This Grassroots Campaign Is Hoppin’: Milwaukee’s Plan to Win PBR Back

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which makes Pabst Blue Ribbon, a beer with deep ties to Milwaukee—hasn’t had its headquarters in the city for years. But the brand has had its highs and lows, and despite its long-standing ties to Brew Town, Pabst hasn’t actually been located in Milwaukee since 1996.

Conference Circuit: Human Services

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The American Public Human Services Association’s IT Solutions Management for Human Services Conference begins next week in Milwaukee. City: Milwaukee. Mandela Barne and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will welcome attendees, and then keynoter Brett Culp will take the stage.

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When It’s Time to Ask Members to Start Paying

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Food-and-beverage trade group FaB Milwaukee tried a free-to-fee approach. One Milwaukee food-and-beverage group chose to do the former, but it recognized when the moment came to ask members to start paying their way. New organizations sometimes face an uphill climb in gaining traction.

Up Your Event’s Instagram Game

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Visit Milwaukee has a webpage listing can’t-miss shots in the city. On the list: Hoan Bridge and the Milwaukee Art Museum. As made-for-Instagram pop-ups grow in popularity nationwide, it may be time for your association to make its next conference more photo- and selfie-friendly.

Closing the Office vs. Working From Home

Eric Lanke

If the Milwaukee Public Schools closed (which they did three or four times a year, and usually with at least night-before advance warning) then our office would close, too. This past week brought the Polar Vortex to the Midwest and with it record-breaking temperatures well below zero.

How Baltimore Is Deconstructing Itself—With Local Nonprofit Help

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Still, it’s not an easy process to start up, and its challenges have created problems for cities that have hoped to follow in Baltimore’s footsteps, such as Milwaukee.

Three Things To Do Now To Prepare For Next-Gen Members

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One in Madison, and one in Milwaukee, because that is where a large portion of our members reside. After starting a Young Professionals Taskforce for his local state society, a YP shares three things organizations can do today to get ready for next-gen members.

Daily Buzz: Measure Your Online Community’s Maturity

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Avocados From Mexico, owned by the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association, just became the official avocado of the Milwaukee Bucks. With the right strategy, an online community should be growing and maturing. Also: Build high-performing teams by focusing on employees individually.

I'm Not Building a Navy SEAL Team

Eric Lanke

I''m running a 10-staff person trade association headquartered in Milwaukee with a $3 million budget. image source Quick rant this week. I attend a lot of conferences where the focus is leadership and how to build and lead effective teams. One common type of speaker I see at these conferences is someone retired from the military (an ex-Navy SEAL Team member was the latest example), talking about their own experiences with team-building and team leadership.

Team 143

Looking Back From a Feeling of Triumph

Eric Lanke

On Friday of this past week I had a business meeting in downtown Milwaukee. My daughter plays the piano and the violin.

The Glamourous Life

Eric Lanke

Getting back and forth between Milwaukee and Nashville on the same day was a challenge given the meeting time and flight schedules, so I booked it as an overnight. Those of you who are seasoned travelers, you might want to skip this one.

Tuesday Buzz: Membership Lessons From Social Clubs

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlights the current success of the Wisconsin Club , which will celebrate its 125th anniversary next year. How one social club is keeping relevant with younger audiences—and growing membership at the same time.

What Star Wars Can Teach You About Talent Management

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To find the answers, I spoke with Mark Peterson, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor who teaches a course that explores Star Wars. A series doesn’t become the juggernaut Star Wars has without having universal themes that resonate on many levels.

Rambling Thoughts About Association Management

SCD Group

I gave three presentations last week at a Green Industry Conference near Milwaukee. With four hours to wait at the Milwaukee airport, I discovered. It involved a lot of airline and rental car travel which offered time to ponder.

Cracking the Culture Code: Professional Development

Jamie Notter

For this, we’re fortunate to be headquartered in Milwaukee, because that city is also home to the Milwaukee School of Engineering, which runs some of the best fluid power professional education courses in the country.

Airport Group Highlights Members with Fresh Deck of Trading Cards

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and Canada—including the highly trafficked Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and the smaller General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) in Milwaukee— are taking part in the campaign.

Years After Going Dormant, Wisconsin Venture Capital Group Makes Comeback

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“Not everybody’s going to be Silicon Valley, but everybody has unique opportunity,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I

Don’t Forget Your Members are People

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Last, as shared here at Associations Now last week, FaB Milwaukee, a small trade group for food and beverage industry manufacturers in southeast Wisconsin, began collecting member dues in August after initially forming in March 2012.

Lieutenant Governors Forge Industry Partnership to Promote Drones

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As a kickoff to the partnership, Wynne will speak at ASA’s annual meeting on July 29 in Milwaukee, highlighting recent federal regulations on small unmanned aircraft systems.

Working out Loud: Learning from Eric Lanke

Jamie Notter

He’s the CEO of the National Fluid Power Association, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he writes on the best CEO-authored blogs out there. If you don’t know Eric Lanke , you should.

American Heart Association Likens Sitting to Smoking

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Doctors have warned patients for years about the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. But a new scientific statement from the AHA raises the stakes, saying too much sitting could be just as dangerous as smoking. Going cold turkey to quit smoking is tough, no doubt about it.

Invest in Yourself: Book Recommendations for Young Professionals

Association Adviser

She’s working toward earning her Certified Association Executive designation from the American Society of Association Executives as well as a Master of Science degree in nonprofit management and leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Tuesday Buzz: Avoid Presenter Gimmicks at Your Events

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” “I’m running a 10-staff person trade association headquartered in Milwaukee with a $3 million budget. An association CEO rants about a common speaker gimmick at leadership events—and why it’s not relevant to his needs. Also: lessons from the return of Twin Peaks.

A Lesson in Membership Marketing From Our National Pastime

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In baseball, though, the moneyball approach has trickled up, from the field to the ticket office, as evidenced by efforts such as the Milwaukee Brewers’ use of analytics to better identify its most loyal customers: season-ticket buyers.

Tax-Refund Theft: Associations on Alert for Falsified Returns

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The people who are in the business of perpetrating this kind of fraud collect Social Security numbers all over the place,” Hockenberry told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

How Do You Fix a Board Power Struggle?

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Andersson and Avery Edenfield, scholars at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. An association’s guidelines won’t keep a board from becoming divisive—indeed, they can help sow discord. The fix may be as simple as agreeing on fundamental behaviors.

The Social Network Your Social Network Should Be Like

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In the past two weeks alone, police departments in Milwaukee and Raleigh, North Carolina , have scored agreements with Nextdoor to use the service in tracking local crime concerns.

Where’s ASAE?

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Milwaukee. Let’s play a little “Where’s Waldo” with ASAE. We know where ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Expo are scheduled for the next 7 years: St. Louis – August 6-9, 2011, Dallas – August 11-14, 2012 , Atlanta – August 3-6, 2013, Nashville – August 9-12, 2014 , Detroit – August 8-11 2015, Salt Lake – August 13-16, 2016, Toronto – August 12-15, 2017. So where should they be going after this string runs out? And yes, I know that cities bid to host).

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


Susan Spaight , Director of Strategy at Jigsaw, LLC, Milwaukee, WI. Jamie Notter and I are amazed – and humbled – what people are saying about our book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. It blows us away, actually.

Review 114

Wisconsin 501(c)(4) Group Sues Over “John Doe” Investigation

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The lawsuit suggests that the investigation is politically motivated, noting the Democratic leanings of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who is a named defendant in the case.

Hawaii’s Optics Problem: A Travel Hotspot Struggles With Meetings Business

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Abercrombie, in his interview with Stateline , underlined the importance of conferences visiting diverse locations that go beyond the obvious choices—something the NGA itself did when it held its 2013 conference in Milwaukee.

Higher-Ed Learning Trends Associations Need to Know

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A recently released report looked at 18 trends, technologies, and challenges that will affect higher education in the next five years. But they’ll also have an impact on associations, as those students become members.

Social Media and Tourism


The first Symposium on the Use of Social Media in the Tourism Industry will be conducted in Loudoun County November 17th-19th. I was able to interview David Serino (@GammetGuy) regarding the development of and vision for this event.

Teens Aren't the Only Bullies

Mizz Information

Subject: Question Hey REDACTED, We talked a couple weeks back at the UW-Milwaukee accounting night. (I Another week, another heartbreaking story about a teen who took her life because of bullying. I read this stuff and honestly don’t know what to think.

Don’t Neglect Your Longest-Standing Members

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He is is the president of Alexander Law Offices SC in Milwaukee, Wis., Bob Alexander. More members than you think may be wondering what to do next with the businesses they’ve worked so hard to build. Here are three basic types of buy-sell agreements and 21 key issues to consider.

2011 Q4 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


National Fluid Power Association –NFPA is a trade association based in Milwaukee. We got started this quarter with an assessment and trip to Milwaukee for the brainstorm with staff. It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on.

From the Corner Office: Michelle Mason, ASQ

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This month, the Corner Office spotlight shines on Michelle Mason, CAE, managing director of the ASQ in Milwaukee, Wis., By Association Adviser staff. which serves more than 80,000 individual and company members. Association Adviser: Michelle, tell us a little bit about ASQ.

Association 141+: The Power of In Person

Association 141+

Recently, I have made visits to our chapters in San Francisco, Memphis, Indianapolis and (as I write this post on the plane back from this latest visit) Milwaukee. Association 141+. Friday, September 16, 2011. The Power of In Person.

Globalization is Survival: Becoming Global as an Anecdote to Stagnant or Declining Markets

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Worth, President at Plexus Consulting Group, LLC The Milwaukee-based American Society for Quality (ASQ) is an individual membership society composed of corporate quality control officers as well as consultants. By Steven M. During the heyday of the total quality management (TQM) frenzy of the 1960s through the 1990s ASQ grew enormously fast. It bought and furnished its own building and filled it with the staff needed to serve a burgeoning membership base.