Nonprofit Credit Card Processing: Everything You Need to Know

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Credit card processing for nonprofits may sound high-tech and complicated, but even the smallest organization can easily get set up to receive payments. payment-processing online payments Fundraising

Modernize These 7 Processes to Increase Member Engagement

Higher Logic

The post Modernize These 7 Processes to Increase Member Engagement appeared first on Higher Logic. The post Modernize These 7 Processes to Increase Member Engagement appeared first on Higher Logic.


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7 Reasons Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

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If so, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and welcome them into your community — it all starts with a great volunteer onboarding process. Do you have a group of new volunteers starting at your organization?

Online Payment Processing for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

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Looking into online payment processing for your nonprofit, association, or membership organization? Pick the right solution with the help of our guide

A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

What We Learned From the PPP Application Process – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 230

Moery Company

On this week’s episode JP provides an update on The Moery Company’s business operation and what we learned during out application process for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan.

How to Adapt Your Sales Process for Success in the Current Business Climate

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The post How to Adapt Your Sales Process for Success in the Current Business Climate appeared first on The Moery Company. Here’s a sales tactic that will differentiate you: Use a phone first approach. There’s a variety of different reasons why, one being that it’s very effective. We have relied on e-mails to do a lot of the work for us. I still think it’s a vital component and you’re probably going to spend at least 50% of your sales activity on e-mails.

Defining the Process of Change

Association Adviser

Since my responsibilities include strategic and operational planning and our organization has successfully launched vast amounts of change over the last six years, this has ignited my curiosity about the process of change. The process of change is often defined as change management or change leadership. Learning the fundamental differences have also helped me skillfully switch gears at any given moment in order to better serve my team, process or my organization.

The Florida HOA Process, Explained

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Each state has its own laws dictating the process by which homeowners associations (HOA) elect board members. Florida is no exception.

How Do We Create a Renewal Process for Membership in 2021? – Ask JP #046

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The question for Ask JP today is, “How do we create a renewal process for membership in 2021?” There are a couple things to keep in mind as you evaluate and adjust your renewal process. First things first, don’t look at the renewal as just an invoicing process.

Build or Buy an LMS? How to Pick the Right Solution for Your Budget

BUDGET. When it comes to picking your next LMS that six-letter word is probably the most important part of the decision-making process. So, what are your options to get the best possible eLearning solution without breaking the bank? Build it or buy it. This guide from Lambda’s eLearning experts details absolutely everything you need to consider so you can pick the perfect eLearning solution for your organization and budget.

Creating an Effective Nominating Process for your Association

Association Leaders

It’s the time of year again when many associations are implementing their nomination and election process. Because associations are groups of people or companies in the same profession or industry there are many opportunities for conflict and other challenges as an association goes through its nomination and election process. . it is important that every association have a clear nomination and election process and that the process is followed each and every time.

On the Mark: Goals or a Process?


The problem with New Year’s resolutions — and the process of goal setting in general — is that everyone seems to start with a blank slate. January is definitely the time of the year to start thinking about the year ahead.Or is it?

Creative Process Tips and Tools

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If you are kick-starting some communications planning this summer, here are some tips and resources that might help. member communication

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 171: How to Manage the Gatekeeper Process in Sales

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He shares a few thoughts on how to manage the process. The post JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 171: How to Manage the Gatekeeper Process in Sales appeared first on The Moery Company. He shares a few thoughts on how to manage the process.

How Healthy is Your Learning Program? Protect the Physical and Mental Health of Your Learners With These Insights From Neuroscience

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer of Learningtogo, LLC

In the past year and a half, many organizations have had to pivot their instruction infrastructure, seeking to keep learning alive by embracing online and virtual approaches. Join Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer of Learningtogo, LLC, for this illuminating discussion on how to assess the health of your elearning program, to protect the physical and mental health of your learners.

Process Killed the Association Star

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It’s afraid of your processes. And then our reified processes kick in, and the cavalcade of "no" begins. Jamie Notter recently recapped his notes from the MIX Mashup , an invitation-only conference on the future of work, or, to quote their website: "What will it take to make our organizations highly adaptable, endlessly inventive, truly inspiring, and genuinely accountable?" That's a critical question for all of us to address.

The 5-Step Process to Create a Successful Nonprofit Landing Page

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If you’d like to set up a landing page to increase donations (or any other type of goal), I’m going to cover the five steps that will create a successful nonprofit landing page, including examples from nonprofits who have found success. Landing-Page

Try flowcharting your processes

Effective Database

Try flowcharting your processes Working with a client recently on their membership join process reminded me of the tremendous value of putting your processes into a flowchart. Drawing a flowchart of this decision process will help provide them … Try flowcharting your processes Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom

Is it Time to Rethink Your Event Sales Strategy, Process and Expectations?

Aaron Wolowiec

One year later, as we continue to watch the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out in the United States, there is hope that we may start to see in-person meetings and events return in the near future.

Build AMS Process Documentation that Actually Makes Users More Efficient


First, it’s important to document processes as they are created so that you can capture the way your team really works. . Protech Learn provides an integrated, easy-to-use portal solution that captures the unique and complex processes that are specific to your organization.

A Peek at MemberClicks’ Product Development Process


In order to continue empowering member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service (MemberClicks’ mission!), we take a very methodical approach to how we develop each of our membership solutions.

Association Processes Might Be Keeping You From Important Work

Smooth The Path

Submitting rebates is a funny process that feels like a sales trick. ” My contact company’s process for rebates is about as complicated as they can make it, and it changes every year. One of the dangers of older organizations is they become process-centric.

What is the Union Election Process?

Yes Elections

While elections can be overwhelming, YesElections has developed this explainer to help you navigate this process. As your union’s election official, your job is to run an impartial, fair election that complies with federal law, the union’s constitution and its bylaws.

Do New Processes Make You Uncomfortable?

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You looked forward to a new process or project, romanticizing the experience in your mind and then dealing with the discomfort as reality hit, gritting your teeth through it all because you were sure you''d be better off for it. What are your tips for preparing for a new process or project? effective planning new projects processes realistic expectations It wasn''t my idea, but the romance of it captured me.

Broken Association Processes Fracture Member Engagement

Smooth The Path

It is easy to see how association processes can break over time. Why not try a process audit? List and review every critical process, especially those that interface with members. Has the process improved? Conducting a regularly scheduled process audit can help close gaps in member experience, gaps that we accidentally create over time. Related: Use the 5-step idea process to become an association innovation ninja.

How can associations make member payment processing easier?

Nimble AMS

There are more interesting, fulfilling things we’d rather do than uninspiring tasks like paperwork or payment processing. Is your staff spending too much time processing a single payment that needs to be applied to multiple orders?

Start Your Conference Improvement Process With Enrollment

Velvet Chainsaw

So before assuming we can persuade others with the data on why we need to change, we need to enroll them in our conference improvement planning process. We need to seek out volunteers who are willing to participate in the improvement process. What type of data do we have already have in our hands for any conference improvement process? The post Start Your Conference Improvement Process With Enrollment appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

Culture and Process in Design Thinking

Association Success

Culture and process are two sides of the coin that is design thinking. When I introduce design thinking to people, they are really eager to experience all the benefits, especially the teamwork, the very precise problem identification, and of course the often unique and really effective solutions to problems that the process generates. The process is on one side and the other is the culture in which the process operates. They’re the magic in the process.

Grant Writing 101: Creating a Process


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at how the process works, we get it. The grant application process is no joke! Take a look at this simple outline to follow how the grant writing process generally plays out. Have you been looking into some ways to gather some additional funding for your association or chamber? We have one word for you: Grants!

Testing, Testing: 4 Tips to Streamline the Email Approval Process

Higher Logic

Unfortunately, you’ve yet to begin testing, and this quality assurance step of the production process is imperative to ensure content accuracy and display functionality. On top of that, you and various projects managers from different departments who are involved in the approval process are all inundated with other impending deadlines. Below are four tips to help you streamline the email approval process without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of your campaigns.

What is the Board of Directors Election Process?

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The board of directors in any organization is an incredibly important role because its decisions can impact thousands of members. Election Optimization

6 Benefits of an Online Submission and Review Process


But, there is a way to simplify the process! Here are six benefits to taking your submission and review process completely online: MC InsiderYour awards presentation is coming up, and it’s time to ask for nominations.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

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Here are highlights from our Wild Apricot Expert Webinar on Volunteer Onboarding, presented by Tobi Johnson. webinar Volunteers

It’s Time to Modernize Your Renewal Process


Is your renewal process as effective as it could be? If you’re not sure how your renewal process measures up to others in the membership business, let’s think about one of the strongest, most efficient membership models—Netflix. Not exactly a modern process.

Next Steps in the Association New-Member Onboarding Process


Our recent post, The First 3 Months of Association New-Member Onboarding covered the first three months of the onboarding process. The new-member onboarding and first-year renewal processes go beyond dropping a welcome packet into the mail. A touch plan to improve the process builds a strong foundation for engagement and for a long-term membership. Take a look at the next three months , then download the complete plan of the onboarding process.

Intentionally Disrupt the Association’s Processes

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There are a million little automatic processes that run our days. We arrive at work, stow lunch, log on to our computer, and process email. Day, after week, after year each one of these little processes gets solidified until we do them without thinking. Each process seems like it is the right thing to do because it is what we do. Does starting the day by processing emails make us productive? Association processes become automatic too.

Documenting Process is Critical

Effective Database

When it comes to managing data successfully, process is critical. The process needs to be clear (who does it, when do they do it, how is it entered) and it needs to be done every time. For example, a client of mine recently discussed how important it is for them to capture notes across their organization. As different departments talk to members and customers, it’s critical for staff to capture these conversations in the database.

Automate your association’s processes to increase efficiency and improve member acquisition and retention

YourMembership Blog

With modern membership software, The post Automate your association’s processes to increase efficiency and improve member acquisition and retention appeared first on YourMembership. When you work on member acquisition and retention plans for your association, do you think about improving your staff’s efficiency?

The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

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A great facilitator moves back and forth between content and process engaging participants in their own learning journeys. Content Versus Process. In facilitated learning experiences you hear two words: content and process. Process refers to how the content is discussed. Process also includes the participants’ interactions with each other and the content, group flow, and overall climate established. The Conference Tension Between Content And Process.