Bucking Trends, National Guard Association Will Meet in Honolulu

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Back in 2008, before the GSA and IRS conference-spending scandals and the sequester made headlines and led some groups to rethink meeting locations , the NGAUS board approved Honolulu as its 2013 conference destination. The post Bucking Trends, National Guard Association Will Meet in Honolulu appeared first on Associations Now

Put a Cork in the Competition With an Online Marketplace

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From Anchorage to Honolulu to Omaha, it’s amazing how winemaking is spreading, and yet, the ability for craft winemakers to get their products recognized and shipped to market can be hampered simply by size.”. Many associations say they want to be like Amazon, but do they act like it? The Craft Wine Association recently stepped up to the e-commerce behemoth by creating an online marketplace where consumers can buy from CWA members. When it’s time to buy something, where do you turn?


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A convention odyssey

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APA’s meeting was in Honolulu (insert JayZ’s Hard Knocked Life here) and ASAE was in Atlanta. The Honolulu Convention Center is centrally located and there’s at least 10 hotels within a four-block radius. From July 31 – August 7, I traveled thousands of miles to attend 2 conferences in 2 cities on 6 planes in one week. You see, APA and ASAE annual meetings have the tendency to overlap in schedule. However, typically it’s during the years when APA is in DC.

Hawaii’s Optics Problem: A Travel Hotspot Struggles With Meetings Business

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In May, hundreds of public pension employees stayed away from the National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems’ annual meeting in Honolulu. The National Guard Association of the United States booked its 2013 conference in Honolulu in 2008 and chose to stay. With state and federal conference spending facing public scrutiny, the Aloha State has struggled to sell itself as a cost-effective option for meetings. “It It is patently unfair,” its governor says.

Las Vegas, Other Resort Cities Bear Brunt of Federal Travel Cuts

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Major decreases were also seen in Honolulu (down 88 percent) and Orlando (down 100 percent). In September, the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) held its annual conference in Honolulu. “We’re DC''s Booking Boom It looks like other cities’ losses may be DC’s gain. With many Greater Washington-based organizations looking to stay closer to home, the District has seen federal spending on hotel rooms surge. Agencies spent $57.5

Where’s ASAE?

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I have attend ASAE Annual Meetings in Philadelphia, Nashville, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, LA, Honolulu, and the Technology Conference in Baltimore. Let’s play a little “Where’s Waldo” with ASAE. We know where ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Expo are scheduled for the next 7 years: St.

Roundup: Ballot Initiatives Make Breakthroughs on Election Night

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The measure succeeded despite one of the most costly campaigns in the state’s history, which Honolulu Civic Beat notes drew nearly $8 million in spending from opponents alone. “I Precedents set by passage of key ballot initiatives on issues as diverse as genetically modified organisms, marijuana, and sugary beverages have associations and trade groups speaking out.

The Headaches of Thanksgiving Travel: Could They Happen Year-Round?

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Kennedy International (JFK), Orlando International (MCO), Las Vegas’ McCarran International (LAS), San Diego International (SAN), Honolulu International (HNL), and Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International (FLL)—all could experience delays twice a week at the Thanksgiving Wednesday level by 2016.

Air Transporters Urge Better Tracking in Wake of Missing Flight 370

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In a recent expedition from San Diego to Honolulu conducted by the Sea Education Association, 38 scientists, sailors, and students hand-counted nearly 70,000 pieces of plastic and other debris gathered from 118 net tows along the way. A Watery Dump? With all of the false alarms on possible sightings of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, one thing has become clear: There’s a lot more garbage floating around the ocean than we may have ever realized.

Months Before 2020 Census Gets Underway, State Nonprofits Boost Campaigns

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If you have a greater number of Hawaiians that are reflected through the census, that’s more political credibility, it’s more mana … power and influence,” noted Joe Kuhio Lewis, the head of the council, in comments to Honolulu Civil Beat. The decennial process of counting the U.S. population is about to get underway, and nonprofit coalitions are starting to boost their Census awareness efforts—complete with major ad campaigns.

News Revenue Hub Expands as Journalism Membership Programs Grow

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” The first five members of the group were InsideClimate News , NJ Spotlight , Honolulu Civil Beat , The Lens , and PolitiFact. An initiative by Voice of San Diego to bring membership programs to media outlets is picking up enough steam that it’s being spun off into a separate nonprofit. The News Revenue Hub has helped five news organizations raise more than $1 million in member-driven revenue. News organizations are increasingly relying on membership programs to pay the bills.