Oklahoma Congressman Lucas Honors the Big Red “M” for IndyCar Sponsorship - Moery Company

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Oklahoma Congressman Frank D. The post Oklahoma Congressman Lucas Honors the Big Red “M” for IndyCar Sponsorship appeared first on The Moery Company. Lucas arranged for the American flag to be flown over the United States Capitol, dedicating it to The Moery Company’s sponsorship of a car that will be driven during the Indianapolis 500 over Memorial Day Weekend.

Oklahoma Tornado: How Associations Are Helping Out

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After the tornado this week that killed at least two dozen people and caused widespread damage near Oklahoma City, associations from far and wide have come to the aid of both their members and the community at large. The devastating tornado that touched down outside of Oklahoma City this week may have leveled an entire community, but a number of associations are doing everything they can to help its victims rebuild. “I call Oklahoma City my home.

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Teen Spirit: Youth Board Develops Future Leaders for Oklahoma Association

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Each year, the Oklahoma Heritage Association invites a handful of high schoolers to serve as volunteer leaders in a yearlong program. Just ask the Oklahoma Heritage Association, which is currently accepting applications for its 2014-2015 Teen Board program. The post Teen Spirit: Youth Board Develops Future Leaders for Oklahoma Association appeared first on Associations Now

Why is The Moery Company involved in IndyCar racing? – Ask JP #020

Moery Company

The original Moery Company, back in Oklahoma that my family owned, was actually in construction business. Hi everybody, it’s JP Moery. I’ve got an Ask JP question today from one of our readers. Why is The Moery Company involved in IndyCar racing? Hey, that’s a great question and I would love to answer it for you. We were very involved in racing when I was a youth in the early 70s.

Associations Rally for OK Tornado Victims

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Last night, I was delighted to attend the "Helping our Heartland Fundraiser" which raised more than $150,000 to aid Oklahoma tornado victims.A substantial group of Okies in the Washington, DC area are active in the association world.

Q&A on Permanent Changes for Associations – Ask JP #031

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I remember a story from 1987 when the University of Oklahoma was still running the wishbone. Today on Ask JP we are joined by Grace Moery, Salesforce Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President to ask JP your burning questions.

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From OSAE: Refreshing Your Exhibit Hall


Well, I sat in on a webinar hosted by the Oklahoma Society of Association Executives last week that covered all of that. Trade shows are a huge opportunity for associations and exhibitors alike, but often, they're also a bit of a challenge. How do you make both your exhibitors and your attendees happy? How do you boost not only floor traffic, but engagement?

Advice for the New Year

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How about a good ole Oklahoma boy giving this a shot for you? Many bloggers, leadership gurus and self improvement specialists provided you guidance on "resolutions." Eliminate one standing meeting from your schedule today. Like "regulations in CA" for your industry I assume a meeting might exist that isn't really productive, you don't like attending and could probably go away. Strike it and everyone will thank you. Develop a routine.

3 Organizations Using Creative Social Media in Light of COVID-19

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Affectionately nicknamed The Cowboy, The National Cowboy & Western Heritage museum in Oklahoma City shut its doors when social distancing began. Tensions run high as the world deals with the effects of COVID-19. Not letting this tough time control or ruin their spirits, these organizations took to social media to entertain, engage and connect with their audiences. .

Consumer Brands Association Gathers Experts to Guide CBD Advocacy

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Its new CBD Advisory Board includes former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, political figures including former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, and former regulators who served in the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The Consultant and the Association Exec Should Be Friends

Spark Consulting

As the title of this post states, the consultant and the association executive should be friends (bonus points if you get the Oklahoma! Eons ago (actual time: four years), I wrote two blog posts on the topic of consulting and RFPs. They’re still among my most popular posts ever. I got thinking about this topic again recently for a few reasons: I just got my shiny new ASAE Buyers’ Guide, which includes an article on the RFP process.

5 Rules for Your Social Voice During A Crisis


The latest tornado in the state of Oklahoma damaged the area and caused many casualties. The Salvation Army of Oklahoma took to Twitter to express how they are helping people and to keep everyone updated on the current situation: We’ve been responding through the night & we won’t rest until our neighbors are cared for! We are still tracking storms in Oklahoma right now. Stay alert, Oklahoma! —

New Cherokee Nation Association to Lead Local Conservation Efforts

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The new organization will work to preserve the natural wildlife of the northeast Oklahoma area through promoting discussion on the topic and eco-friendly ways of participating in outdoor activities. It’s something that all Cherokee citizens and really all the people that live and work and play in Northeast Oklahoma, it’s something we should all have an opportunity to participate in ourselves.”.

Botched Clayton Lockett Execution Raises Deep Ethical Questions, Groups Say

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A botched execution in Oklahoma on Tuesday—the latest in a recent string of executions that haven’t gone according to plan—reflects the narrow parameters, some set by medical associations, within which death penalty states must work when administering lethal injections. Oklahoma state law requires that a doctor be present to observe lethal injections.

Girl Scouts Show Their Inventive Side at White House Science Fair

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At the fifth annual science fair, a group of Oklahoma Girl Scouts demonstrated their innovative project that will help some people read easier. The team of 6-year-old Girl Scout Daisies from Oklahoma, also known as “The Supergirls,” were among a host of young inventors and scientists from around the country who were being honored at the fifth annual science fair.

What is the most rewarding part of running an association?

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I genuinely like the members of USSA and ACCA-Oklahoma, and enjoy spending time with them. I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Oklahoma Society of Association Executives Annual Conference, where I got to enjoy the company of my peers, as well as the talented strategic partners that do so much to help us succeed. The July issue of Associations Now has, in the CEO-to-CEO section, a questioned that I enjoyed answering. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Senate Bills Would Repeal Fringe Benefits Provision in New Tax Law

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Most churches and nonprofits in Oklahoma, especially in rural locations, are not equipped to handle major tax code changes … I look forward to joining my colleagues to find ways to address this unfortunate situation.”.

Add Chapters to Make an Old Association Feel New

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So far, six local affiliates have been announced in Austin, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; Detroit; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas-Fort Worth; and the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Launching a chapter network has helped PEN America, a literary organization with almost 100 years of history, recruit new members and reinvent opportunities for member engagement at the local level.

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Neurologist Shortages Widespread in U.S., Alzheimer’s Association Warns

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The gaps were most significant in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. According to new research released at an association event, neurological care is struggling to keep up with the demand in 20 states. The care gap is seen as an opportunity to both expand service and better educate primary care physicians on neurological issues.

Iowa Cattlemen Raise Money for Out-of-State Wildfire Victims

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As ranchers have been devastated by wildfires in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas, ICA is working to assist those affected over the past month. The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association will hold a charity auction to assist victims of wildfires that devastated a number of nearby states—hoping to supply ranchers with needed supplies as they work to rebuild.

Iowa 42

Hot Association and Nonprofit Social Media Jobs This Week – April 5


ODA Special Projects Manager , Oklahoma Dental Association – The Special Project Manager is responsible for the management of the annual Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OkMOM) event, including, but not limited to, solicitation of sponsorships, coordination of volunteers, graphic and web design, contracts and all program logistics. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

The ROI of Social Media

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When I was at the Oklahoma Public Employees Association, which represents Oklahoma state employees, most of our members did not have email when we started using it. At the United Suburban Schools Association, every members district superintendent has email, and at the Air Conditioning Contractors Association-Oklahoma Chapter, we use an email newsletter to communicate with our members.

New Battlefront: Same-Sex Spouse Benefits and the National Guard

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Politicians in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have worked to block gay and lesbian National Guard members’ spouses from receiving benefits based on state law not recognizing same-sex marriage. With political leaders blocking the processing of same-sex spouse benefits for members of the National Guard in four states, the American Military Partner Association is working with the American Civil Liberties Union to fight back. The U.S.

Physical Therapy Group Encourages Patients to Swap Painkillers for PT

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It’s also relying on its state chapters to spread the word, especially in states the CDC has identified as having high rates of opioid overdose deaths or high rates of prescriptions, including Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia. With a new #ChoosePT opioid awareness campaign, the American Physical Therapy Association has joined a chorus of associations and government groups that are speaking out about the opioid epidemic in America.

Best Benefit Ever: Expanding Free Admission to Hundreds of Museums

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The expanding list of members now includes the Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve , in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The North American Reciprocal Museum Association adds another institution to the fold, giving a new batch of museumgoers free access to a multitude of exhibits. What’s the benefit? If you’re currently a member of a museum, you may want to find out whether you’re also able to reap the benefits of the North American Reciprocal Museum Association [NARM].

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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The coaches include the University of Oklahoma’s Lon Kruger, the University of Memphis’ Tubby Smith, the University of North Carolina’s Roy Williams, and Villanova University’s Jay Wright. “As Last week, the American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball Coaches announced a new Coaches vs. Cancer TV and digital fundraising campaign for cancer research. Here’s why ACS recruited some of college basketball’s top coaches to their team.

Report: Goodwill Locations Hit By Credit-Card Breach

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However, tech security journalist Brian Krebs reported Monday that stores in 21 states showed patterns consistent with fraud, including locations in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Why Telemedicine Is Making Major Progress Nationally

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The states that scored an A on the report card were Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. With HR departments starting to embrace the technology, telemedicine is on track to see massive growth in 2016. According to a new American Telemedicine Association report, states are doing better than ever at lowering regulatory barriers to allow the practice.

Tuesday Buzz: Say No to Wine and Cheese, Nonprofits

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Speaking to Alexis Lux of the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, Ragland highlights what’s needed to create meaningful experiences for donors. Why donor events need to get beyond being just fancy-schmancy affairs. Also: A generational expert talks up her latest book. That wine and cheese tasting is pretty bland, if you think about it.

Mentor: Don’t Leave Home Without One!

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The Oklahoma Society of Association Executives has a almost monthly luncheon for CEO’s that is as useful as anything I am involved with. In Oklahoma, we rotate the host, who is responsible for providing lunch. I have been blessed to have some great mentors in this business. I suspect all of us who do this have had numerous mentors. I have worked for two Executive Directors, who have both been willing to share their knowledge, and views with me.

Q&A with The Discovery Educator Network Community: Connecting and Empowering Educators Across the Globe [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Dave : This is how it works: imagine you’re a second-grade teacher in Oklahoma, and you want to conduct a video chat with another classroom in Oregon. Where can educators around the globe find resources, advice, networking, and support when they need it?

Social Media Roundup: Efficiency Is More Than Just a Number

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link] @weknownext @shrm #tulsa #oklahoma. Why you’ll fall short if you take just a by-the-numbers approach to gauging your organization’s efficiency. Plus: countering unethical business practices is the right move—but not always an easy decision. Sure, speed rules. But measuring your organization’s efficiency is not all about how fast you can deliver. Make sure you’re considering the value of your customer’s experience.

Tulsa 54

Compounding Pharmacists Shift Lethal Injection Stance

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Last May, the issue hit a flash point when Clayton Lockett, an inmate being executed in Oklahoma, died after experiencing significant complications from a complex drug mixture being used for the first time. Another Voice? IACP may not be the only organization looking into changing its official policy on lethal-injection drugs. The Wall Street Journal notes that the American Pharmacists Association is considering adopting a similar position at its annual meeting this week.

ASAE 2011: A View From Just Down the Road

Association Okie

As a one person shop, my attendance at the Oklahoma Society of Association and American Society of Association Executives activities are critical for me to grow as an executive. A week ago I was in St. Louis at the ASAE Opening Celebration. It is four days of pure association geekdom. And I love it. Here is my view of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of ASAE 2011.

Conference Circuit: Cardiology Association Looks Back on 2014

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Down the Line: December 17-21: The American Volleyball Coaches Association ’s annual convention , taking place in Oklahoma City, will give coaches the comprehensive tools they need to get ahead in coaching, with seminars on improved teaching techniques, executive leadership training, and playing on the sand versus on the court, among others. The American College of Cardiology recognizes the challenges and successes of cardiovascular science in 2014.

The Association With Its Own Peace Officers

Associations Now

They help stop hundreds of cases of agricultural crime each year in Texas and parts of Oklahoma. The crime of cattle rustling isn’t a relic of the Old West. It’s still a reality for today’s ranchers, which is why the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has long battled livestock theft with its own staff of investigators and inspectors.

Texas 55

Friday Buzz: The City With the Best Wireless (Hint: It’s Windy)

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Rockford, the smallest city on the list, topped the charts on the speed front; Oklahoma City had the most reliable connections. Chicago tops the list of large cities with the best wireless access, beating out several other event hubs. Also: why your association should prioritize community managers in the hiring process. Mobile signal quality may be an odd thing to base a meeting location on, but then again, it’s pretty clear that attendees really want to be connected.

Best Books … chosen by Mark Bledsoe

Association Okie

Singing Cowboys and All That Jazz: A Short History of Popular Music in Oklahoma by William Savage. I am an Okie born and breed, (ergo, AssociationOkie), and this book traces the roots of some of the most famous musicians of all times back to their start in Oklahoma. Most people, including Oklahomans, think country and western music when they think Oklahoma music, but there are deep roots in the Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Pop and Rock here as well, and Savage broadened my knowledge.

Essay Contest Harnesses Student Voices to Fight Hazing

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Other allegations of hazing in Vermont , Oklahoma , and Ohio all highlight NFHS’s concern over the “growing hazing epidemic,” Hopkins said. “I In conjunction with HazingPrevention.Org, the National Federation of State High School Associations is sponsoring an essay contest that encourages high school athletes to share stories of how they welcome new teammates without hazing.

Obama Presidential Pardons Build on Associations’ Work

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While at Oklahoma’s El Reno prison, he’ll talk to Vice about the need for criminal justice reform. The president’s focus this week on criminal justice issues—which will culminate in a historic visit to a federal prison—comes with a push from legal and criminal justice groups that have in recent years focused their time and energy on clemency.