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The new governor of Connecticut, Daniel Patrick Malloy, ran on a platform that included setting up a cabinet level position for and about nonprofits. When it comes to political and nonprofit leaders coming up with interesting ideas, the United Kingdom is outshining its American child.

NEW YORK | Powerful storms pound Northeast, leaving at least 2 dead

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In Connecticut, a man was killed when a tree fell on his truck, according to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

Please Help the Families of Newtown

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Categories: News Tags: donation , Sandy Hook Elementary School On December 14, 2012 an extreme tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Colorado Attorney Involved in Stock “Pump and Dump” Scheme Sentenced to 3 Years in Federal Prison

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Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that DIANE DALMY, 63, of Denver, Colorado, was sentenced today by U.S. John H.

Conference Circuit: Three Days at the Museum

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The New England Museum Association’s 98th Annual Conference is set to start in Mystic, Connecticut, next week. Location: Mystic, Connecticut. Rundown Attendees: 900 plus. Sessions and events: 60.

Leadership Lessons from Times of Crisis

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three days, you are aware of the terrible tragedy that struck an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. This was an unthinkable tragedy carried out by a monster. I for one, spent early Saturday morning crying while watching news coverage before my children awoke. Nothing good comes from this tragedy. However, are there leadership lessons that can be learned from tragedies like this?

Create a Container: Storytelling Strategies to Engage the Next Generation

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When kids are deciding to learn an instrument, the accordion is probably not their first choice—creating an industry challenge the Connecticut Accordion Association is trying to overcome.

Monday Buzz: Take Advantage of Google’s Management Resources

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Some of the out-there choices include taking your team spelunking in the Canadian Rockies or praticipating in a plane-crash survival course in Connecticut. Looking for more leadership development resources? Google is giving theirs away for free.

Diversify Your Retention Rate, and Other Membership Ideas

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I attended the New York and Connecticut events—and, if not for the overlap, would have joined NE/SAE as well. and executive vice president of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Association, who delivered a keynote presentation at both the NYSAE and Connecticut SAE events.

GMO Labeling Legislation Gets Bipartisan Push in Congress

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Connecticut passed a law in June allowing for such labeling—with a caveat that nearby states must pass similar legislation before Connecticut farmers would be required to comply.

Bagel-Eating Contest Aims to Draw Attention to Start-Up Bagel Group

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He said that several dozen spectators cheered on the 10 competitors, who traveled from New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut to take part in the competition. The second-annual National Bagel Eating Contest hopes to bring awareness to the fledgling National Bagel Association.

Monday Buzz: Kickstarter Becomes a Benefit Corporation

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Nonprofits are top workplaces in Connecticut, and Nonprofit Quarterly editor-in-chief Ruth McCambridge went in search of the secret behind their success. One of the biggest online crowdfunding hubs announces its new status. Plus: How your association can make big improvements using big data.

Wednesday Buzz: Rebuilding a Fictional Town

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A big element of that buzz, notes BizBash , was a series of live events that brought the vibe of Stars Hollow, Connecticut—the show’s hometown—to Los Angeles. How Netflix turned to live events to promote its revival of the cult show Gilmore Girls.

Expand Your Product Line: Clone Your Classic Conference into Punchy Regionals

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However, by adding smaller regional events, new Goldilocks zones open up in other cities including suburban areas, which for us meant great venues in Columbus, Ohio; Sacramento, California; and Hartford, Connecticut, to name a few. Supplement your national conference with regional events and watch participation grow.

Democratic Party Groups Press for New Leaders with Local Focus

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Last month, the chair and chair-elect of the Democratic Governors Association—Connecticut Gov. Sometimes, the same old strategies don’t make sense anymore. That appears to be a conclusion the Democratic National Committee and other party-related organizations have come to.

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Proposals Prompt Debate

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The New York City Council recently reached an agreement on a paid sick-leave bill similar to ones found in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Seattle, and the state of Connecticut, though it has not yet voted on the measure.

After Sandy Hook, Why a Newtown-Based Gun Group Stayed There

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The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which has called Newtown, Connecticut, home for two decades, says it considered moving its headquarters after last year’s school shooting, but staff members urged the leadership to stay in town.

Volunteers: How Much Is Your Time Worth?

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Washington, DC, ranked highest at $34.04, followed by New York ($28.73), Connecticut ($28.26), and Massachusetts ($27.43). According to Independent Sector, an hour of volunteer time was worth $22.14 in 2012. Harder to quantify is the reason people decide to volunteer.

Nonprofits to Facebook: Don’t Limit Our Reach

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The animal-shelter volunteer, who writes the updates for the Karuna Bully Rescue , in Naugatuck, Connecticut, launched a petition a few days back, requesting that Facebook modify its algorithm strategy to better accommodate nonprofit groups.

GMA Takes Vermont to Court Over GMO Labeling Law

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Connecticut and Maine have passed their own GMO-labeling laws, but those are contingent on their neighbors in New England passing similar measures.

Medical Group Can Represent Members in Class Action, Appeals Court Says

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Anthem Health Plans , which involves APA’s members in Connecticut.

Class 66

Safety Top-of-Mind for Bus, Gaming Associations

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For years, the company’s buses have transported casino fans to casinos in nearby Connecticut; soon, buses will start taking passengers to Massachusetts.

Immersion Studies: Hotel Execs Plan Deep Dive in India

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President and CEO Frits van Paasschen and several top-level executives will spend March in Mumbai and Delhi, roughly 8,000 miles away from the company’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, learning new hospitality approaches.

Conference Circuit: Getting Dog Trainers to Sit and Shake Hands

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Along with a full slate of speakers and workshops , the APDT conference, which will be held October 15-18 in Hartford, Connecticut, features special events like book signings and a 5K run/walk to raise money for the APDT Foundation.

6 Reasons your Association should Sponsor a Sports Program

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The association that is our Connecticut counterpart is a sponsor of a Division I University's basketball games. There are 6 reasons they do it. that are each good reasons for you to consider sponsoring a team/program in your area/state too: 1. Popular tickets for fundraising events and/or prizes: Their sponsorship includes season tickets to the men's and women's home basketball games.

MPAA Changes Antipiracy Tactics With New Website

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After spending years focusing on fighting the sources of video piracy, the Motion Picture Association of America is trying something new: publicizing consumers’ legal avenues to view their desired content.

Guns in Schools: Districts Consider Arming Staff, but Insurers Have Cold Feet

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More details on the issue: The problem: In the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, late last year, a number of districts in such states as Kansas, Oregon, and South Dakota have considered giving educators the choice to carry weapons on campus.

Groups Focus on Health and Safety as Students Go Back to School

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School safety remains a hot-button issue after the shootings in Newtown , Connecticut, last December and other gun-related incidents, including one at an elementary school in Georgia just last month.

The FAA’s Latest Drone Problem: Some Are Jumping the Gun

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A few examples: A part-time journalist was suspended from his job at a TV station in Hartford, Connecticut, earlier this month, after he flew a UAV around the scene of an accident.

Wednesday Buzz: Clarity in a World of Acronyms

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If you like cupcakes, this fundraising idea from Connecticut Association of Realtors CEO Cindy Butts might whet your appetite. When talking about your association to the outside world, don’t forget to ditch the jargon.

Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

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Martin Roth is a principal, of Norwalk, Connecticut-based INCON Research, Inc., which provides on-site computer and network support for small businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Martin Roth, INCON Research, Inc. Even savvy PC users can get fooled into thinking a reputable support person from your software or hardware providers needs to gain access to your computer.

Community Service: Drawing On Staff Involvement

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Similar feelings arose after the Boston Marathon bombing last month and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, last December. The Newtown, Connecticut, event was a game-changer,” said Matt Jeanneret, ARTBA senior vice president, communications and marketing. “It

Vermont Becomes First Mover on GMO Labeling

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It preferred a regional framework for GMO labeling—one that nearby states such as Connecticut and Maine have embraced.

Drone Journalism: Media Groups Raise First Amendment Concerns

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An incident in Hartford, Connecticut , around the scene of a fatal car crash drew an FAA investigation of its own this year. With the FAA still working on regulations for nonmilitary uses of unmanned aerial vehicles, the agency says there’s no gray area regarding unapproved drone use.

How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

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I am moving to Connecticut in a few months and for the first time in decades actually have to think about details related to a new job search, including preparing for an interview. I've been quizzing colleagues who have been interviewed on Skype to get their input about how to prepare for a Skype interview (should I ever have to do one), along with my own thoughts as a Skype user.

Maine Nonprofits Say Property Tax Proposal Would Jeopardize Programs, Services

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Several cash-strapped cities—including Boston; Pittsburgh; Hartford, Connecticut; and Memphis, Tennessee—have adopted payment-in-lieu-of-taxes programs to offset declining revenue. Looking for ways to bring in new revenue, Maine Gov.

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Diversify Now

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Example Three : The Griswold (Connecticut) Ambulance Service will end a 70-year tour of service. I just don’t get why, after the past seven years, any nonprofit would need a lesson in the essential importance of having diversified funding streams.

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GMO Labeling Battle Gets Fresh Kick-Start in Washington

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” Such a rule would conflict with a recently enacted Connecticut law requiring GMO labeling and prohibiting the use of the term “natural” on packaging of foods containing GMOs.

Food Industry Coalition Leads Voluntary GMO Labeling Push

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It comes after the defeat of a ballot proposal in Washington state that would have required food labeling and after Connecticut and Maine passed laws on mandatory labeling that will take effect only when nearby states pass similar ones.

As Newtown Anniversary Nears, Associations Help Schools Tackle Security

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A dramatic, deadly shooting at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School killed 20 children and six adult staff members.