Community Management Hack: Create a Community Handbook

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One way to plan for the unforeseeable is to take the time now to put together a handbook for current and future staff. For additional tips and tricks from real community pros, download the Community Manager Handbook: 20 Lessons from Community Superheroes. Here's how to tackle this project: 4 Steps for Creating Your Community Handbook. The key to the handbook is to make it easy for someone to jump right in on a specific topic.

The Association CEO Handbook by Paul A. Belford

Eric Lanke

Belford has talked you through all of these issues and, seeing that this is a handbook, has tried to lead you through several exercises to better understand what they mean for the organization you’re leading. Indeed, the rest of Belford’s handbook will make little sense to anyone who thinks of themselves as in the industry that their association represents. The subtitle here is “A Personal Guide to Leadership and Career Fulfillment in Association Management.”


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The Valve Handbook

Jamie Notter

It’s received a lot of attention for its new employee handbook , which is not the traditional, dry list of policies and procedures. Valve’s handbook subtitle tells it all. This video from “One Minute MBA” pulls out four key lessons from the handbook: Leverage strengths. I like how the handbook focuses on very clear principles, rather than a detailed explanation of what can or cannot be done.

Red Cross – Updated Social Engagement Handbook [Resource]


This is the handbook that the National office of the Red Cross share with their local units (like chapters). Pretty self-explanatory and definitely awesome. View this document on Scribd. ———— ( photo credit ). Content Strategy From the Trenches Implementation Open Community

Book: The Network Weaver Handbook

Beth Kanter

My friend and colleague, June Holley , has written a much anticipated book, The Network Weaver Handbook. The Network Weaver Handbook is designed to give you skills and resources you need to build effective and innovative networks. The handbook offers advice and resources for those who just starting out to those involved in well-established networks. If you are interested in building networks or working as Networked Nonprofit, you need this book right now!

Wilderness first aid: Lessons learned

Aaron Wolowiec

Moreover, retention and transfer were supported by a very detailed and user-friendly handbook ( The Wilderness Medicine Handbook, Third Edition, by Paul Nicolazzo ). Filed under: Learning , Professional Development Tagged: AORE , Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education , Gagne , Jeannette Stawski , Nine Events of Instruction , Paul Nicolazzo , The Wilderness Medicine Handbook. Look closely at the picture at right. Yes, that’s a pig’s foot.

Jerry Jacobs and the Association Law Handbook


As I mentioned, I went to hear Jerry Jacobs talk about his book, the Association Law Handbook. It was actually a really good session - he's a fun, animated, friendly speaker and was able to make a very dry subject into a discussion we could all participate in. "We",

18 Free Non-profit Webinars For June 2015

Wild Apricot

In June, you can choose from among 18 free webinars that offer up a host of insights, ideas and practical tips on topics like: Leveraging your Database, Gaining Microsoft donations, Avoiding Mobilegeddon and Creating Volunteer Handbooks. Take a look at our list! webinar Non-profits

A New Resource for Volunteer Management, Chapters, Councils and More

Association 141+

asae annual conference component relations components relations handbook ASAEOk, so I know a blog is a place to express opinion and insight, but I just received something exciting that I want to share with my association colleagues - and this has become my vehicle for that goal.

What association professionals are reading in the new year

Association Success

As we close the first full week of 2021 with political strife and a continued fight against COVID-19, association professionals are attempting to make the new year a better one.

Implementing Website Governance for Associations

Vanguard Tech

As author of the first practical guide to Web Governance ("The Website Manager''s Handbook"), Shane has also been published by A List Apart, Smartinsights & Forrester Research. Today’s guest post is by Shane Diffily. Shane has over 15 years'' experience in Web Governance & online operations. For free Web Governance downloads and resources, visit Web Governance is a discipline that describes how to manage an online presence in a controlled and orderly way.

Association Law Essentials

Association Navigator

Jerry’s book, Association Law Handbook , is in the Fifth Edition. The Association Law Handbook is a great reference tool. The newest edition of Associations Now has a good article on basic association law issues. The article was written by Jerry A. Jacobs , dean of the association legal community. I first met Jerry at an ASAE legal workshop years ago and he is always responsive when I have a tough association legal question.

How Much Do Your Employees Know About Their Benefits?

Associations Now

A new survey found many employees don’t read their employee handbooks. If it’s via a handbook, chances are a lot of your employees may not be getting all the information. According to a new survey [PDF] by employee engagement and communications company GuideSpark, 43 percent of millennials and 30 percent of non-millennials are not reading most of their handbooks. Don’t simply rely on a handbook, for example.

New Employee Orientation: What’s on Your Agenda?

Reid All About it

Orientation shouldn’t only entail filling out forms and signing the employee handbook. I fell into the association world. During the first interview my future boss and I hit it off talking about food and travel. The position sounded interesting so I bit. I’m not the only one. I bet many of you accidentally landed in associations. After that first job, we were hooked. We were promoted or moved to another association. We learned that despite some similarities, each association is unique.

DEMOCRACY 2.0: the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid alternative to Robert’s Rules.


The Voting Member’s Handbook – 39 Pages. rules of order manual is The Voting Member’s Handbook©, which is available as a PDF download with extensive internal hyperlinks ideal for quick reference on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Voting Member’s Handbook – 9 Motions. As part of the Kickstarter campaign I am allowing potential backers to download and read The Voting Member’s Handbook© on the honor system. Post By C.D. Madson.

How to Boost Year-Round Membership with a Mobile App


Member Handbook. Upload a digital version of your association’s handbook for easy access. Guest Post by Guidebook . Today, our mobile devices are central to our lives – a tool we use for communication, entertainment, learning and more. Apps make much of this activity possible. More and more, associations are embracing our affinity for apps, using them to put resources and benefits at members’ fingertips. Why Mobile? While you may be thinking, why would we need a mobile app?

Going to the ASAE Authors Forum today.


Will be hearing the author Jerry Jacobs for a presentation of his book The Association Law Handbook. The invite says, "The handbook is a layman staple, making the laws and regulations affecting non-governmental professional certification and entity/program accreditation accessible." I'm mainly going to get the book for free, hahahaha. Anybody know the author or heard him speak? Hopefully some of you CAE's out there can tell me how much of this stuff I really need to know. : ).

Feeling stuck? Moving on is actually quite simple

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He reflected how encumbered everything had become as his small executive team created policies, procedures and a thick employee handbook. This time, Rod pulled out one page with one sentence on it, proudly explaining, “This is my new employee handbook. Being able to simplify something complicated is not easy or intuitive. . In an overly complex world, simplifying our personal and professional lives is fast becoming a foundational value that cannot be ignored.

By the Numbers: Association Word-of-Mouth Marketing


Get the Handbook>> See Also: Why Member Exit Surveys are a Must. Word-of-mouth is so powerful because “we trust each other so much more than we trust businesses.” – Jay Baer. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is defined as : An unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product or service and is triggered when a customer (member) experiences something beyond what is expected.

Disappointment Can Be a Powerful Catalyst


Note: I imagined a life for myself taken from the copy of The Official Preppy Handbook that I’d picked up one summer at a thrift store, too. On Tuesday, this country held its election for US President, and, like many people, it prompted me to think about a lot.

Strategies for Association Micro-Learning


Download the handbook now: Membership Renewals – The Secret Sauce Revealed. In today’s digital world, professionals of all types are looking for easier ways to quickly learn and consume content that will grow their knowledge and current skill set. Enter micro-learning. Micro-learning is a short-term focused way of learning that provides just the right amount of information needed to help achieve a specific objective – skills-based education for example.

Computing Association Offers Virtual Meetings Best Practices Guide

Associations Now

They developed a practical handbook that will be useful to newcomers and provide helpful pointers to those who already have some experience with virtual conferences,” she said in the release. “It The Association for Computing Machinery, working with an internal task force, has produced a guide for putting together virtual conferences, complete with a list of software options and resourcing strategies.

A Simple Approach to Social Media Policy


Social media should not require your organization to rethink your entire employee handbook. Rather, it can simply reference many of the same policies that probably already exist in your handbook. If your organization is using social media or just starting to get serious about its management of social media, you should spend some time developing a social media policy as part of your. overall digital governance plan.

Four Human Resources Trends to Watch Next Year

Associations Now

By outsourcing your HR tasks, you can establish the primary HR structure and functions, e.g., employee handbook, trainings, processes, systems, etc., Whether it’s boosting your recruitment marketing or introducing your team to AI-powered machines, there are a lot of HR trends to keep an eye on for next year. Here are a few that could affect your organization. The work of the HR department is changing significantly as we enter the third decade of the 21st century.

How to Leverage Mobility Strategies for Member Engagement

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Mobile Handbook: It can serve as a handbook with all the details about the association which the members can refer to at any time. The future of technology is definitely mobile-driven. According to recent statistics , desktops now account for only 29 percent of digital minutes, rest of the share is mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A mobility strategy thus becomes crucial for harnessing member engagement for your association.

Daily Buzz: Extra Ways to Provide Value to Members

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But there are also less concrete ways to do so that aren’t outlined in your member handbook. Your association’s resources aren’t the only way to provide members with value. Also: Develop a “strength mindset” to boost team morale. Why do members join an association, and what makes them renew? It all comes down to value. Of course, the main way your association provides value is through member benefits.

2012 is the Year of the Girl

Reid All About it

We didn’t do everything by the official rulebook, as a matter of fact, I never even bought the Cadette handbook, but those leadership skills were embedded in me. 100 years ago today , Juliette Gordon Low called her cousin and said “I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!” ” She gathered 18 girls that night to form the first Girl Scout troop in the U.S.

Social Learning Resources


Social Learning Handbook. I unfortunately missed my favorite Twitter chat last week, #swchat (Social Workplace Chat) but I always read the accompanying summary blog post and check out the resources. Lo and behold, this one was on my favorite topic (apart from Humanizing), social learning. So I wanted to quickly list just a few of the resources that were mentioned: 10 things to remember about social learning (and the use of social media for learning).

Promote Your Community at Events

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Conference handbook, posters, slide decks, coasters, napkins—whatever you can get your hands on. You and your team spent a lot of time and energy either creating a new community or revamping your existing community. It’s time for celebration -- and getting people online, engaging. There are many ways to energize a community and bring in some fun, from creating exciting banners to hosting offline events.

Measure What Matters: KPIs For Online Community Success

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In The Community Manager Handbook: 20 Lessons from Community Superheroes, it comes down to a simple sentence: Measure what matters. Trying to figure out how to measure the success of your online community? There's no one size fits all approach for picking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Bringing Real-Life Neighborhoods Online: NextDoor’s Privacy Issues

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Most communities can remedy (or really, prevent) these issues with moderation, a strong set of terms and conditions or handbooks with privacy guidelines. NextDoor reinvented the idea of a neighborhood listserv, and turned what used to be mass emailing into an online neighborhood community. To join, you simply confirm your address via credit card, phone number, or a postcard sent to your house.

Reads of the Week: March 22, 2013

Reid All About it

The buzz on the web this week has been about another company manifesto, employee handbook, “diary of dreams ,” this time from HubSpot, and it’s a real good one. Every time I see the word media in this post by Jeff Jarvis, I think associations. He talks about media’s business model : “building a pay wall around content because content is valuable, damnit.” And then says, “I’ve been arguing to media that relationships are more valuable.

NJ 200

8 Award-Winning Success Stories from Super Forum 2018

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Included dynamic text, based on country, to include different messaging on how the ASHRAE handbook would be delivered. Every Super Forum, we present our Floyd Awards to recognize our customers for their outstanding work in community. This year, we’re extra excited to include awards for success in online community and marketing automation. We’re sharing these winning customers’ stories because A) they’re great, and B) everyone can learn from what they’ve done well.

Next Markets May Include Leveraging Opportunities Of Perennials

Velvet Chainsaw

There’s this collective feeling of ‘we’re not done yet says Marci Alboher , author of The Encore Career Handbook. Frequently, when we think about next markets, we mention Next-Gen, Millennials or Gen-Z audiences. We immediately jump to the generations following or before ours. Or those that will have the largest working and buying power.

How to Sell Ads at Naylor in the Late 1990s

Association Adviser

There was no receptionist, no policy handbook, and no training manuals. I’ve been with Naylor for 22 years. I’m currently the longest-tenured sales rep in Gainesville, and man, have I seen a lot of changes – almost all positive – since I started with the company. Christine Ricci, senior sales representative, Gainesville. I’ve been with Naylor for 22 years.

Finding Passion within the Association Community

SCD Group

It is largely based on the book The Encore Career Handbook and One Person/Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher, a vice president at A couple of quotes: Be careful not to close the door too quickly. You may be locking yourself out. Audrey Harvey Nobody notices normal. Scott Ginsberg I thought of these as I read a USA Today piece headlined “ Finding your passion for a 2nd or 3rd career.”

MCI Sessions @ ASAE in SLC in August


Attendees will receive cultural handbooks from the Sheikh Mohamed Center for Cultural Understanding, the reference touristic institution in Dubai to learn about the culture of the UAE and the wider Middle East region. If you are travelling to ASAE next month, be sure to check out the following sessions which all take place at the Salt Palace Convention Center in room 250DEF. Expanding into China: Strategy, Tactics and ROI. Sunday, August 14, 2016 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM.

Speaking to Alabama Law Students about the Association World

Association Navigator

Jerry’s book, Association Law Handbook , is in the Fifth Edition and it’s a great reference tool for association and non-profit lawyers. Taking a look at the table of contents in Jerry Jacobs’s Association Law Handbook will give you an idea of the variety of issues involved: Anti-trust, tax exemption, political contributions & lobbying, contracts, employment practices, and corporate governance, are just a few examples. courtesy of [link].

Membership Hack: Workshop Essentials

Associations Now

For instance, if you took the human resources class, a member might show their updated employee handbook or HR polices,” she says. “It’s The Utah Nonprofits Association does more than just train its members. It now works with them in post-training workshops to ensure they know how to put the tools they learned to use. How to hack it?

Utah 41

How to Handle Staff Who Fall for Phishing Emails—Putting Your Association at Risk


Does your employee handbook say anything about staff’s cybersecurity responsibilities? If not, what about this: does your handbook say anything about physical security responsibilities? Help your HR department develop cybersecurity policies for the employee handbook. Updated from original February 2018 publication. Do you ever wonder: Why do some people consistently fail cybersecurity awareness tests? How is it they fall for phishing emails time and again?