Associations Live: Mobile bill-pay could carry high costs

Associations Live

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Monday, June 27, 2011. Mobile bill-pay could carry high costs. Info on tips and safe mobile payment practices. link]. Posted by Kathy Johnson. at 4:28 PM. Labels: Finance , mobile , Technology. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). July Member Poll. Subscribe. Search This Blog. Loading. Blog Archive.

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Conference Circuit: Urban Affairs

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The Urban Affairs Association’s 47th Annual Conference begins next week in Minneapolis. Hundreds of urban scholars, researchers, and public service professionals will make their way to Minneapolis next week to collaborate on significant urban issues with fellow attendees and learn about new resources related to their research and teaching. Venue: Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel. Rundown Attendees: 500. Conference Sponsors: 9.


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Inspiring change: Promoting diversity and inclusion in our communities


Long simmering and intricately intwined with our country’s history, equality, diversity and inclusion came back to the forefront in 2020 after the racially charged death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests that touched small towns and large cities.

AE on the Verge: Your Association's "Biggest Loser"?

AE on the Verge

A colleague in Minneapolis had his management team do an exercise as part of the budget review : Identify the associations "biggest losers". AE on the Verge. Association management, meetings and mania. Monday, May 18, 2009. Your Associations "Biggest Loser"? That is, the program(s) that cost the most in staff time and dollars that touch or benefit the fewest members. Their biggest losers: 1. the golf tournament; 2. the installation ceremony. Do you know what your biggest losers are?

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Angela Kisskeys Named Associations North President


MINNEAPOLIS – Associations North, the leading trade association for non-profit associations in the upper Midwest, announced today that Angela Kisskeys has been promoted to President of the organization. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . June 15, 2022. ANGELA KISSKEYS NAMED ASSOCIATIONS NORTH PRESIDENT.

Conference Circuit: A Healthy Host for a Holistic Association

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The American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA) is hosting its annual conference in Minneapolis from September 18-21. So why did the organization choose Minneapolis over typically lavish, buzz-generating host cities like Las Vegas, New York, or Chicago? Minneapolis, as it turns out, is among the most health-conscious cities in the entire country. Plus, Minneapolis/St.

Conference Circuit: American Nuclear Society

Associations Now

The American Nuclear Society’s 2019 Annual Meeting begins next week in Minneapolis. More than 800 government and industry leaders representing every field of nuclear science are headed to Minneapolis to learn from the brightest minds in the profession, take part in special events and activities, and network with their peers. City: Minneapolis. Rundown Attendees: 800 plus. Technical session divisions: 20. Sponsors: 7.

Destinations Make Diversity and Inclusion a Strategic Priority

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In March, the Meet Minneapolis Board approved the formation of the Diversity and Multicultural Action Committee and adopted a policy statement on D&I. to develop and update a strategic plan to elevate Meet Minneapolis as a leader in diversity and inclusion at the local, national, and international levels. to encourage and facilitate diversity and inclusion in the composition of Meet Minneapolis board and staff.

Moving forward: Communities reflect on the pandemic’s lasting changes


Polomis , an attorney with Hellmuth and Johnson in Minneapolis , plans to include provisions when drafting governing documents that explicitly allow virtual meetings ( since state statutes are unclear about permitting them ), with guidelines on how they should be conducted. .

Starting Early: Super Bowl-Funded Community Projects Get Going Months Before Big Game

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The Minneapolis-hosted Super Bowl LII is still nearly eight months away. Super Bowl LII isn’t coming to Minneapolis until February, but the big game’s impact is already being felt in Minnesota—and for reasons that have nothing to do with football. The fund, valued at $4 million (a quarter of that coming from the football league) is helping to pay for a series of community projects throughout the state, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Minnesota Police Chiefs’ Digital Campaign Aims to Boost Recruitment

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Quite frankly we are at a point of crisis, in terms of public safety, and men and women joining this very honorable profession,” Medaria Arradondo, Minneapolis’ chief of police, said in comments reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Whether in big cities or small towns, recruiting is becoming a major challenge for Minnesota police forces—and it’s a problem the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association’s Wear the Badge campaign aims to reverse.

Hackathons Helping Nonprofits: The Overnight Website Challenge Offers Pro Bono Redesigns

Associations Now

The Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge, which the Minneapolis-based agency has done in multiple cities for nearly a decade, is designed to give local nonprofits the chance to succeed with the help of some talented creators burning the midnight oil. Since 2008, the challenge has assisted nonprofits in and around Minneapolis and St.

Let’s Meet In Real Life!

Smooth The Path

We can connect at: AssociationsNorth in Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 21st. I would love to meet you. I really would! You have been hanging in there reading post after post after post so we must be similarly motivated. We want to provide an amazing member experience. We want to make our professions, our industries, our communities better places. We want to solve business problems for our associations. Right!? It would be so great to catch up in the real world!

Medical Device Group Embraces Threat-Sharing Strategy

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It’s probably no surprise to hear that the smaller the med-device company, the harder it is for them to hire, retain, and pay for cybersecurity expertise,” Rothstein said, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. AdvaMed, an association of medical device manufacturers, will launch an information-sharing and analysis organization focused on cyberthreats to encourage collaboration and keep healthcare technology secure.

Bus Tour Aims to Raise Awareness of Effects of Childhood Trauma

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The Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma tour, which will begin at ATTACh’s headquarters in Minneapolis on November 10 and end in Washington, DC, on November 15, will also make stops in Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia on the way. In a five-city bus tour this fall, an array of organizations is seeking to build better understanding of the long-term effects of childhood trauma and the interventions that can help children heal. The tour will end with a rally on Capitol Hill.

Funding Initiative to Support Black-Owned Businesses Hits the Local Level

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cities: Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, and Raleigh, North Carolina. The Association for Enterprise Opportunity, continuing its three-year Tapestry Project, has launched “action labs” in five cities to support black-owned businesses. An association’s ongoing efforts to support black-owned businesses is about to hit the local level.

Gen Y Favors Loyalty When Shaping Brand Perception, Study Finds

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In one innovative advertising approach, the Minneapolis-based retail company launched Bullseye University, a four-day, live-streaming event featuring five YouTube personalities shacking in a Target-designed dorm room. “It’s really important for us to build that relationship with these future guests early on,” Rick Gomez, Target’s senior vice president of marketing, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Renewables Groups Collaborate in Launching National Clean Energy Week

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Most events will be held in DC that week, but related events over the next two months will be in Sea Island, Georgia; Baltimore; Minneapolis; Las Vegas; and Des Moines, Iowa. The bipartisan event, which organizers hope to make annual, will try to make the business case for renewables—and build support for them among legislators. Next month, a variety of organizations focused on sustainable energy are going to make their voices heard in Washington, DC.

From Nisswa: Six MSAE members receive awards

Associations Live

Here are the winners: • Young Professional Volunteer of the Year: Amy Nostdahl, Visit Minneapolis North • Oustanding Association Volunteer: Mark Salter, Forius Business Credit Services • Outstanding Allied Volunteer: Renee McGivern, Spark Plug Consulting • Best Supporting Company: Jerry Archambeau, Grand Casinos. Six MSAE members received first-year Outstanding Service awards Sunday night for their volunteerism.

Midwest Association Group’s Rebrand: Call Us “Associations North”

Associations Now

The name change was announced May 18 at the group’s annual meeting, which took place in Minneapolis. The Midwest Society of Association Executives’ recent name change, which evokes the three-state area that the association represents, is “succinct, clear and approachable,” according to the group. A regional society for the association sector believes it has found a way to explain its value proposition in just two words.

USA Swimming Dives Head First Into Bold New Ad Campaign

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The campaign, launched in May, was masterminded by Minneapolis ad agency Colle + McVoy. Competitive swimming’s governing body, which oversees the sport from community pools all the way to the Olympics, wants to hook kids (and their parents) early. To do that, it’s relying on a lot of cannonballs. “Basketball. Softball. Cannonball. Which sounds the most fun to you?”

CompTIA Helps Build New Tech Foundations for the Underemployed

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In 2012, the association started IT-Ready , an endeavor of its Creating IT Futures philanthropic arm, in Minnesota’s Minneapolis-St. The association’s philanthropic arm, Creating IT Futures, is expanding its free training program for individuals looking to enter the information technology field. The world of information technology can be a great opening for unemployed or underemployed people seeking new careers.

Going Psycho on the Tarmac

Association Okie

We have all read the story about Continental Express flight 2816, from Houston to Minneapolis. Take the passengers off the plane, let them relax in the terminal, or bus them to Minneapolis, like Northwest Airlines did. What was Continental thinking? It was diverted to Rochester, Minnesota due to storms, and allowed to sit, fully loaded, on the tarmac for 6 hours before the passengers were allowed off the plane. Why does the theme song to Gilligan’s Island come to mind?).

Vaping Industry in Tough Fight Over e-Cigarette Bans

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In the last few weeks, e-cigarette ordinances either went into effect or are advancing quickly in Santa Monica, California ; Baltimore ; Minneapolis ; Buffalo, New York ; and Hawaii. With cities and states around the country considering how to regulate e-cigarettes, the American Vaping Association is making its case for the devices as a healthier alternative to tobacco products. But with momentum building for regulation, it’s an uphill fight. vape (v?p) p) v.,

Airport Amenities: What’s In, and What’s Out?

Associations Now

For example, Minneapolis-St. According to a report from Airports Council International-North America, older types of airport amenities, such as smoking lounges and pay phone banks, are likely to go away as newer kinds of amenities take hold. Airports throughout North America are making way for the future—and to do that, they’ll have to get rid of some links to the past.

3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

Web Courseworks Associations

Three overarching topics caught my eye at the upcoming AAMSE Annual conference in Minneapolis : MACRA and the QPP, Member Engagement Strategies, and Professional Development. The medical society and association landscape is ever-changing. We turn to the American Association of Medical Society Executives to learn from leaders in this space and hear their experiences adopting to change.

Monday Buzz: Prince, NABJ, and the Expectation Gap

Associations Now

Last week, the organization announced that members at its national convention in Minneapolis would be able to attend an exclusive event with musical legend Prince. The National Association of Black Journalists learns a lesson in managing member expectations. Plus: An underrated social video platform gets its due. The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), like any other association would be, was undoubtedly excited to offer a star-studded event to its members.

Report: Financial Services Roundtable Steps Back From Consumer Bureau Fight

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However, the association did dispute the narrative of the Bloomberg piece, with FSR Vice President of Communications Alison Hawkins noting to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the “media effort last month raised real questions that should be asked and deserve explanation.”. The Financial Services Roundtable, led by onetime politician Tim Pawlenty, rankled some feathers with the launch of a PR campaign targeting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Homeland Security Uses Nonprofit Grants to Help Prevent Terrorism

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The agencies launched Countering Violent Extremism pilot programs in Minneapolis, Boston, and Los Angeles last year. The Department of Homeland Security will invest $10 million in community-level nonprofits, with the goal of preventing extremist messaging from reaching people vulnerable to such messages. Based on recent headlines , parts of the nonprofit world are taking a stronger role in the war on terrorism.

Accessibility for All: Toolkit Ensures Better Meetings For Every Attendee

Associations Now

The time is right for ESPA to take the lead on this project to address critical questions for successful meetings, and this is a great addition to our members’ toolkit,” said Madonna Carr, CMP, president of ESPA and vice president of destination services at Meet Minneapolis. A new resource from the Event Service Professionals Association helps meeting venues, hotels, CVBs, and destinations ensure they are accessible to everyone and that all attendees have the information they need.

Tuesday Buzz: Fighting Fire With Fire

Associations Now

The campaign, which recently finished up in San Francisco and San Diego, is now focused on two Minnesota-based hipster hotbeds: Minneapolis and Duluth. This clever antismoking marketing strategy is aimed directly at hipsters. Also: If your member marketing isn’t connecting, look closely at these three issues. Smoking is a huge public health problem, and it’s one that lingers pretty heavily among young adults—particularly those who might consider themselves hip. How do you fight that?

Study: In Charitable Giving, Middle Class Digs Deeper Than the Wealthy

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Minneapolis-St. A Giving Slowdown New research from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s midyear fundraising survey reveals a slowdown in charitable giving in the first half of 2014. According to NRC, 52 percent of charities had raised more funds as of mid-2014 than they did in the first half of 2013. Last year, 58 percent had raised more funds at midyear than they had at the same point in 2012.

Class 63

In Wake of Terror Threat, Retail Associations Tout Security at Malls

Associations Now

On Saturday a video believed to be produced by the Somalian rebel group al-Shabab encouraged Muslims to attack shopping centers, mentioning the Mall of America, near Minneapolis, along with malls in Canada and the United Kingdom. The International Council of Shopping Centers says the Mall of America and the organization’s other member malls have been preparing for the worst long before a recent threat surfaced from a Somalian terror group.

Conference Circuit: 2014?s Events in Review

Associations Now

The conference was held in Minneapolis, one of the healthiest and fittest cities in the country. 2014 was rife with incredible conferences that inspired attendees to think, collaborate, and act. In today’s Conference Circuit, we highlight some of the year’s standouts. There’s an association for nearly everything, and we all know associations love events.

Why 30 Nonprofits Chose to Be Hacked

Associations Now

The three 24-hour hackathons were held in Chicago; Kansas City, Missouri; and Minneapolis-St. In three 24-hour hackathons, 30 nonprofits teamed up with teams of professional web developers who volunteered their time and expertise to revamp the organizations’ websites free of charge. Redesigning a website can be a challenge even for organizations with plenty of resources. But for nonprofits low on staff and funds, a web redesign can be something of a pipe dream.

What 5G Could Mean for Events

Associations Now

Verizon has launched parts of a new 5G network in sections of Chicago and Minneapolis, while AT&T has implemented 5G networks in 19 cities but has no devices that support it just yet. The drumbeat of hype around 5G is picking up, but it might take awhile for meeting planners to capitalize on the new high-speed network. Here’s what one association that recently hosted some 5G demos at its big event has to say.

Why the Newspaper Industry Wants an Antitrust Safe Harbor

Associations Now

Particularly in need of such assistance are midsize dailies like the Minneapolis Star Tribune , which face challenges negotiating with the much larger platforms, according to that paper’s publisher, Mike Klingensmith.

After Mass Collision, Bird Conservation Group Discusses Bird-Friendly Building

Associations Now

Fish and Wildlife Service used the Audubon Society’s work to distribute building best practices; Audubon Minnesota worked with a state university to create design regulations and the city of Minneapolis to implement ordinances for glass skyways; and groups in California have collaborated with municipalities and Silicon Valley companies to find solutions. The National Audubon Society and its local and state groups actively advocate for bird-friendly building.

From Nisswa - Monday afternoon member reactions

Associations Live

Becky Pomorin of the Millenium Hotel in Minneapolis appreciated what speaker Dan Domagala of Russell Herder had to say about marketing this morning. "He He was talking about commercials and said not to focus on 30-second ones but rather, to look at the 'nano-second' ones, a five-second pitch, so our message is completely focused." Mark Salter of Forius Busines Credit Resources shared a couple insights he has gained so far from the Good to Great Conference here.

Lessons in Event Planning From a Rock Concert

Associations Now

In Minneapolis, they played Prince’s “Controversy,” and in Michigan, the crowd got Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and “Uptight (Everything’s Alright).” Every planner wants his or her next meeting to have the same hype and entertainment value as a concert. Steal these five ideas from a recent concert to make your next event a sellout. I’ll start this blog post by revealing a neither deep nor dark secret about myself: I’m a bit of a music fanatic. (OK,