optimistic” view of the future of work.

Review 200

What Association Millennials Want: Meetings Edition


Remember how we mentioned that more and more Millennials will be entering the workforce? Well, it’s now estimated that by 2020 at least half of the adult workforce will be Millennials.

Understanding Millennials


In which Jamie shares a couple of tips about understanding Millennials. Read When Millennials Take Over , which was recently given a shout out by Harvard Business Review ! Curious to know more?

How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

Higher Logic

Some companies naturally attract millennials. Lean on research, including studies and surveys, that flat-out asks millennials what they want. In the study, 88 percent of millennials polled preferred a collaborative work culture to that of a competitive one.

The Four Trends That Shaped the Millennials

Jamie Notter

I spoke this week at the Direct Marketing Association's annual meeting --twice actually: I did a "book club" session on When Millennials Take Over , and then I had a concurrent session on "What the Experienced Marketer Can Learn from Millennials."

Making a Millennial Impact

Wild Apricot Blog

Is your organization enabling Millennials to connect, get involved and give? The 2012 Millennial Impact Report offers some insight into engaging this generation. Millennials engagement

Millennials Want to Know

Jamie Notter

The people NOT at the top are largely Millennials, a generation that grew up with the Google internet as a basic utility. So the Millennials are asking for a lot more information in the workplace.

Key Insights To Help Inspire and Engage Millennials

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are highlights of the 2014 Millennial Impact Report and insights for non-profits and membership organizations. membership Millennials

Tips for Managing Millennials - from a real, live millennial!

Association Management

that it dawned on me that I belong to the dreaded Millennial Generation. In a Fortune Magazine article entitled Everything you need to know about your Millennial co-workers , Katherine Reynolds Lewis. employs a large number of Millennials.

Millennials and Our Associations

Smooth The Path

Millennials are the next generation we need to attract to associations. Millennials are important but I do wonder if we are talking about this generation in the most productive way? The post Millennials and Our Associations appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Good News About Millennials and Meetings

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If you’re in the midst of event planning for the coming year, here’s some good news about getting Millennials to attend your events. Millennials events

The Truth About Getting Millennials to Volunteer

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In this guest post Erin Palmer dispels some myths about Millennials and also offers some tips to help nonprofits engage Millennials as volunteers. Millennials Volunteers

Forget Millennials - What About Gen X & Boomers?

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Millennials Non-profit Non-profit Communications Boomers Is your association or non-profit connecting with all of the generations?

Is Your Organization Compatible with Millennials?

Jamie Notter

Since publishing When Millennials Take Over , we've been consistently approached by people wanting us to answer a central question: how do we attract Millennials? How do we retain our Millennial employees? So if you want to attract Millennials, you need more than good messaging.

The Myth of Millennial Job-Hopping

Jamie Notter

I talk to a lot of people who worry about retaining Millennial employees. They are concerned that Millennials don't want to stay in any one job for long--that they will jump to a new job in a matter of months or just a year or two.

Millennial-Friendly Benefits Worth Considering

Associations Now

Not sure how to crack the code to attracting and retaining that millennial workforce you’re looking for? Benefits could also help associations looking to attract millennials and other entry-level employees.

Millennials, nonprofits and data


John Clese over on the Avectra blog posts an interesting question about Millennials and nonprofits … and data. Millennials are passionate about passion – as long as it fits within 140 characters.

Associations: Getting Beyond Just Millennials

SCD Group

So many people limit the discussion of digital technology to that which millennials have adopted. Over the last few years, several authors have published good books about associations and millennials. Jamie Notter & Maddie Grant just published When Millennials Take Over.

Are Millennials Really Swiping Left on Associations?

Association Adviser

There’s a lot of concern out there about who millennials are, what they value, and what associations and employers can do to hang on to them. Notice that I didn’t write, “What millennials can. From the Front Lines Membership Association membership baby boomers generations millennials

Professional Development for Millennials (and Everyone Else Too)

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Millennials: You know them well, those 73 million professionals born between 1980 and 1996 who are now an integral part of the American workplace. It’s a myth that millennials feel entitled to a better title and more pay for simply doing their jobs.

Follow These Tips To Engage Millennials In Your Conference Experience

Velvet Chainsaw

Millennials are eager to connect, participate and give says the 2013 Millennial Impact Report by Achieve. Since 2009, the report has focused on Millennial behaviors that would interest many nonprofits and conference organizers including trends in communication, service and giving.

Strategies To Create Conferences That Angry Millennials Love To Attend

Velvet Chainsaw

Millennials are angry, vocal and hungry for social change says Nancy Lublin , CEO of and Umair Haque , director of Havas Media Labs in a September 2013 Fast Company article. Attracting Angry Millennials. Angry Millennials love conferences with meaningful experiences.

Who are the Millennials?


So while Gen X got some attention back in the early 90s when they were entering the workforce, the attention on the Millennials is likely going to follow them their whole career. Given their importance, then, here’s a simple question: Who are the Millennials?

Millennials are Raising the Bar


This post originally appeared on the Higher Logic blog , where I’m posting an ongoing series related to Millennials and online community. ———– The Millennial generation grew up with unparalleled abundance. Millennials have a higher bar, plain and simple.