Conference Circuit: Public Safety Communications

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More than 5,000 public safety communications officials, including frontline telecommunicators and comm center managers, are headed to Baltimore to learn more about the industry’s newest technology, hear from speakers about trends and challenges, and get to know colleagues.

DelCor Welcomes Digital Transformation Strategist Tom Jelen


Jelen brings 20 years of experience working with associations and nonprofits to DelCor, the last 13 of which were spent at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)—most recently as Director of Digital Communications.

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Who’s Doing Mission Driven Volunteering?

Spark Consulting

From the new Spark whitepaper, The Mission Driven Volunteer , written with Peggy Hoffman: The Maryland Association of CPAs realigned all their volunteer roles along a grid where the X-axis represented high value to members and the association and the Y-axis represented alignment to strategy.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

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Maryland Dept. The Maryland Internship Network. The future of learning has been on my mind lately.

Tech 13 and Social Organizations: Day 2


I concurrently reached out to Jamie Notter of , who was presenting the CEO track idea lab “Lead Your Way to a Social Organization,” along with Maddie Grant , of ICF International and Tom Hood , CPA and CEO of the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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Last month Reggie Henry, CIO of ASAE, recounted a story about an exchange with a University of Maryland student in which the student explained that younger people aren’t communicating by email anymore, but almost exclusively through social networks. Henry pointed out that this shift means two things: You must communicate with people where they are, and you must have an established relationship with them before you can market to them.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

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In the paper, Tom Hood , CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs, said, “College programs are missing the success skills that are increasingly required earlier in young professionals’ careers”. Communication – interpersonal, public speaking, writing and digital/social media.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Location: Maryland Psychological Association, Columbia, MD. Forward-thinking associations see the value in moving towards a more personalized one-to-one communication style, but can be overwhelmed at the start because the steps look too steep.

Who Owns Social Media? Risk Management?


While speaking at the Maryland Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism and Maryland Council of Directors of Volunteer Services’ Power Up! I’ve explored the similarities between building community and risk management before on this blog.

Change is…………Good?

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My beloved Maryland Terrapins are bolting the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for the Big 10 (which actually hasn’t had 10 members in 20 years). Word is out that to protest this unimaginable break with tradition, thousands of Maryland grads are not renewing their memberships in the booster clubs and the Alumni Association, or are dropping their long-held season tickets for football and basketball. I’m devastated.

Protech Associates Creates “Tier 1 Support on Steroids”

Higher Logic

Based in Columbia, Maryland, Protech Associates, Inc. Our support was really a communications black box,” said Bruffey. We had little or no direct communication with our users, and many of them felt they were being left to fend for themselves.”.

Who is Generation Z and How Will They Impact the Future of Associations?

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They are quick to pick up new software, platforms and technologies, and often, according to a University of Maryland study , display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices. As this generation enters the workforce, associations must revamp their communication and marketing strategies to target future members. When communicating directly, 53 percent of Generation Z said they prefer in-person discussion over instant messaging or email.

Journalism Association Pushes for Member Safety and Support

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And in June, five people died in a shooting at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland. In times like these, Karen Hansen, RTDNA’s director of membership, marketing, and communications, says she’s constantly looking for opportunities to rally members and support journalism.

Daily Buzz: Smart Insights From ASAE’s #TEC19

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This year’s ASAE Technology Exploration Conference (TEC) was held at the convention center in downtown Washington, DC, a shift from its recent stint in National Harbor, Maryland—which means that it was a little easier to get to with public transit.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.23.16

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Tue 5/24 at 12 p.m.* – Providing Multilingual Communications at Your International Event. – AENC Marketing & Communications Roundtable (NC). Stefanie Reeves, MA, CAE, Executive Director, Maryland Psychological Association.

Metro 130

DelCor’s Guide to the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference


Content Strategy Breakdown (DelCor): Having a content strategy is important to help you manage your content and make sure it is effectively communicating your association’s values and goals with your audience. Taste Maryland's Best.

The Tide Is Turning on Mobile Devices in Schools

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Anne Arundel County, Maryland, for example, launched an app in 2012 that can be used to report bullying concerns or safety risks—something that drew a positive response from the National Association of School Resource Officers.

Less Is More When It Comes to Functionality

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They rated different parts of the new platform—group communication, document library, calendar and events list, meeting materials, and group roster—from one to five stars. If you have a volunteer group of 10 with a priority to communicate in one place, do they really need a tool for workflows?

Social Media Roundup: Celebrate Your Success In 3D

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Innovation is a big theme at this year’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference. ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (#mmccon) is in full swing, and both Associations Now staff and other attendees have been tweeting about the cool stuff they’ve seen. One Maryland-based studio is bringing innovation to associations through art.

Making Augmented Reality a Reality for Membership

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Next Tuesday marks the start of ASAE’s Technology Conference & Expo at National Harbor, Maryland, and I’m looking forward to hearing from association leaders who will be talking about new and emerging technology trends.

Photojournalist Group Focuses on New Headquarters

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NPPA will partner with the school’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. The National Press Photographers Association announced last month that it will relocate its headquarters from North Carolina to Georgia.

The Collaboration That Put a Suicide-Prevention Message on the Radio

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“We believe this is a great example of how it is possible for artists and the media to address suicide thoughtfully and creatively, alongside people in the field,” Frances Gonzalez, the Lifeline’s director of communications, said in comments to Billboard earlier this year.

Does Your Membership Team Have Ninja-Like Reflexes?

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This helped to increase dues revenue and meet niche demands, like custom support with marketing and communications services from the association. “It At the ASAE Great Ideas Conference next month, an experienced Parkour athlete will train association leaders on flexible movements.

Team 90

Friday Buzz: Hillary’s Last Association Speech Before 2016?

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For laughs, camp owner and moderator Jay Jacobs gave Clinton a “Camp David” sweater—a wink to the secured presidential military compound in Maryland—before she bid the group farewell.

Wednesday Buzz: Twitter Continues to Combat Harassment

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“This week we’re introducing additional updates that leverage our technology to reduce abusive content, give you more tools to control your experience, and communicate more clearly about actions we take,” Ed Ho, Twitter’s vice president of engineering, explains in a blog post.

What’s Your Membership Resolution for 2019?

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Director of Membership, Marketing, and Communication, Radio Television Digital News Association, Washington, DC. Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Rockville, Maryland. At the start of a new year, you’re probably making a resolution or two.

Educators: The Missing Link Between Today’s and Tomorrow’s Members

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Last year, Karen Hansen hosted a booth for the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) at the University of Maryland’s journalism school career fair. Have you found successful ways to communicate directly, or have you relied on teachers to help spread your message, as well?

Leadership and the Future of Volunteering

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At the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA), town hall meetings serve as ideation sessions and low-commitment opportunities increased. The old structure of volunteer management is broken. Strong leadership is required to fix it. Volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization.

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


Bill Sheridan , Editor at Maryland Association of CPAs, St Louis, MO. Bob LeDrew , Podcaster at The Kingcast and Principal Consultant at Translucid Communications, Ottawa, Canada.

Review 114

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.19.18

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Tue 10/23 at 12 p.m.* – 4 Communication Strategies for Agile Success. Communication is one of the primary roadblocks to Agile transformation, and one that you likely experience if your organization practices Agile.

Eric Lanke: Stop Calling It Strategic Planning

Eric Lanke

For us, the challenge is less one of process and design and more one about finding the human resources and the time in everyones busy schedules to communicate enough to keep strategy and tactics aligned throughout our organization. Eric Lanke. Association executive and author. Pages.

After Court Ruling, Groups Keep Pressure on NSA Phone Surveillance Program

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Several organizations have focused energy on this issue in recent days, including: Computer group backs decision: The Computer and Communications Industry Association, a trade group critical of the NSA program, praised the ruling in a statement to InfoWorld.

How Smart Associations Grow Membership

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” Everything from the way your members pay, she said, to how you communicate with your members—being flexible will become increasingly important to your sustainability. ” Naylor’s annual Association Communications Benchmarking Report seems to bear that out.

Need More Non-Dues Revenue?

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Tom Hood, CEO of the influential Maryland CPA Society (MACPA) said his organization has adopted the formula of L > C. Hank Berkowitz, Editor-in-Chief. How often do hear comments like these around the office or at industry gatherings? “Younger people aren’t joiners.”

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


It should also be noted that the list reflects my interests: associations, events, travel, tech, government, education, social media, communications, marketing, public relations, and jobs. dslunceford - Steve Lunceford; DC; Communications strategist working for @DeloitteGov. ericschwartzman - Eric Schwartzman; Los Angeles; Strategic Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Social Media Communications and Reputation Management Pro.

Trade Association CEO Support: Keys to a Strong Trade Association

Trade Association CEO Blog

Consider these major responsibilities: Membership Development, Membership Benefits, Membership Administration, Governance, Volunteer Development, Meeting/Event Management, Government Affairs, Market Development, Education, Operations, Communications and Cheerleader. That is exactly what I am imagining for associations like the Chesapeake Automotive Business Association, a Maryland-based, regional non-profit representing auto service centers, tire dealers, parts jobbers and their suppliers.

Maintain Motivation and Balance to Avoid Small-Staff Burnout

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Consider these major responsibilities: Membership Development, Membership Benefits, Membership Administration, Governance, Volunteer Development, Meeting/Event Management, Government Affairs, Market Development, Education, Operations, Communications and Cheerleader. Communications. (2).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.26.18

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A micro-networking event for young professionals in the association industry to meet with Stefanie Reeves, MA, CAE, who serves as Executive Director of the Maryland Psychological Association.

Members Get Members. Staff? Not So Much.

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Consider these major responsibilities: Membership Development, Membership Benefits, Membership Administration, Governance, Volunteer Development, Meeting/Event Management, Government Affairs, Market Development, Education, Operations, Communications and Cheerleader. If the association has communicated to the constituency effectively through the news and their programs, prospects should already be "aware" you exist and even "accept" that what you do is valuable to them.

Kids and Kickstarter: The Rise of PhilanthroKids and Kid Crowdfunding!

Beth Kanter

They practice what’s known as natural horsemanship, sometimes called horse whispering, where they focus on the connection between the horse and the rider, relying much less on physical domination and more on communication between the two.