Hawaii Five-O & Monopoly Show Associations How to Engage Members

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For tonight’s (1/14/13) showing of Hawaii Five-O, CBS invited viewers to vote on which ending they wanted for its show. Sort of like playing Monopoly one more time or watching a new show (but same old plot) of Hawaii Five-O.

Hawaii’s Optics Problem: A Travel Hotspot Struggles With Meetings Business

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It may be the birthplace of President Barack Obama, but that doesn’t mean Hawaii is going to get a break when it comes to the crackdown on federal spending on meetings. Hawaii Gov. It would help if Hawaii was on that list, the state’s governor noted.

Western Governors’ Association Takes Aim at Invasive Species

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With a new biosecurity initiative, the association’s incoming chair, Hawaii Gov. Now the Western Governors’ Association (WGA) is aiming to find solutions with its recently announced Biosecurity and Invasive Species Initiative , an effort led by Hawaii Gov.

Bucking Trends, National Guard Association Will Meet in Honolulu

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In the age of the sequester and heightened scrutiny of government spending on meetings, the National Guard Association sees solid reasons to keep its annual conference in Hawaii. We’ve got so many people from Hawaii who’ve done so much work and preparation for putting this thing on.

Hurricane Florence Sheds Light on Pharmacists’ Work and Role in Public Health

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This summer saw some of the worst wildfires in California history, the Mount Kilauea eruption in Hawaii, and other tropical storms—all requiring the same around-the-clock care. What does a pharmacist do?

A night away? We sure did pay.

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The next three top-dollar locations: Oahu Island in Hawaii ($221 a night), San Francisco ($207) and Miami ($185). The last time I booked a weeklong family vacation, I was shocked at the prices of hotel rooms. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, but those prices sure did crimp our style.

Roundup: Ballot Initiatives Make Breakthroughs on Election Night

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Precedents set by passage of key ballot initiatives on issues as diverse as genetically modified organisms, marijuana, and sugary beverages have associations and trade groups speaking out.

A convention odyssey

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Hawaii is a fantastic place to hold a meeting. I’m not sure when APA will return to Hawaii, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend. From July 31 – August 7, I traveled thousands of miles to attend 2 conferences in 2 cities on 6 planes in one week.

Window-Washing Group Offers New Safety Guide for High-Flying Members

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Earlier this year in Hawaii, for example , a newly minted window washer starting his first day on the job lost consciousness while hanging from the side of a skyscraper.

Electronic Security Association to World: Our Industry Has Jobs

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Working Around Craigslist in Hawaii, a completely different kind of career challenge is giving employers headaches—and the state’s restaurant association is looking to help.

KiKi's Unofficial ASAE Annual 2016 Party List (a.k.a. How to Never Be Alone at #ASAE16)

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Every year, for the past several years, I make it a point to attend the ASAE Annual Conference. This conference is where anyone involved with associations and nonprofits can connect with others working in that space. Because it is the best way to catch up with the "Who's Who" of the association world. To be sure, ASAE Annual promises opportunities in learning and networking. It also promises a ton of parties in all shapes and sizes.

Catch AARP’s Newest Spokesperson, If You Can

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He’s been taking part in events around the country, including upcoming speeches sponsored by AARP Hawaii in October. Frank Abagnale Jr., a noted identity thief who was the subject of a Leonardo DiCaprio film, is now working with AARP to warn older Americans about social media scams.

Congress Vows to Investigate Diversion of Charitable Funds

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Regulators in New York and Hawaii also said they are reviewing the database of charitable diversions created by the Post to see if charities in their states had failed to disclose the amounts and circumstances of their losses.

New Association Will Accredit Healthy Destinations

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The six founding IHDA members include the Breakers Palm Beach in Palm Beach, Florida; Mauna Kea Resort-Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in Waimea, Hawaii; the Couer d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; the Hotel del Coronoado in San Diego; and the Airlie in Warrenton, Virginia.

How I Make IMEX Stress Free In 4 Simple Words

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My second intention is to feel grateful, IMEX is the one place in the world you can experience Dubai, Hawaii, Canada and so much global culture in one place for this I intend to be grateful. A quiet moment planning my IMEX experience. Many people find IMEX overwhelming.

Travel Groups Back Global Entry-Expanding INVITE Act

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The other two bills expand funding for tourism efforts with tribal organizations and funding for Hawaii. A new bill meant to make entry into the U.S. a little more convenient for visitors was introduced in the Senate this month, and travel groups are cheering it on.

13 best association blogs of 2013

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8 1/13 Hawaii Five-O & Monopoly Show Associations How to Engage Members. For tonight’s (1/14/13) showing of Hawaii Five-O, CBS invited viewers to vote on which ending they wanted for its show. Based on a review of reader numbers, here are my top 13 association blogs of 2013.

Vaping Industry in Tough Fight Over e-Cigarette Bans

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In the last few weeks, e-cigarette ordinances either went into effect or are advancing quickly in Santa Monica, California ; Baltimore ; Minneapolis ; Buffalo, New York ; and Hawaii.

Nonprofit Helps Win Bee Species Endangered Status

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In October, the Xerces Society also won endangered status for seven yellow-faced bee species native to Hawaii; and currently, the Society is waiting on a USFWS response on adding the Franklin’s Bumble Bee to the endangered species list.

American Counseling Association Moves Meeting from Nashville

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Our Code of Ethics applies to every member of ACA so whether you live in Tennessee or California or Hawaii or wherever, that Code of Ethics applies to how you practice,” Yep said.

Associations Build Momentum Around Native American Tourism

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Alaska, and Hawaii could get extra marketing help for their tourism efforts—an area where at least one industry group has been focusing much of its attention. With the recent passage of a bill in the Senate, native populations in the continental U.S.,

West Coast Credit Union Groups See Strength in Numbers

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I think that we in the Northwest have a lot of great content, we have a lot to offer,” said Heider, whose organization represents about 150 credit unions in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Idaho 52

West Coast Credit Union Groups See Strength in Numbers

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I think that we in the Northwest have a lot of great content, we have a lot to offer,” said Heider, whose organization represents about 150 credit unions in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Idaho 52

Urban Institute’s Form 990 Online Filing System Hacked

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According to a statement on the Urban Institute’s website , the incident affects users who have filed with the online versions of Forms 990, 990-EZ, and 990-N, as well as Form 8868 extensions and filings for charitable organizations in Hawaii, Michigan, and New York.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

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I had a fantastic break, including a family vacation in Hawaii, walking, hiking, quiet, and reflection. I would like to wish all my readers, colleagues, and friends a happy new year! How about you?

Lung Association Raises Alarm on Air Quality

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Salinas joined Burlington-South Burlington, Vermont; Elmira-Corning, New York; and Honolulu, Hawaii, on the association’s cleanest cities list, according to a news release.

Using Hashtags for Nonprofit Marketing: Tips & Tricks


This is how Eia Hawaii Fund promotes its campaign. Studies have shown that posts with a hashtag have an engagement that is 12.6% higher than posts that don’t use hashtags. The power of hashtags is undeniable.

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Alligators, Pepsi and Association Social Media

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So, you need to think about repeating tweets to cover at least the UK, East Coast, Central, Mountain, West Coast, Hawaii, and Australia — the English-speaking world! I was standing at the kitchen window the other day and saw an alligator swimming up river. It was gone within five minutes. Later I was sitting in my car and noticed a Pepsi trunk drive by. It was gone in less than a minute. Both reminded me of a quote attributed to Guy Kawasaki : “Twitter is like a river.

TSA’s Fee Changes Are Causing Headaches

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such as Hawaii and Alaska, along with those entering from foreign countries. With the airline industry filing a lawsuit and computer glitches leading to travelers being overcharged, the Transportation Security Administration’s recent security fee increase has been anything but smooth.

What Larry Ellison Teaches About the Nature of Philanthropy

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He owns 98 percent of Lanai , the sixth-largest island in Hawaii. The longtime Oracle CEO, who stepped down from the leadership role this week, has often been quiet about his giving.

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Road Side Memorials and Member Recognition

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In 2003 newly minted CAE’s flew their families to Hawaii expecting to “walk across the stage”, and were surprised when that didn’t happen. I live and work in Oklahoma (ergo, Okie). In this part of the country, when some dies in a traffic accident, it is likely that a memorial to that person will be placed on the side of the road where the accident occurred.

Listen Up: A New, National RFP Offers Nonprofits and Funders Tools to Survey Clients

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In 2016, 46 organizations across the 50 United States, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, received L4G grants to use that survey instrument to collect feedback from the people they serve. Note from Beth: Melinda T.

Data Visualization Techniques for Those Who Can’t Draw

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But I followed the advice of colleague Rachel Smith, who teaches visual thinking and facilitation : “Send your inner critic who says you can’t draw on a vacation to Hawaii.” Visual Thinking Presentation for UnitedHealth Innovation Day. View more presentations from burowe.

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The Great Daylight Saving Time Debate

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Two states—Arizona and Hawaii—don’t follow DST at all, while lawmakers in Florida hope to make this latest “spring forward” permanent. Information Delivery A rule of thumb around daylight saving time, in addition to adjusting your clocks, is to check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

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Dress Code

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But remember sitting with your knees to your chin for a nine-hour flight is more than enough penance for getting to work in the beautiful confines of Hawaii for a few days. So I'm in Maui speaking at a conference. I know. your heart bleeds for me. So I'm sitting outside after the session today watching all the participants and their spouses head off to an evening social event, and I have what I believe therapy would refer to as an epiphany or the breakthrough moment.

Las Vegas, Other Resort Cities Bear Brunt of Federal Travel Cuts

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We’ve got so many people from Hawaii who’ve done so much work and preparation for putting this thing on.”. DC''s Booking Boom It looks like other cities’ losses may be DC’s gain.

Why Nevada Doesn’t Have the Powerball

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And, so far, Hawaii has been unable to pass lottery legislation. A combination of resort-industry opposition and lack of legislative momentum has kept Nevada, a state known for its legalized gambling, out of the lottery for decades.

NASBP’s Legislative Efforts ‘Bond’ Education With Action to Influence Policy

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For example, one of our members from Hawaii was able to establish a relationship with Senator [Mazie] Hirono when she was a member of the US House of Representatives. Mark McCallum, National Association of Surety Bond Producers. This month, we talked with Mark McCallum , Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers, the association of and resource for firms employing surety bond producers and allied professionals. (If

Abscence (of Discomfort) Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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The room should be moved to Hawaii. ;). The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+. Shawn on Pinterest. Shawn on LinkedIn. « I Can Write 600 Words About Anything | Main. | The State of the Blogosphere (and the Blogoclump) » March 22, 2006. Abscence (of Discomfort) Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.