Coalition Files Amicus Brief Supporting Association Health Plan Rule

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A coalition of associations, including ASAE, is supporting the government’s request that a court dismiss a lawsuit challenging Labor Department regulations for association health plans.

Social Media Uber Alles

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We talk a lot about the use of social media for advocacy campaigns here at Beekeeper Group, but yesterday we saw a local issue absolutely explode on social media. The resulting tsunami of tweets, Facebook posts, and emails directed at the District of Columbia Council forced them to backpedal a proposed piece of legislation that would have imposed an inflated minimum base fare for the smart-phone dispatched sedan service, Uber.

CrossFit, Trainer Groups Disagree on DC Personal Trainer Regulations

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Forthcoming regulations for personal trainers in the District of Columbia have many in the industry—particularly those affiliated with CrossFit—concerned about the long-term effects of the new rules. But a coalition of trainer groups is supporting the regulations.

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Groups Concerned Pending Texas Bill Could Weaken LGBTQ Protections

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A coalition of business groups and convention and tourism leaders, which includes ASAE, is expressing concern that a pending bill in the Texas Legislature could weaken protections for the state’s LGBTQ workers.

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Airline Industry Makes Room for Nonbinary IDs

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With a number of states allowing individuals to register their gender under a nonbinary status, the airline industry is likewise adjusting its flight-booking terminology beyond “male” and “female.”. The publication reports that all of the major U.S.

Labor Department Appeals Association Health Plans Ruling 

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The DOL announced late last month that it is appealing the federal district court decision that struck down its 2018 AHP regulation. The Department of Justice has not asked for a stay of the U.S.

Supreme Court Arguments in Antitrust Case Set for December 7

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The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments December 7 in an antitrust class action dispute over whether membership and governance rights in a trade association are enough to constitute a conspiracy in the event of anticompetitive behavior.

No Smoking on Planes: Lung Association Reflects on Major Legislative Win

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This week, the association celebrates the anniversary of that achievement—and looks forward to the steps it hopes to take next. Before we got rid of smoking in restaurants, we got rid of smoking on airplanes.

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DC Health Exchange Causing Headaches for Associations, Small Businesses

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Small businesses in the District are concerned with the technological flaws and potential cost of the city’s small-business health options program. Over 82 percent of ASAE’s DC-based members are smaller than 50 employees and are required to enter the healthcare exchange program.

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Library Groups Seek to Support FCC in Net Neutrality Case

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A coalition of library organizations has stepped into the legal showdown between the Federal Communications Commission and the telecommunications industry over open internet rules. In comments to Law360 [subscription], the Association of Research Libraries’ Krista L.

The Group Lobbying the States for a Presidential Popular Vote

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to a system that gets away from the electoral college in national elections, has been putting in the work to support a nationwide popular election of the president. And Nevada’s handling of the legislation points at a political debate more complex than it appears.

Geophysical Scientists Take Red Pencils to Wikipedia

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By inviting its scientists to a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, the American Geophysical Union helped to boost the quality of the Earth and space science information available to the public. You’ve heard of telethons, dance-a-thons, and hackathons.

Thursday Buzz: Now That’s a Close Vote

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Here’s a nice bit of evidence you can share the next time your association has an election and you need to prove that voting is actually worth your members’ time. percent of the association’s members, or 7,212 people, voted in the election. Other Links of Note.

Supreme Court to Hear Membership-Related Antitrust Case

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The Supreme Court agreed last week to hear an antitrust class action dispute —in which ASAE filed an amicus brief earlier this year—over whether membership and governance rights in a trade association are enough to constitute a conspiracy in the event of anticompetitive behavior.

Coalition Warns of Ripple Effects From Ruling on Association Health Plans

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The Coalition to Protect and Promote Association Health Plans warned that a court decision last week overturning Labor Department rules for AHPs could result in thousands of people losing health insurance coverage. District Judge John D.

Corporate Travel Buyers Say New TSA Rules Really, Really Confusing

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On the Lighter Side Most association executives know the District of Columbia is a real place, but apparently that doesn’t extend to TSA agents. The agent didn’t know what the District of Columbia is. A lot of people felt that way.

Internet Association Wants to Help You ‘Get to the Polls’

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It’s less than a week until Election Day, and if you’re in search of your nearest polling location or a sample ballot, a new resource from the Internet Association may be just the ticket. Don’t know where to find your polling place? Need details about what’s on your local ballot?

Cannabis Conundrum: Pharmacists Investigate How to Manage Medical Marijuana

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The National Association of Specialty Pharmacists is launching a task force to look into how these and other healthcare professionals can better assist patients in managing their medical marijuana use. Department of Justice.

Amid Partial Shutdown, Groups Step In, Speak Up for National Parks

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A number of national parks have suffered severe declines in service—and have faced closures—as a result of the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.

A Batty Idea: Why Wind Turbines Are Slowing Down This Fall

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With the backing of the American Wind Energy Association, 17 different turbine manufacturers announced last week that they would limit production this fall. To get out of the way of migrating bats.

DC Commission Considering Business Tax on All Employers

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As the District reviews its tax code and seeks higher revenue, a new tax on nongovernmental employers is being considered. It could affect the bottom lines of all DC-based associations. associate director of public policy at ASAE. “It’s

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ASAE Testifies on DC’s Revised Paid Leave Act

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Following a new discussion draft being released on the District of Columbia’s proposed Universal Paid Leave Act, ASAE testified before the DC Council saying the revised bill would still create problems for association employers and employees in the city.

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Mike Panetta Featured in #SPA80for80

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Have you met Mike Panetta , one of the Partners here at Beekeeper Group? As a proud graduate of American University’s School of Public Affairs, Mike was interviewed to celebrate the program’s 80th anniversary this year.

Could “Safe Phone Zones” Help Stop Distracted Driving?

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That appears to be the strategy that the state of Illinois is taking as it adds six “ Safe Phone Zones ” to the Illinois Tollway in the coming weeks. And a network of “Texting Zones” showed up in New York state in 2013.

911 Outages Show Need for System Upgrades, Group Says

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Accessibility Challenge The failure of many 911 systems to stay up to date has also created an accessibility problem: Many such systems are difficult for functionally deaf Americans to use, Mother Jones recently reported. But the problem is, not many of us use TTYs anymore.”.

Decision Striking Down Registration Rule Reopens Drone Debate

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The court agreed with Taylor, who argued that because the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act prohibits regulation of “model aircraft,” the rule was invalid. “Congress is of course always free to repeal or amend its 2012 prohibition on FAA rules regarding model aircraft.

Police Association Helping Women Reach New Law Enforcement Heights

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12 % The percentage of police officers in the U.S. out of 700,000) who are women, according to 2011 data supplied to the FBI. And with the help of one association, the trend is growing. And the rise of women in in D.C.

Banking Associations Call for Changes to CFPB Structure

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In a letter to Senate leaders, the heads of four banking industry associations argued that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be led by a bipartisan commission, rather than an individual director.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.5.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… When I was in charge of getting a new AMS back at my old association, I had no idea how to approach selection and implementation. The Transformative Power of Data.

For-Profit College Trade Group Sues Over New Guidelines

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Just days after the Education Department presented a new “gainful employment” rule targeted at for-profit colleges, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities filed a lawsuit claiming that the rules violate federal law.

GAO Report Looks at Lobbyists’ Compliance

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Based on the audit, GAO estimated that 88 percent of lobbyists filed initial LD-2 reports as required for new lobbying registrations, and 93 percent could provide documentation for income and expenses.

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Meat Industry Suffers Another Setback in Labeling Lawsuit

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An industry lawsuit to stop a USDA rule requiring country-of-origin labeling on meat products hit a roadblock this week, as an appeals court ruled in favor of the agency—for a second time.

Commercial Drone Pilots Group Gets Airborne Quickly

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The Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International supports their bid for exemption from the current ban on commercial uses of drones. The FAA has been working on rules to govern commercial uses of drones, also called UAVs, since 2009.

FCC Chair Outlines New Net Neutrality Approach

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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says that the agency is still committed to proposing open-internet rules in the wake of a court decision invalidating its previous standards, but his agency is still working on the details.

Retailers Push for Uniform Data-Breach Notification Law

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Consumer Confidence While most Americans are well aware of the numerous data breaches that have hit retailers, banks, and other companies, they are not changing their shopping habits, according to a new survey. As it stands, 47 states, the District of Columbia, and several U.S.

DACA Rollback: Groups Pledge to Help Dreamers, Push for Legislative Solution

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91 % The percentage of DACA recipients who are employed, according to recent data from the Mark Zuckerberg-backed pro-immigration group Since the decision was announced, 15 states and the District of Columbia have sued to block Trump’s move.).

Medical Foundation Launches Campaign to Improve Diabetes Care

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With Type 2 diabetes among the most prominent chronic diseases, the latest campaign by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Foundation promises to help out a lot of people. The District of Columbia Department of Health is also listed as a corporate partner.

ASAE Opposes DC’s “Option 36? in Tax Code Revisions

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ASAE wants officials considering changes to the District of Columbia’s tax code to know that “Option 36″ should not be an option for raising additional revenue for the city.

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Public Transit Group: No “Fatal Flaws” Stopping DC Streetcar

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The District of Columbia has a long way to go before its troubled streetcar program can get off the ground, but an analysis by the American Public Transportation Association indicates that the problems ailing the system can definitely be fixed.

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