How to Launch an LMS with No Content

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We’ve talked to plenty of organizations who don’t believe they are ready or qualified to purchase a learning management system because of lack of content. Instead of leaving these on your regular website, move any educational white papers over to your LMS. . We must be kidding, right?

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7 Creative Ways to Promote LMS Engagement

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When launching a learning management system (LMS) for the first time, organizations need to take into consideration different ways to generate excitement and interest in their new platform. Host digital scavenger hunts that bring people through different areas of your LMS.

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Why Your LMS Needs Google Analytics

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Connecting the Dots with Path LMS and Google Analytics . Visualize behavioral f lows, common paths, click through rates, and content sales by any number of dimensions . In July, our client was using Facebook ads to get people to visit their LMS.

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LMS Implementation: Top Tips for Success

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Selected your LMS provider. Not all LMS platforms and providers are created equal. While there are many moving parts on the vendor side of an LMS implementation, there are plenty of moving parts in your organization as well. Content. You’ve made your decision.

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5 LMS Implementation Lessons from an Onboarding Manager

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You have decided to implement a L earning M anagement S ystem (LMS) , you’ve secured a budget from your board and you have a few fellow colleagues that have agreed to help you on this mission. Your members have been asking for more content, and now you have a way to deliver it! But where do you start and how do you ensure that your LMS actual goes live in a timely manner? Start with content, and worry about design & navigation later . Congratulations!

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an LMS

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Every organization has different needs and specific requirements, but there are some main things to look out for when evaluating LMS prospects. . Being able to easily access data and reports once things get going will also be an important piece to the LMS puzzle. .

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Select an LMS Consultant Before Beginning Your LMS Selection

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With more than 700 learning platforms on the market, how do you narrow the field down to the best learning management systems (LMS) for your association’s needs? Benefits of Working with an LMS Consultant. Their knowledge of LMS providers goes beyond a company’s reputation.

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Best Practices for Selecting an LMS

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Selecting an LMS is a big decision. Selecting an LMS is a big decision. The time you’ll put into implementing the platform – adding courses, creating content. Consider Your LMS Needs. Are you looking to monetize your content?

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LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

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Before getting started with using eLearning tools for your education or certification programs, it is important to know the difference between the different tools used to create, develop, and deliver eLearning content. The lesson is usually not created in the LMS. Multimedia content.

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Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment: 5 Takeaways

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Recently, I listened to Tagoras’ Leading Learning podcast, 5 Keys to Getting a High Return on Your LMS Investment. They shared some great tips everyone should consider when developing their eLearning program and LMS strategy.

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Open Source LMS: Hidden Costs for Associations

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Many associations have, at some point, considered the benefits of choosing an open source LMS for delivering their education programs. Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS. Case Study: Limitations of an Open Source LMS. Resolving Open Source Issues with an Association LMS.

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Make a Splash: Promoting Your New LMS and Making a Great First Impression

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Your LMS is ready to launch. You’ve finished the initial implementation of your LMS and are ready to go live. Is your LMS is already live? ” email previewing some of the features of your new LMS and highlighting popular content two weeks before your go-live date.

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How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

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The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. If you don’t accurately and completely identify and prioritize your real needs during that process, your new LMS will fall short of expectations. Before you even think about creating a request for proposal (RFP), you must spend time on the LMS requirements gathering and analysis process. Prioritizing LMS requirements.

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4 Stages of Falling in Love with your LMS

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On this Valentine’s Day, instead of plying you with sweet treats that may inspire a strong initial attraction that will fizzle out over time, we want to walk you through the 4 stages of truly falling in love with your LMS, and making sure your learners do the same.

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Make it Easy for Members to Love your Association LMS!

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When implementing a new Association LMS, or upgrading your existing system, one of the top worries is “How will we get our members and new learners to use this new system?” Make it Easy to Find Training with your Association LMS.

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Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success

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Successful Delivery of Blended Learning with an LMS. An LMS can be used to easily deliver the technology elements of your education program. As we have previously outlined in our blog, an LMS can also be a really useful tool to help organize and manage the delivery of offline learning.

5 Tips for Implementing an LMS to Increase Productivity

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It’s vital to provide content that’s truly engaging to increase members’ productivity with continuing education programs. The easiest way to do this is by implementing a Learning Management System (LMS). Integrate your AMS and LMS for heightened abilities.

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When is it time for a new Association LMS?

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With over 600 LMS vendors providing solutions for a variety of education technology needs, from generic to niche solutions, open source to proprietary platforms – how can you be sure that you have the right learning solution for your association? Do your learners need a new association LMS?

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LMS Vendor Relationships: Food for Thought

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What is your LMS vendor serving up for your Professional Learners? Your instructors, subject matter experts and content teams work together to ‘dish up’ education programs that align with the needs of your learners and the goals of the organization.

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3 Ways Your LMS Facilitates Reflective Learning

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In this modern world of ‘information at your fingertips’, how can your Learning Management System (LMS) help you to incorporate reflective learning in your education programs? 3 Ways to Facilitate Reflective Learning with your LMS.

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Learning Content Curation for Association Member Education

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Have you tried curating content for your education programs? Rather than creating all your course content from scratch, learning content curation can help you to update and extend your member education programs with new material. Using your LMS as a Content Curation Tool.

Summer School? No, time to evaluate LMS performance

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2) LMS Performance. Is it delivering the course content that you wanted to use. The performance of your LMS is crucial for your learners. Are you receiving complaints about not being able to access the learning content? Is the content relevant and fun to use?

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eLearning Assessment and Feedback with your Association LMS

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Many associations are creating eLearning content for members that are spread over a wide geographical area, and who are increasingly “on the go”, voluntarily accessing learning when they can, where they can, outside of working hours.

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What’s new in TopClass LMS version 10?

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The new version of TopClass LMS (Learning Management System) is here and we are excited to share with you the great new features that make participation more rewarding for professional learners and simplify the delivery of learning for administrators. New Features in TopClass LMS version 10.

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How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

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As dysfunctional and frustrating as that old learning management system (LMS) is, your association still relies upon it. But, let’s face it, your current LMS is holding you back. You need a better LMS but the powers that be aren’t going to like that news. Your argument for a new LMS has to be rock solid, so first we’re going to explain how to prepare a business case for a new LMS. Preparing Your Case for a New LMS.

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10 Unconventional Ways to Get More Value from Your Association’s LMS

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If your association’s learning management system (LMS) is only used by staff in the education department, you’re not taking full advantage of its potential. An LMS can do so much more than help you manage online courses, certification and accreditation programs, digital badges, and webinars. We’ve come up with ten additional ways you can use an LMS to deliver more value to members and staff. And, use that same board orientation content for your future leader programs too. #9

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Usability Tips for a Seamless LMS

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It relates to the intuitive labeling and organization of content and tasks, coupled with an interface design that requires little or no additional thinking to use. Answer: Association websites usually have more content than most.

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Where to Host Your eLearning Catalog and eCommerce: AMS or LMS?

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During the selection and implementation of a learning management system (LMS), you have many decisions to make. But one decision often takes associations by surprise: Should you host your eLearning catalog and eCommerce on your LMS or on your association management system (AMS)? Where do you want members and customers to search for online learning programs and where do you want them to make their purchase (register/enroll)—in your LMS or in your AMS?

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Five LMS Content Strategies to Attract, Engage and Support your Learners


Content is key to bringing learners together and creating valuable online education experiences. Essentially, it is the bread and butter of an LMS. These 5 strategies will help you create LMS content that attracts, engages, and supports your stakeholders: 1.

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2018 eLearning AWARD for LMS presented to WBT Systems Ltd. and Miele & Cie. KG by eLearning Journal

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Presentation of 2018 eLearning AWARD for LMS. The 2018 eLearning AWARD in the category for ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) has been awarded to the project partners WBT Systems and Miele & Cie. The LMS includes individual training catalogs for each country.

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Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. Live Stream and/or record content from in-person meetings and conferences. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right LMS.

Learners and Your LMS: If you build it, will they come?

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Working with many associations over the years, we have listened to many organizations describe the reasons why their members do not use their existing Learning Management System (LMS) and why they are looking for a new learning solution to re-engage their learners. Is the content worthwhile?

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What 1 association learned from launching its first LMS

Association Success

In my first few days at LeadingAge , an association of nonprofit aging services providers, I was googling “what is an LMS?” An LMS was the only answer. Our team worked on everything from the content to branding to integration with our AMS.

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Get Ready for Online Learning with LMS Selection Criteria


If you’re ready to invest in a learning management system (LMS), start by reviewing these LMS selection criteria. Though by no means a comprehensive list, they will help get you on the right path to finding a LMS platform that meets your needs. LMS selection criteria.

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Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. Live Stream and/or record content from in-person meetings and conferences. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right LMS.

Promoting and Leveraging Your Meeting Content

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Features Technology e-learning LMS online learning online learning platformTight budgets and growing competition are prompting associations to squeeze extra value out of their conferences. Web-based libraries of digitized abstracts and recorded sessions are dramatic value.

What makes an Association Education Program Successful?

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How can you make it easier for your learners to access your content? Association LMS Buying Guide – from Talented Learning. Define your LMS Requirements Like a Pro – from Talented Learning. LMS Reporting: Getting Useful Data from your LMS.

Learning Management Systems for Associations: The Essentials

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With so many options out there, and every vendor keen to advertise their platform with the latest bells and whistles or the ”prettiest” interface, how do you make sure that your LMS performs the way your organization needs it to? Generate Non-Dues Revenue with your LMS.

Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

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What are the key questions to ask when planning an LMS implementation project to ensure its success? It can take between three to six months to implement a new cloud LMS , and between six to nine months to implement an on-premise LMS for a large corporation or extended enterprise.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

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If you already have content, decide what’s worth keeping. If you don’t have any online content, hold a brainstorming session to think about how you’ll go about creating some. You can’t launch an empty LMS!

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