Social Learning: Integrating Courses with Community

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It’s easy to talk about the benefits of wrapping social features around more traditional courses and education initiatives but how does it all really work? . Setting up a dynamic , auto-populated community based on users who are engaged in a course is a great way to kick things off.

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8 Tips for Recruiting High-Quality Webinar Speakers

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Of course, the timing, technology, and ease of use for the learner are super important, but the absolute most important part to the success of your webinar is the content and subject matter expert (SME). I call this a two-for-one deal, at least in regard to recruiting! .

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Recruit the Whole Person

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Last week, I was teaching the volunteer management course for ASAE’s Association Management Week with the smart and talented Andrea Rutledge (Executive Director of the National Architectural Accrediting Board), and she and I got chatting about membership recruitment. What are you doing to “recruit the whole person”?

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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When it comes to recruitment for your association, you have to walk a thin line. Ready to recruit a fresh pool of members for your program? One time-tested way to boost recruitment is through members-only benefits.

How to Get Useful Student Feedback on Online Courses

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When you collect useful student feedback on online courses, you can confidently assess and improve the effectiveness of your e-learning programs. Good feedback gives you the data you need to improve courses yourself and to make a case for hiring professional instructional designers to develop courses. 7 ways to get student feedback on online courses. Also, by the time the course ends, some students will be eager to put it behind them and won’t complete the evaluation.

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Association Growth Strategy: 6 Tech Tools to Drive Member Recruitment + Retention

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Whether it’s through continuing education, certification courses, or gamified interactions, extending online learning components to your community members and prospects showcases value by supporting their professional growth.

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How Moose Became King of the Forest: 5 Tips for Recruiting

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But like many other membership-based organizations, the Moose often finds itself riding through the peaks and valleys of member recruitment. Generally, its membership drive relies on existing members sticking around year after year and reaching out to recruit their friends to join, too.

Membership Hack: Instagram Recruitment

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It only makes sense that the American Society of Interior Designers would use Instagram, a social media platform that’s visually inclined, to recruit new members. This is a campaign geared toward recruiting our young, emerging professionals,” she says. “We

Recruiting Members Face-to-Face

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When the answer to that question emerged in the course of our conversation, it practically floored me. I was on the road again this past week. As has become my habit, whenever I find myself going somewhere, I check our database to see if there are any members in the area and, if so, I try to reserve some time to go visit them. That worked for one of our most engaged members this week, but on this particular trip there was another kind of opportunity that presented itself.

Wednesday Buzz: Recruiting Passionate Members As Marketers

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The post Wednesday Buzz: Recruiting Passionate Members As Marketers appeared first on Associations Now Leverage the importance of word of mouth by encouraging your members to volunteer their voices. Also: Dreamforce is big this year. Really big.

Is Earning More Non-Dues Revenue an Obstacle Course for Your Association?

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This is a decrease from the more than half (54 percent) of associations surveyed in 2016 that felt generating non-dues revenue was a challenge, but it is still a significantly bigger group than the 11 percent who, in 2011, said they face obstacles of earning additional revenue for membership activities, programs, recruitment, professional development, or any of the other myriad things associations invest extra dollars into for the benefit of their members.

A LinkedIn-Centric Strategy for Member Recruitment

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And, as the group grew in size, Barkan touted its increasing numbers in his templated recruiting messages. Of course, many associations (and likely most of our readers here at Associations Now ) aren’t starting from scratch.

In Recruitment, a Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

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There’s no one way to make a member-get-a-member program a success, but recognition for recruiters is a must. In a perfect world, your members would do your recruitment for you. Your recruitment budget would be zero: All word of mouth, all the time.

Creating fun & appreciation to help recruit members and employees

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As part of a generational issues session I led at last week’s Syngenta Business Institute (SBI) for selected golf course superintendents, I asked small groups of participants to come up with solutions for three key questions: How to create fun in your work place?

Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment

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Seven Levers to Increase Membership Recruitment. Here are seven strategic levers or opportunities to explore in order to increase your new member recruitment efforts. If you have strong returns from your recruitment efforts, you probably are not reaching your full market potential.

You Won’t Believe the ROI on This Member Recruitment Campaign

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I’m just going to let the following numbers from an association member-recruitment campaign speak for themselves: Total cost for recruitment campaign: $25,000. The post You Won’t Believe the ROI on This Member Recruitment Campaign appeared first on Associations Now

Time for a MOOC-like makeover

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Massive Open Online Courses. Associations need three things: people (SMEs, instructional designers, LMS administrators), processes (course development, marketing) and technology (video, left-navigation layout). Of course, all of this is moot if learners aren’t motivated.

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The Key to Recruiting the Next Generation. It's Very Clear

Tom Morrison

For years associations have been squirming to find a solution or path to have a deep value proposition to recruiting the next set of volunteer leaders and members. Of course. You know.

Membership Recruitment Dues Discounts: The Do’s and Do Not’s

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The other day, I received a membership recruitment mailing offering an end of the year 50% off first year dues discount from a respected professional association. As a reader of this blog, you may know that I believe in making special offers available to recruit prospective members. The best approach to membership recruitment continues to be a regular stream of value laden communications that include an incentive to act within a given timeframe.

Unleash the Power of Market Testing in Your Membership Recruitment

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Unleash the Power of Market Testing in Your Membership Recruitment. And because of the larger quantities and costs involved, testing is a particular necessity and an ideal opportunity when it comes to membership recruitment. Membership Recruitment. (4). Membership Marketing Blog.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) entry process

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Associates receive a £20 voucher during each of the first two years after they have joined the Society, to be put towards the cost of any SfEP training course.

Guest blog: 5 essentials for a great telephone renewals campaign

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And of course, do say ‘thank you for being a member’. Membership Engagement Membership Recruitment I am delighted to include this blog by Chord UK Ltd; a specialist telemarketing agency that has helped a number of membership organisations engage with their members over the phone.

MOOCs: A myth for the masses? Not so much

Aaron Wolowiec

Massive Open Online Courses – or MOOCs – seem to be all the rage. Companies can capitalize on this lifelong learning trend both by offering engaging courses to the public and by recognizing their employees’ independent learning endeavors.”.

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How Understanding Lifetime Value Powers Your Membership Marketing

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Of course there are costs to serve the member in addition to the acquisition costs, nevertheless, most organizations when presented with an ROI of spending $1 to produce $47 ($24/$1,125) of long term revenue, will understand that additional investment makes good economic sense.

Curating conference content to promote member engagement

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You may know that Higher Logic is the leader in social media and collaboration solutions for associations, not-for-profits and member-based organizations worldwide – and, of course, Lauren Wolfe and I go way back as long-time members of ASAE’s Young Association Executive Committee. Learning Meetings Social Media collaboration education engagement Event Garde Higher Logic Lauren Wolfe online communities recruitment resources retention social media webinar

Partnership v. Membership: ROI

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Someone on your board of directors, or in your membership committee, decides that it would be a terrific recruitment tool.

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Blended Learning: Tips for Successful Clinical Trial Training

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Of course, one size does not fit all and every trial will be different, but, by taking certain aspects of your clinical trials virtual, you’ll start seeing the benefits ver y quickly! . Recruitment . What is the best way to train study sites for a clinical trial? An onsite meeting?

Presentation Tips: Help Your SME Deliver Their Best Content

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As we’ve discussed before the recruitment of good quality subject matter experts (SMEs) is one of the hardest parts of creating a solid curriculum. The learner needs to understand what they are going to get out of the presentation or course which translates to the value of the content.

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The Correlation of Social Media Usage and Membership Growth

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I will be sharing some of them on this blog, but of course the full report will go to the 405 associations who participated in the research. Unleash the Power of Market Testing in your Membership Recruitment. The Push and Pull of Membership Recruitment. Membership Recruitment. (4).

Practical Uses of Social Media for Association Marketing

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Of course, the topic of social media came up for conversation. Unleash the Power of Market Testing in your Membership Recruitment. Membership Recruitment. (4). Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations.

Membership Q&A: When Should I Ask Them to Join?

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Maybe it was particular offers (“if someone takes our free mini-course on the latest regulatory changes in our industry, she’s ready to join”). What is the ideal time to ask a prospect to join? This is actually two questions: When in the cycle of relationship should I invite a prospect to join? When in the cycle of the year should I invite a prospect to join? Relationship. The glib answer is: “When she’s ready to say yes.”

What Makes the Association D+I Environment Unique?

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Most of the focus on diversity and inclusion in the for-profit world is on staff and, to a lesser degree, boards of directors (which, of course, only some for-profit companies have). Of course, we also have staff teams and boards of directors. The Geological Society of America has responded creatively to the dual imperatives to recruit more people into the field and to increase the diversity of those recruits. In short, relationships.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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However, whether increasing non-dues revenue or new member recruitment, it’s just as important that your organization follows through with these goals. Integrating this tool with your AMS allows for easy recording of course completion in your most comprehensive database.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Association’s Event

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With the right tools and strategies on your side, you can build out an approach to event planning that will always support these goals of recruitment and engagement. Encourage current members to volunteer for events or try and recruit others for you.

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Worldwide Priorities

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Of course, they are blessed with representing a group of professionals whose industry is doing quite well, so they haven’t been as dramatically affected by the global economic downturn as many other associations have been. associations governance and leadership hbas leadership Membership nonprofits chapter participation chapter presidents leadership conference membership recruitment retentionSPE (the Society of Petroleum Engineers) is a great organization.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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In order to recruit new members, associations need to provide a unique value proposition , something compelling enough that people see value in paying for membership on their own or asking their company to sponsor their membership.

Membership Hack: There’s No ‘I’ in Member

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Rewrite all of your materials and your communications, so that it focuses on what the member will get,” says Scott Oser, SVU director of industry relations and member recruitment. This practice can be particularly effective for member recruitment and win-back campaigns. “Of

5 things I like about the 38 Degrees welcome to members email

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They helped stop Donald Trump’s plans to build a golf course at the expense of families in Menie, Scotland, who were at risk of eviction. Membership Engagement Membership Recruitment

5-Step Guide to Calculating Your Member Retention Rate

Higher Logic

Step #3: Check How Many Members You Recruited. You also need to know how many new members you recruited during your period of interest, so that you don't include them as retained members in your final retention measurement. Ah, member retention.

4 tips to help out and stand out as an all-star volunteer

Association Success

According to a 2016 survey of recruiters conducted by Deloitte, only 30% of job seekers mention volunteer experience on their résumés, despite the 82% of surveyed recruiters preference to applicants involved in volunteerism. Looks like you’ve forgotten something.

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