Do New Processes Make You Uncomfortable?

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You looked forward to a new process or project, romanticizing the experience in your mind and then dealing with the discomfort as reality hit, gritting your teeth through it all because you were sure you''d be better off for it. What are your tips for preparing for a new process or project?

WASHINGTON  | Court confirmation process likely to follow Gorsuch playbook

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Continue reading WASHINGTON | Court confirmation process likely to follow Gorsuch playbook at STL.News. Politics confirmation process Court follow Gorsuch playbook Justice Anthony Kennedy TodayNews Washington White House aides

Remember the Process Side of Culture Too

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I see similar patterns within innovation—we’re all about creativity and inspiration, yet we don’t have processes in place for beta testing, prototyping, or experimentation. You also have to build processes and systems that support the behaviors that everyone has acknowledged are important.

Grant Writing 101: Creating a Process


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at how the process works, we get it. The grant application process is no joke! Take a look at this simple outline to follow how the grant writing process generally plays out. Have you been looking into some ways to gather some additional funding for your association or chamber? We have one word for you: Grants!

Focus on Management Processes

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If you want to change the culture, then you MUST change some management processes. Not just processes–management processes. These are the processes we use to manage the work (as opposed to processes we use to do the work). The first is with HR processes.

New York News: Bloomingburg, VOLVY SMILOWITZ, Consultant To Real Estate Developers Pleads Guilty In White Plains Federal Court To Conspiracy To Corrupt The Electoral Process In Bloomingburg

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Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that VOLVY SMILOWITZ, a/k/a “Zev Smilowitz,” pled guilty yesterday to conspiracy to corrupt the electoral process, in connection with an election in Bloomingburg, New York.

Campaign Development Process: Solutions


The post Campaign Development Process: Solutions appeared first on Slice-Works. Enough questions! You’re looking for answers. These are beginning to evolve in Step III. Our solutions board tells you “here’s what we recommend.”.

Campaign Development Process: History


Since 2004, we have polished an approach, called the Campaign Development Process , to take the mystery out of the creative. We do not think, process or talk the same language! On a sales and marketing retreat, I learned about his “mood board” process. © Thinkstock.

Stop Torturing Your Members—Simplify Your Process by Following the 3 C’s

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To help organizations simplify their processes and stop the “torture,” consider a solution that takes into account these 3 C’s: Content , Commerce and Community. Members of organizations today are tech savvy and expect their interactions with your organization to be easy and meaningful.

How to Leverage Your User Group to Differentiate Your Company in the Sales Process

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Point out these customer-generated ways to use your product during the sales process to highlight your product’s flexibility. Sales are competitive.

Should You Conduct a Business Process Review?

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A look at the ins and outs of a business process review—and why an association might consider conducting one. are integral to the overall success of an organization—and a business process review is a great tool for getting those answers. “A What does a business process review look like?

Engaging Members in Your Development Process

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Which I dealt with in more detail four weeks ago in Capturing Useful Intelligence , and: You talk about engaging your members in the development process of a new program or service, but you don''t do it.

Co-Creation: The Value is in the Process

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But the process of participation, and subtle nuances in wording and norms, really mattered to the students. Because of that, co-creation is often as much about the process as the product, something I’ve written about before in the context of the IKEA Effect.

HBA Journey to Reduced Costs and Process Improvements


The fact that the onboarding experience was excellent and included efficient and professional technical support throughout the process was a bonus.”. The post HBA Journey to Reduced Costs and Process Improvements appeared first on GrowthZone. THE CHALLENGE.

Cost 60

How to Get a Better Yield From Your RFP Process

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If finding a good partner or vendor feels like finding a needle in a haystack, maybe your RFP process needs a reboot. According to Bower, it only happens when you start from the beginning to design the processes that are needed to solve the real issues.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) entry process

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The marketing and PR director for the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, Tracey Cowell, talks about the organisation’s entry process. “ The membership process could be perceived as a barrier to entry. We receive positive feedback from members on our membership process.

The 5-Step Process to Create a Successful Nonprofit Landing Page

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If you’d like to set up a landing page to increase donations (or any other type of goal), I’m going to cover the five steps that will create a successful nonprofit landing page, including examples from nonprofits who have found success. Landing-Page

SKOPJE, Macedonia | Macedonian President Ivanov says he won’t sign off on new name deal with Greece, potentially delaying process

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SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Macedonian President Ivanov says he won’t sign off on new name deal with Greece, potentially delaying process. Continue reading SKOPJE, Macedonia | Macedonian President Ivanov says he won’t sign off on new name deal with Greece, potentially delaying process at STL.News. General Macedonia Macedonian President Ivanov potentially delaying process Skopje TodayNews

Process Killed the Association Star

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It’s afraid of your processes. And then our reified processes kick in, and the cavalcade of "no" begins. Jamie Notter recently recapped his notes from the MIX Mashup , an invitation-only conference on the future of work, or, to quote their website: "What will it take to make our organizations highly adaptable, endlessly inventive, truly inspiring, and genuinely accountable?" That's a critical question for all of us to address.

Nonprofit Named ISIS Begins Rebranding Process

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Despite the nonprofit’s unique situation, rebranding will follow the same common process other companies undergo to change the way they’re perceived, said Rob Rankin, president of Clarity Coverdale Fury, the marketing firm leading the rebranding efforts.

Secretaries of State Association Reaffirms Integrity of Electoral Process

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With Donald Trump repeatedly suggesting that the election may be “rigged,” the National Association of Secretaries of State has spoken out, emphasizing that the electoral process has numerous safeguards in place.

How to Improve Your Call for Presentations Process

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in 2013, we found that nearly 77 percent use a call for speakers/sessions process. Widely used by associations as a tool for crowdsourcing the meat-and-potatoes education content for annual conferences, the call for speakers and sessions doesn’t need to be an arduous process.

Campaign Development Process: Discovery and Diagnostics


Identifying your goals is a very important part of the Campaign Development Process! The post Campaign Development Process: Discovery and Diagnostics appeared first on. Have you ever just gotten into the car and begun to drive, not sure of your destination? Sounds like fun.

Property Management Solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX Helps DMCI Homes Automate Core Business Processes and Improve Operational Efficiency

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This assortment of application processing thousands of transactions, all done manually, started to be a pain and did not integrate well with each other. MANILA, Philippines/ July 09, 2018 (STL.News).

Creative Process Tips and Tools

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If you are kick-starting some communications planning this summer, here are some tips and resources that might help. member communication

Glassdoor Study: Regulations, Internal Issues Can Delay Hiring Process

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The social network that lets employees review their employers found that in many countries and industries, the hiring process took three weeks or more, with longer delays in some plances than others. For example, DC has the slowest hiring process of any city in the U.S.,

Best Benefit Ever: Specialized Credit Card Processing

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As part of the American Bar Association’s Advantage discounts program, the legal group is offering its members access to LawPay —a credit card processing service designed specifically for legal professionals.

When Your Conference Planning Process Eclipses Your Purpose

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Frequently, today’s conference planning process is one of reproducing last year’s schedule, tasks, deadlines and process. Putting The Planning Process Before The People. Are we talking about the conference planning process to the people?

Magilla Loans Launches Step-by-Step Portal to Help Borrowers Navigate Loan Process

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Continue reading Magilla Loans Launches Step-by-Step Portal to Help Borrowers Navigate Loan Process at STL.News. SACRAMENTO, Calif./

The Award-Winning Process for Association Innovation

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IDEO, the innovation experts, have a process that makes for a good example because it not only works but also because it has been extensively shared so we know the method behind the magic. The post The Award-Winning Process for Association Innovation appeared first on Smooth The Path.

New Council Supports Women in Food Processing Industry

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A new council from the Food Processing Suppliers Association will help support women’s careers in the industry. To empower women in the industry, the Food Processing Suppliers Association has created the FPSA Women’s Council , which will launch at its September conference, PROCESS EXPO. “It

Resource Helps Nontraditional Students Navigate Financial Aid Process

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To ease the financial aid application process for students with unique circumstances and backgrounds, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) recently published tip sheets.

How to Decrease the Time Spent on Chapter Dues Processing

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Is dues processing at your association a frustration for everyone involved? It can be a time-consuming ordeal for staff at National, and staff and volunteer leaders at chapters—a process that’s been done the same way as long as you can remember. Why hasn’t the process been changed?

What #Eventprofs Say About the Meeting-Planning Process

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How does your meeting-planning process align (or not) with the survey results? The post What #Eventprofs Say About the Meeting-Planning Process appeared first on Associations Now

JERUSALEM | The Latest: US’s Pompeo says Mideast peace process not dead

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the Mideast peace process “is most decidedly not dead” even as the Trump administration plans to open the new American Embassy in Jerusalem — a move that’s angered Palestinians and raised anti-U.S.

Meeting Registration: It Goes Beyond Process

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Registration for meetings and events is about more than the process. The post Meeting Registration: It Goes Beyond Process appeared first on Associations Now It’s also about what’s included, the price, and any extras that come with it.

Stop Sabotaging Your Conference Innovation Planning Process

Velvet Chainsaw

Are we failing to cultivate innovation in our conference planning process? Keeping our minds engaged and inspired in the creative process is critical to conference innovation. Yet too often, we default to following the same process to create our conferences year after year.

Avoiding Personal Agendas and Pay-to-Play In The Speaker Review Process

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We’ve seen it happen in almost every organization where we assessed their speaker review process. When I worked at associations, all of my committee members and staff used a blind review process when reviewing submitted presentations.

Florida News: Florida Governor Scott – FDOT Begins Process for Privately Funded High-Speed Rail from Orlando to Tampa

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has begun the process to allow for private investment in a high-speed rail connection from Orlando to Tampa.

Facilitation Friday #6: Balance Content and Process, Ideas and Action

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Facilitation Friday #6: Balance Content and Process, Ideas and Action. Effective facilitation must manage (or balance content and process, as well as attention to both ideas and action. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.