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Three Data-Informed Strategies for Better Member Engagement

Association Analytics

In the association world, member engagement is always a top priority – but it’s not always a successful endeavor. Most associations don’t have an easy way to measure member engagement across all their different systems and touch points. And even when measured, it can be tricky to know how to use engagement scores to improve member experience and operational results.

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Preparing for an AMS Selection: 5 Champions You Need  


“It’s time” The feeling hits you. Your association has outgrown your AMS. Your business rules don’t fit the AMS. People are complaining about the AMS. Maybe all three of those are happening. You know it’s time for a new AMS. So, how can you prepare your organization for an AMS selection ? There are several constituencies that need to be brought on board before moving forward- let’s go through them.

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In an AI-Powered Market, a Human Touch Can Differentiate Your Association’s Education Programs

WBT Systems

Building AI into your association’s practices is a careful balancing act. It makes sense to use AI to automate menial tasks and extend your capabilities.

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Why your association should embrace multi-generational marketing strategies


{summary} Associations need a successful marketing strategy in order to thrive. It shapes your brand's identity, communicates your values and services, and fosters engagement with your members. Between ever-evolving social media strategies , to incorporating AI and VR into advertising campaigns , knowing how to market your association can seem overwhelming.

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How To Cultivate Community Affinity Throughout The Generosity Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand

This session will dive into how to create rich generosity experiences that foster long-lasting relationships. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to redefine how you engage with your supporters—emphasizing trust, engagement, and community over transactional giving models. 🤝 Industry expert Tim Sarrantonio will explore data-backed strategies to engage supporters as active participants in a community that values their contributions and shared ideals.

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How and Why Do Today’s Companies Donate to Nonprofits?


Companies gave $29.48 billion to nonprofits last year, representing an incredible 3.4% increase. Nonprofits Source shared these impressive numbers in its corporate giving trends article, indicating that companies proactively seek causes like yours to support. The benefits of corporate support for nonprofits are clear: more revenue, extra volunteer power, and greater brand exposure.

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To Get Close to Members, Follow MarTech Trends


Whether I’m writing about marketing, strategy, or technology, one idea always surfaces. Understanding members at a granular level has never been more important. We all know this, right? Yet, it seems that even big corporations are struggling to deliver the level of personalization that customers expect. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services recently released a report that illustrates the gap between knowing and doing.

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2024 Association Benchmarking Survey is officially OPEN!

Association Adviser

The 2024 Association Benchmarking Survey is now open, and your individual input matters! The Association Benchmarking Survey is one of the most important resources Association Adviser creates each year for the association community. But we need your help gathering your personal experiences as a professional involved in your association’s member engagement efforts.

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Four strategies to supercharge your continuing education program with the right LMS


Introduction According to the latest Community Brands research, 51% of association members rank continuing education as the most important membership benefit. With the right best practices and a little time, your organization can ensure your continuing education program is a valuable member benefit and a driver of non-dues revenue. Keep learners invested in your learning program.

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Meet the AI Family: The Communicators and Translators

HighRoad Solution

Families are connected. They're committed. They're complicated. They have the right intentions but can come up short at times. But in the end, they represent support. And while family members may take on different roles and drive different dynamics within the brood, they're still best when they're functioning together as a unit. Most wouldn't necessarily see AI as just another family member but I do think it's fair to say, that AI—regardless of the attributes and the functions it serves—is best

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How to Increase Membership Renewal

Dive deep into essential elements that drive member retention. Learn why members may hesitate to renew. Discover actionable techniques to encourage their return and foster lasting engagement. Uncover reasons members choose not to renew. Learn effective tactics to elevate member engagement and communication. Explore methods to encourage member renewal and active participation in your association Download now to take charge of your membership retention strategy!

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Association Brain Food: 4.5.24

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Apply for a marketing/branding grant. In honor of their 25th anniversary, Mighty Citizen is giving away $100,000 in marketing and branding services. They’re looking for a 501(c)(3) organization whose powerful mission could impact more people more deeply if it had marketing and branding help.

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6 ways your association management software supports fundraising activities


Your ability to engage donors and drive revenue effectively depends heavily on the software you select. Here are six fundraising activities your association’s software should help you do better and faster. 6 ways your association management software supports fundraising activities appeared first on NetForum Association Management Software.

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Dump the Performance Review!

Spark Consulting

We all know that one of the top reasons people voluntarily leave their jobs is bad management. Bad management can express itself in a variety of ways: the infamous “one person screwed up/took advantage of the organization so let me send out a cranky email to everyone setting up a Draconian new policy,” the capricious boss who takes out bad moods on staff, the micro-manager, the boss who never, ever backs staff members in confrontations with volunteers or members, the boss who plays f

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4 Tips for Handling Unexpected Challenges During Events


When planning an event for your nonprofit or association, you’re probably focused on securing a venue, soliciting sponsor support, and encouraging people to register for your event online. Likely, you’re not anticipating things that could go awry at your event. However, all event organizers know there’s a chance that something will go wrong, such as the internet going out, your check-in software malfunctioning, or attendees getting lost.

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How to Create a Winning Event Marketing Strategy

Events hold the power to create lasting impressions and meaningful connections. They are not only occasions for celebration but also valuable marketing opportunities. Event marketing has become an essential component of successful business strategies, enabling organizations to engage with their target audience and create memorable experiences. However, behind every successful event lies a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

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The Role of AI in Strategic Planning: Avoiding Algorithm Aversion

Aaron Wolowiec

Developing a strategic plan can be complex and time-consuming. It requires a lot of data collection, analysis, and synthesis, as well as creativity, collaboration, and communication. It also requires a lot of flexibility and adaptability because of the need to routinely update and revise a plan to reflect changing realities and opportunities. This is exactly where AI can help.

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Report: Sense of Belonging Essential to Sustained Membership

Associations Now

The iSeatz survey features input from members beyond associations, including season-ticket holders and participants in subscription and loyalty programs. Members of a wide variety of groups are looking for value, belonging, and personalized attention, according to a new report. The Benefits of Belonging , released last month by loyalty technology company iSeatz, is based on online surveys of more than 2,000 managers and customers of membership groups, which encompassed clubs, professional associ

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Three Simple Steps to Self-Publishing for Associations

AMR Management Services

Associations are often looked to provide thought leadership materials, e-books, and even textbooks for the profession or industry they represent, and it’s no secret that traditional print publishing at a small scale can be tricky and expensive. Many associations have turned to electronic self-publishing as a more efficient method to fulfill this element of their… The post Three Simple Steps to Self-Publishing for Associations first appeared on AMR Management Services.

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Tips for Managing a Multi-Generational Team


Generational labels—Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z—are a familiar shorthand used to describe a roughly 20-year cohort. Generational differences may help explain individual mindsets, but overreliance limits your ability to build high performing, connected teams. Below we share common areas where intergenerational friction bubbles up and our tips for managing multi-generational teams.

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Customer Learning

Every decision that goes into your learning monetization strategy matters for your organization’s bottom line. Our research has shown a clear correlation between high program maturity (and ROI!) and choosing the right monetization strategy. This eBook contains clear, actionable ways to approach packaging and pricing models that will help your association grow revenue, improve profitability, and drive expansion into new markets.

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7 Proven Ways for Banks to Handle a PR Crisis

CMA Solutions

In early 2023, when multiple high-profile regional banks suddenly collapsed , surviving institutions across the country were asked a series of questions by customers and the media. Is our money safe? What measures are in place to prevent a similar crisis? Can you explain the sector’s financial health? Many didn’t have the answers needed to soothe concerns, but they would have if they had a solid public relations (PR) strategy.

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When to Make a Statement

Associations Now

Leaders are under more pressure to speak out on hot topics. The right response is a function of a good plan—and some organizational awareness. The current news cycle is stressful for a lot of associations—at least two major global conflicts, an election year, plus anxiety over immigration, the economy, and more. Even if you as a leader don’t see the need to weigh in on today’s hot topic, there’s a good chance a substantive group of members or other stakeholders do want to see you speak out.

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Don’t be a hoarder!

Effective Database

Don't be a hoarder! The simple truth is that it's almost "free" to collect data. Or at least that's how it seems. Set up a field in the database, send out an email and ask for the data, and voila, you're collecting new data. The problem is that, in many (most?