Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.19.21

Reid All About it

I also used ½ teaspoon each of cinnamon and allspice instead of a cinnamon stick, jalapeno instead of a Fresno pepper, cottage instead of farmers cheese, and pureed the tomatoes with an immersion blender before adding them. NYSAE’s Third Technology Showcase: Virtual Event Platforms.

Fresno 279

Attention Data Nerds: The Future is Now: Mobile Strategies for Social Impact

Beth Kanter

The report notes that populations traditionally on the other side of the digital divide are increasingly using wireless technology to access the Internet. However it also raises new questions: If mobile technology is helping to eliminate traditional aspects of the digital divide, is it creating new ones? My favorite example of how mobile technology is literally putting power in the hands, pockets and purses of people is Fresno BusTracker.