New Hampshire Looks to Kick-start Craft Beers With Marketing Nonprofit

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Brew New Hampshire, a nonprofit with both industry and state support, hopes to draw more attention to its fast-growing craft beer industry—and perhaps sell a few more bottles in the process. That’s what a few major breweries and some beer industry trade groups hope to pull off with a new marketing-focused nonprofit. Brew New Hampshire is a collaborative effort to help give the industry a major launchpad.

Condo World: Saving for a rainy day – Part I (NH)

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I remind myself what they are really asking is if they can keep the condominium fees artificially low, and avoid saving money for capital repairs, because they intend to sell before such repairs are needed. Read the article………………………… Condo & HOA Articles New Hampshire Articles Reserves


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Association’s Name Change Focuses on Sight, Not Blindness

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With an expanding mission and signs of public distrust around its longtime name, the New Hampshire Association for the Blind made the move this week to rename itself Future in Sight. The New Hampshire Association for the Blind doesn’t want to limit its mission because of its name. And more and more, we’re discovering there are some 30,000 New Hampshire residents with profound sight loss, and we only served about 1,100 last year.

The Lesson of Llandudno

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That’s nothing new for me—I surf year-round in New Hampshire, sometimes trudging through snow to get to the beach. It was an eye-opening experience—not just because it was a chance to surf somewhere new, but also because it forced me to confront my assumptions. I went to the beach last week. This beach was a bit farther away from my usual surf spot.

At home, at work: Regulating home businesses in community associations


and a fellow in CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers , says there haven’t been many problems with home based businesses in the more than 4,000 Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire townhome and condominium communities his firm represents.

Helpfulness, Openness, and Generosity Are Spreadable

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In rural New Hampshire, I have to imagine that there were not a lot of homes that fit these criteria. Or maybe the wave of happiness and generosity flows over a new member, and that member goes on to be a super-engaged member, which changes the trajectory of his career.

How the Events Industry Is Coming Together Amid COVID-19

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Last week, the American Hotel & Lodging Association announced that more than 15,000 hotels had signed up for its new initiative— Hospitality for Hope —which identifies properties that have offered to provide temporary housing for emergency and healthcare workers as the public health crisis grows.

Reduce Member Anxiety with Clear Instructions

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We spend some time each summer in a busy resort town in the white mountains of New Hampshire. How to recruit and engage an entirely new generation of members. On-season traffic clogs the narrow streets and overwhelms the traffic lights. Every day a few official traffic directors turn off the lights and take over. They get the lines of overheated cars and tourists moving again. These folks use big gestures, and every movement leaves no doubt as to when it is your turn.

Women’s Hockey Association Launches Dream Gap Tour

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Starting next month, PWHPA will head to Toronto, Chicago, and New Hampshire where 80 of its players to compete against one another in four-team tournaments, with more potential events planned in other hockey hot spots such as Buffalo, New York, and Southern California. The Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association will put on events at venues around the country to build momentum for establishing a single league with a sustainable economic model.

Report: Group Warns State Democratic Chairs of Hacking Risks

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” Buckley, the current head of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, may speak from experience on the hacking risk. In response to a spate of hacking and impersonation incidents related to a recent data leak, the Association of State Democratic Chairs has told its members to be on close watch. Hacking has been a serious issue during the 2016 election, and this week a group representing Democrats at the state level gave its members a heads-up that they may be targeted.

Lessons from a Wargame: SIFMA Shares Quantum Dawn 2 Results

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Among potential improvements, SIFMA cited investing in new technologies for risk analysis and crisis management and increasing government involvement. Quantum Dawn 2 proved that information sharing between the private sector and the government is one of the most effective ways to combat cyber crime,” SIFMA CEO Judd Gregg, the former New Hampshire senator, said in a press release.

Milk Group Turns to Advocacy to Fight Dwindling Dairy Demand

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In New Hampshire, for instance, 19 of the state’s 120 dairy farmers have left the dairy business. But it’s not just an American problem— farmers in the UK, New Zealand, and all across Europe are facing low dairy prices too. An excess of milk is creating an imbalance in the supply and demand for dairy, not to mention a drop in revenue for dairy farmers. The National Milk Producing Federation is hoping to start turning things around with some advocacy. Got Milk?”.

Top Stories of 2014: Here’s What You Read and Shared From Associations Now

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The new book The Art of Membership explains that some members don’t want to become more engaged, but if you understand what those members do want, you can keep them satisfied and renewing year after year. This and other highlights from new benchmarking research. Longest average time spent on page: New Hampshire Looks to Kick-Start Craft Beers With Marketing Nonprofit , by Ernie Smith, January 23.

Leading a Staff That Works Everywhere

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Others are located at other remote points elsewhere in Alaska, as well as in California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Every time I meet somebody new and we start talking about where we’re located, I have to explain it, and make sure people understand that it doesn’t really matter where we are, that we can serve their needs,” Rich says. An office with plenty of remote workers can work together well thanks to technology.

“Quantum” Leap: One Group’s Novel Take on Cybersecurity

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“Industry efforts alone are insufficient,” the New Hampshire Republican wrote for Bloomberg. Rather than taking cybersecurity threats lying down, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association has been holding simulations so that the industry knows what to do when a real attack takes place. When Wall Street suffered a mass attack on its infrastructure last week, it was totally an inside job.

6 Tactics Association Marketers Can Learn from the “Silly Season”

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Senator Marco Rubio, for example, was heavily criticized as a “robo candidate” because he kept repeating his key message during a debate prior to the New Hampshire primary. The ongoing U.S. Presidential campaign (sometimes called the “Silly Season”) provides multiple examples that associations can consider for their content marketing and membership marketing efforts. Disclaimer: nothing here should be taken as support for any candidate or either party.

Group Aims to Help School Counselors Face Growing Caseloads

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Only New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, and the U.S. 1,061 The average number of students assigned to each school counselor in California for the 2010-11 school year, according to the American School Counselor Association [PDF]. California’s ratio was the highest in the U.S. The next closest were Arizona (861 to1), Minnesota (782 to 1), and Utah (726 to 1). Virgin Islands have a ratio better than ASCA’s recommended 250 to 1.

Making Waves: Surfing Groups Bank Sport’s Future on Man-Made Parks

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New wave-building technologies, such as American Wave Machines’ SurfStream system , are helping to bring surfing to the masses in locales that are not exactly hotbeds of wave-riding, like New Hampshire and Quebec. But what is now a $6 billion industry , according to SIMA, could experience a new wave of growth if the once-regional sport can unlock itself from the seacoasts.

8 must read articles for Association Executives

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After reading about FastCompany’s Top 50 innovators, Lori captured 4 things that membership organizations could learn from the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies: Walk the talk (#1 Apple) Play the long game (#4 Amazon) Relentlessly reinvent (#12 Southern New Hampshire University) Make yourself useful(#30 LinkedIn). A new study illustrates a few ways associations can get more out of their content-marketing strategies.

Keep Ahead of Higher Ed, the Professional Development Competition for Associations

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But, as economic and technological changes increase the demand for new skills and knowledge, colleges and universities see a market need and they want in. Meet the new professional development competition for associations: higher education. “If At UNC, Northeastern, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and other universities, administrators are experimenting with new professional development programs targeted at recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


Other states with strong representation include California (16), New York (6), Pennsylvania (5), Florida (4), and Texas (4). Individuals from North Carolina, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Oregon, and Idaho stand alone as delegates from these states. abbycarr - Abby Carr; New York City; Mom of 3, MD at B2B PR firm with finance and professional clients, Brown alum, greenwich villager. benberkowitz - Benjamin Berkowitz; New Haven, Connecticut;

Correspondents’ Association Criticizes Nominees’ Lack of Press Access

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The WHCA expects the new president-elect to have a protective pool immediately, just like the president does, and we are set to take over coordination of the pooling process from the campaign press corps directly after the election,” read both letters, originally posted by the Huffington Post. In one instance, his press corps was left behind in New York while he traveled to New Hampshire and missed all but the last three minutes of that rally.