Montana Broadcasters Launch Suicide-Prevention Campaign

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The Montana Broadcasters Association has teamed up with the state governor to run PSAs on suicide—a major problem for the state. Montana has the third-highest suicide rate in the nation. From January 2014 to March 2016, there were 555 suicides in Montana, and 22 percent were veterans.

Montana Wilderness Association: Take a Hike. Here’s a Guide

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The Montana Wilderness Association’s online trail-hiking guide offers a new way for avid hikers to spend a day on the trail. The guide was created thanks to the work of the MWA, a grant from the Montana Office of Tourism, and a lot of elbow grease from volunteers around the state.

Why Taking Breaks Is Crucial for Community Managers

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Some days you want to break every screen in front of you, join the National Park Service and spend three months manning a fire tower in Montana. Bottom line, you get more accomplished when you take breaks (and, your dreams won’t be limited to Montana fire towers).

Conservation Groups Set Bold Goal: A Million Bison or Bust

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This week, the National Bison Association announced a new campaign called “Bison 1 Million” at the International Bison Conference in Big Sky, Montana.

Humility as a Strategic Necessity

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I was interested in seeing how it recently played out in a more concrete way for a group of associations in Montana. The effort was led by the Montana School Boards Association (MTSBA), which helped generate videos and present factsheets (PDF) about the initiative.

Former Senators to Lead New Agricultural Advocacy Group

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senators who will serve as co-chairs: Max Baucus, the former Democratic senator from Montana who recently served as U.S.

Journalism Groups Join Forces to Highlight Press Freedom Issues

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Among them: Reporters who were arrested during Inauguration Day protests , a Guardian correspondent who was assaulted by a Montana congressional candidate , and journalists covering the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota who were arrested and charged with crimes. The newly launched U.S.

Little Big League: Association Keeps Adults Playing Ball

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In a lot of ways, a bit of the Little League spirit is carried into adulthood—though some players bring serious skills to the game, such as former Green River Community College player John Dauenhauer, who now plays in the NABA league around Billings, Montana. “It

How Wheat Producers Counteracted a GMO Crisis

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In the middle of the investigation, a second GMO wheat situation arose in Montana, involving a former Monsanto testing site. Facing a controversy that could have damaged industry efforts to introduce GMOs to the U.S.

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Brewers Association Pours Investment Into Improving Beer Quality

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To that end, the Brewers Association (BA) has awarded a $120,000 grant— its largest ever —to Montana State University (MSU) and NSF International Applied Research Center (ARC) to investigate draught beer-line cleaning. Brewers take pride in the quality of their beer.

Medical Societies Speak Out on Proposed Aid-in-Dying Bills

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Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and Montana, along with California, have passed such bills.). Though the California Medical Association has taken a neutral stance, other groups in the U.S. and Canada resist supporting physician-assisted suicide.

Baucus Move to China Could Derail Tax Reform

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An early departure by Baucus would also allow Montana Gov. Tax reform might be in trouble—or at least delayed. Max Baucus, the head of the Senate’s tax-writing committee, is expected to be nominated as the next ambassador to China.

Community Organizing and Social Justice Measurement in the Connected Age

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Montana – where we organize low-income rural communities – 73% are online, of which 43% are on Facebook.

Small-Scale Mobile Carriers Boost Signal With Collective Clout

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Thanks to a new deal with Sprint, the Competitive Carriers Association hopes to give its regional members access to a broader mobile network while boosting access to LTE wireless signals and offering up a potential challenge to Verizon and AT&T.

Monday Buzz: Airport Security Gets Charged Up

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According to CMS Wire ‘s Scott Raynovich, there’s nothing stopping you from telecommuting from Montana … well, except maybe your boss.

Railroad Group Says Oil Shipments Hurting Passengers

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The route covers a sparsely populated region of the country (including North Dakota and Montana) where people have limited transit options, according to the group. 536K The number of riders that Amtrak’s Empire Builder serviced in fiscal 2013, according to NARP.

This Grassroots Campaign Is Hoppin’: Milwaukee’s Plan to Win PBR Back

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350M The number of liters of Pabst Blue Ribbon that the public consumed in 2012, according to Euromonitor data cited by Quartz. This reflects a big comeback story for the brand, which sold below 1 million barrels in 2001.

High School Sports Group Tackles Concussion Crisis

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Also, high schools in Tampa, Florida , and Missoula County, Montana , joined a long line of cities, counties, and states that require student athletes to complete concussion tests that allow doctors and trainers to get a baseline assessment of athletes prior to the start of the season.

Five Things I Learned About Leadership In 2013

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I saw a similar dynamic at play when I wrote about a coalition of Montana education associations that set aside their differences to successfully promote new state legislation. Supporting diversity, stoking innovation, and building partnerships were all essential parts of the CEO’s toolkit in 2013. This was the first full year I wrote (pretty much) weekly on leadership for

New Jersey Mug Shot Bill Raises Open-Access Concerns

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Though strict, it wouldn’t be the only measure of its kind: Kansas, Montana, and Washington state all ban public release of the arrest photos, while 10 other states put restrictions on their release.

Notes from NDU iCollege’s Social Media Conference, 11.09.10


Survivors of Hotel Montana” on Facebook became a site for all news related to disaster. Yesterday, I attended the National Defense University iCollege’s Social Media Conference entitled “Social Media Implementation Across Organizational Boundaries” The sessions were informative and interesting. Below you will find some of my notes.