Build a Better Request for Proposal

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Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be a useful tool for associations wanting to discover the best options for products or services they need. The specific experiences that your association wants to improve.

Beware of sneaky, hidden costs in your next association management system

Nimble AMS

Determining how much your next association management software (AMS) system will cost you can be a tricky thing. It’s not uncommon these days for associations to invest in a new AMS system only to be hit with additional, unexpected costs during implementation.

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Eric Lanke: Provocative Proposals for Change

Eric Lanke

Association executive and author. Provocative Proposals for Change. Its chock full of ideas that are well worth your attention, especially if you have an interest in helping to shape the future of the association management profession and the overall role of associations in society.

Buying Association Management Software in 2019? Start Here.


Before embarking on an association management software (AMS) selection this year, get clear on two things: Why you want a new AMS. Why is your organization considering new association management software? Is your association starting a new line of business?

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your First Call for Proposal


A Call for Proposal (or sometimes described as a Request for Proposal) is an open invitation from conference organizers asking for session presentations that are interesting and relevant for fellow industry professionals.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

Association Subculture

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). I have seen the power of appreciative inquiry work within individual associations as they have developed visions and grappled with governance issues. Shelly blogs at Association Subculture because her cat is a bad listener.

7 association management techniques that come from having a teenager

AE on the Verge

I think those who start in association management after their kids pass the teenage years have the added bonus of the wisdom that comes from that parenting. Here are 7 association management techniques that come from having a teenager. It's really not okay to break the rules: Sometimes I read association blogs and they suggest breaking the rules or operate in an association world with no rules - so I assume they don't manage associations.

Thanks For Playing: What Do You Mean You Don't Want Me?

Thanks For Playing

Seeking community in associations since 2008. Last week, the ASAE annual meeting proposal notices came out. Association blogger and general troublemaker. Top association management Blogs. Alltop Association Management. How to Manage Social Employees, Social Media at Events, and Car Talk. Association Subculture. Association Management Lessons from Harley Davidson. Association Advocacy Chick. Association 141+.

Do Leaders Like Dissent?

Association Leaders

When his team proposes a new idea to him, he listens carefully then asks what the dissenting point of view is. I am going to go “weed the garden” Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Volunteerism I read an interesting article today. It was an interview with Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Communications. You can read the article here.

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Help Your Members Find the Signal in the Noise

Spark Consulting

Associations can help. The whitepaper includes: An association content curation maturity model. An interview with Carrie Hane and Dina Lewis, CAE, who co-authored the recent ASAE Foundation content strategy report, Association Content Strategies for a Changing World , with Hilary.

The Right Tools for the Job

Association Management

Technology associations based on standards efforts share many common goals and challenges. Over the years, through the shared experiences of literally hundreds of such efforts, a set of best practices has emerged, including strategies on: How best to set up a new association.

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What would our Founding Father’s think of us now?

Association Leaders

However, associations are a major focus of my professional life and the main topic of my weekly blog. Associations (groups of people or companies with similar interests, similar professions or similar industries) are part of the backbone of America. Well, OUR government – the one that our Founding Father’s designed to represent US – has proposed new rules to limit or even eliminate the ability of government employees to attend and participate in association events.

Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


How grand is your association’s vision for your educational programs? Thinking small isn’t going to turn your association into a market leader and innovator, but an educational moonshot will. Can you think of a wicked problem in society that your association could solve?

4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Web Courseworks

Do you currently manage an eLearning department at an association? Association content and development can vary. If you are purchasing a learning management system, do you have an LMS administrator?

It's Complicated: MLS Questions : Off Stage

Off Stage

The celebrated (read “Notorious”) blogger Rob Hahn proposed a solution to the problems facing the Multiple Listing Service. ” A modest proposal indeed! “Too expensive and time consuming,” the business manager sniffed. Financial Management.

The Hourglass Blog: Surprising Barriers to Membership

The Hourglass Blog

Shelly Alcorn interviewed me last Friday for her Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Future Change project. I surprised myself (and her, too, I think) with my answer to: What barriers are keeping your association from achieving 100% membership market penetration?

The Power of Video for Associations

Association Navigator

ASAE is the American Society for Association Executives, also known as ASAE – The Center for Association Leadership. Kevin Alloca, trends manager for You Tube says that 48 hours of video is uploaded to You Tube every minute. Uncategorized ASAE Association Management video

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Pick Your Battles with Association Boards

SCD Group

I don’t know about you but my working with association boards occasionally resulted in disagreements over policies, programs or funding. That is something every association executive should have posted on his/her office and/or bulletin board!

The Technological Divide: Leap or Fall?

Association Adviser

Sociologists and psychologists have proposed each generation’s psychographic (behavioral) characteristics. appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Technology association management communication generations millennials technology Tom Hubler. For the first time in history, four distinct generations of adults are now socializing, communicating and actively participating in the workplace.

How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs : Off Stage

Off Stage

I reviewed the proposed new Social Marketing course from Internet Crusade, as well—it’s going to be very helpful to our members, I think (should be released soon!). I know how much time I’ve spent researching and experimenting-- time I couldn’t have found when I was a full-time association manager. The best part: many of the popular tools are free and readily available for associations to use. Financial Management. Managing Volunteers.

Solving association problems may mean stepping back.

SCD Group

Have you ever faced a major issue in your association and realized that the more you focus on it the less focused it becomes? When it comes to association problem solving, Chip Heath and Dan Heath refer to this as the curse of knowledge.

Before You Contact Your Association Volunteers

SCD Group

working on blogs and some client projects and proposals. Which got me to thinking about the difficulty association executives have connecting with their volunteer leaders. While we association execs are thinking and breathing the association and its issues on a nearly 24-7 bases, our volunteer leaders have other things on their minds most of the time. Why aren’t they focused on our association or professional society?”. I’m inside my temporary home/office.

NFL. Rams. Association Governance.

SCD Group

All association professionals need to remember this mantra: “It’s their organization not yours!” An association colleague (St. The association staff (me/Roger Goodell) gave an important matter regarding one of the league's members over to a committee of members (NFL Relocation Committee). Louis), the NFL staff stepped in at the 11th hour and got involved to manage the process. Just the nature of the associations.

Guest blog: Beyond the RFP.

YourMembership Blog

by Erin Fuller, FASAE, CAE, President | MCI USA Association Management & Consulting & Member | AMCI’s Board of Directors. The email came out of the blue, from a really strong association executive that I interviewed a few months back who wasn’t the right fit for the professional society leadership role I tried to fill. Now, the association he still served in a senior position decided to explore the AMC option, and he was put in charge of identifying the right fit.

ASAE Study Mission 2009 ? Lessons from Singapore.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. « Enterprise Level Product Management & Sales in Europe. Therefore a critical stop for any association seeking to build an international strategy for SE Asia.

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I’ve Looked at RFPs from Both Sides Now

Spark Consulting

In 18+ years in association management, I’ve been on both sides of the Request For Proposal process more times than I can count. My very first Big Task at my very first association Real Job way back in 1997 was to complete an association management software system selection. And DO make your proposal easy to read and process. And you’re going to receive lower-quality largely boilerplate proposals as a result. management RFPs

Stronger by Association: Can I get that mop and bucket in cornflower.

AMR Management Services

AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. I was at an event yesterday and spoke with a long-time association and nonprofit professional and volunteer. We got to talking about association management and some of the ways boards of directors choose to spend their time. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS.

7 tips for getting the most out of an RFP for your next AMS

Nimble AMS

Best practices say that when you’re ready to find a new association management software (AMS) system, you should issue a request for proposal (RFP). Read on for tips to ensure your RFP drives accurate proposals and helps you find the right AMS for your organization.

How to Understand What an AMS Vendor Offers


This third and final installment of the blog series, “Where to Begin Your Association’s AMS Search” provides a critical checklist for evaluating the vendor’s proposal. A written cost proposal is a must.

SBI Announces New Client Partnership with the International Ombudsman Association (IOA)


SBI, a Seattle-based association management company, is proud to announce the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) as its newest full-service association management client. Seattle, WA – January 2, 2019.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.7.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… When’s the last time you talked to your AMS vendor? Wes Trochlil explains why you should meet with your association management system partner at least once a year.

eBook 211

Why now is the perfect time to research your next AMS

Nimble AMS

Strategic research in new tech now can pay big dividends for your association down the road. You might know that it’s time for a new association management software (AMS) system for your organization.

The Opt-in Panopticon

High Context

A panopticon is a type of prison design proposed by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century. Associations Management Social Media Social Networking StrategyA story is making the rounds about a Swiss woman who was fired by her employer after they saw her active on Facebook while she had told them she was too ill to work with a computer and stayed home.

The Consultant and the Association Exec Should Be Friends

Spark Consulting

I just submitted a proposal in response to an RFP that asked for my “project management methodology,” aka, my approach to managing the consultant/client relationship (which I thought was a damn fine question). As the title of this post states, the consultant and the association executive should be friends (bonus points if you get the Oklahoma! The proposal process is like getting dating.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.20.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Your plans for the holiday season are probably like mine: feast. New York and New Jersey are proposing similar laws—speak up if you live there. Chelsea Brasted, Association Success ).

7 Key Things That Should Be on Your HOA Vision Board In 2020


Upcoming Proposed Changes in Regulations or Proposed Legal Changes That May Impact HOAs Homeowners Associations nationwide should stay up to date on legal changes that could impact your HOA. Ways to Develop and Sustain Community Involvement in the Association.

4 steps to build a business case for new membership software

Nimble AMS

You know it’s time for new association management software. Here’s how to create a compelling case for an investment in new membership management technology. As your association grows, eventually it’s time to move to new membership management software.

What You Need to Know About AMS User Experience (UX) During System Selection


Digital transformation has completely altered how associations use technology to interact with and deliver value to members and customers. Joining your association. Managing their CE credits and certification status.

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Another AMSFest in the Books


I have attended all of the AMSFest events and have been consistently impressed by the value provided to associations who are researching association management system (AMS) options. Systems an association should have in its ecosystem.

7 Advantages to Having Speaker Management Built In to Your Association’s AMS Software


The same is true of your association members. They attend your association’s events because they’re interested in the people presenting and the subjects your sessions are covering. That makes an efficient speaker management process crucial for your association.