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Community Management Hack: Create a Community Handbook

Higher Logic

One way to plan for the unforeseeable is to take the time now to put together a handbook for current and future staff. For additional tips and tricks from real community pros, download the Community Manager Handbook: 20 Lessons from Community Superheroes. Here's how to tackle this project: 4 Steps for Creating Your Community Handbook.

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The Association CEO Handbook by Paul A. Belford

Eric Lanke

Belford has talked you through all of these issues and, seeing that this is a handbook, has tried to lead you through several exercises to better understand what they mean for the organization you’re leading. Now what do you say to that.

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The Valve Handbook

Jamie Notter

It’s received a lot of attention for its new employee handbook , which is not the traditional, dry list of policies and procedures. Valve’s handbook subtitle tells it all. This video from “One Minute MBA” pulls out four key lessons from the handbook: Leverage strengths. Talk to people all the time.

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Keys to Successful Board Orientation

Associations Now

To that end, the consultancy Vista Cova recently published a handbook to association board orientation, Board Preparedness: Ready to Lead From Day 1 [PDF]. We hear from plenty of board members who express frustration at having spent six months on the board before they understood what they were supposed to do.”

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Funding Your Mission: 4 Nonprofit Financial Management Tips


Compile all of these policies in a shared organizational handbook so that your team members can easily reference them as they go about their daily tasks. Your budget applies before, your fiscal policy handbook during, and your financial statements after, since their purpose is to summarize financial data for easier analysis.

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The Association CEO Guide to Leadership


He wrote the Association CEO Handbook. The Association CEO’s Guide to Leadership with guest Paul Belford is on deck this Tuesday, September 27th at 2 pm ET! Now, hear what he has to say about the association CEO’s leadership role in today’s environment! . Did you miss last week’s Association Chat with Elena Gerstmann and Rhonda Payne?

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Making Conference Conversations Less Ephemeral

Elevating Engagement

During the last handful of presentations I have given, I have been experimenting with helping the participants create a handbook of what we learned and the ideas they want to try. After some light editing and formatting, a handy handbook is born! For virtual events, participants write their answers into the chat.