The 2020 Association Universe MVP Awards!

Association Universe brings together the best content from hundreds of industry thought-leaders. These awards will recognize the Most Valuable Posts as judged by our readers, award committee, and our machine intelligence and social media. We will recognize the posts that provide the highest value to industry professionals - useful and actionable information, that is tactical or strategic in nature, providing either long-term or short-term value.

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Awards will be given for articles covering the following categories. Click on the categories below to view the winners!

Audience Size

Every day, our articles are read by an audience of over 42,000 people on our site and newsletter. We use our machine intelligence and social media, bolstered by our editorial team, to curate this content.

But 2020 is coming to an end and we want to know: of all of our articles, which are the best of the best? Our machine intelligence, social media, and editors can get us close. But we want that extra special touch that comes from beloved reader feedback.

You can represent these 42,000 readers. Cast your vote and let us know what you like to see!

Judging Criteria

We're judging posts that we see to provide the highest value to industry professionals. Does your article include useful and actionable information? Is it tactical or strategic? Does it provide short- or long-term value? Those are the types of questions our judges will be asking themselves.


Submitting content for consideration

Articles must have been published between October 18th, 2019 and October 13th, 2020 to be eligible.

Nominations are open until October 13th. After that, our panel of judges will review the nominations and narrow them down to a list of finalists for each category.


Finalists will be announced on November 11th. Once finalists are announced, we will open up voting to our readers. Voting ends on November 23rd. Winners will be announced on December 4th.

Program Committee

Meet our expert panel of judges!

Andy Freed

CEO of Virtual, Inc.

Andy Freed is CEO of Virtual, Inc., a professional service firm headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts with offices in Nashville, TN and Reston, Virginia that focuses on technology consortia, standards bodies and associations that are forming, growing or changing. Virtual’s clients include organizations that set technical standards in industries ranging from finance to wireless communications. The members and leadership of Virtual’s client organizations reads like a “Who’s Who” of the leading companies in technology—including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and hundreds of others. Virtual has been honored as one of the Boston Globe’s “Best Places to Work” and Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies in America.”

Michael LoBue

Founder, LoBue & Majdalany Association Management

Micheal LoBue CAE, has served as executive director and board member to various non-profit organizations since 1980. Michael founded LoBue & Majdalany Association Management (an AMC) in 1993 and has been equally involved in managing the firm and directly supporting association clients. Michael has also been actively engaged in research to demonstrate the value proposition of the multi-client association management model since the Great Recession of 2008 - 2010.

Rick Church

Head Coach of CM Services, Inc

Rick Church is the Head Coach of CM Services, Inc. The Association Partnership Company a Chicago based, second generation, Association Management Company he owns with his brother and sister. Rick has been with CM Services since 1993 but grew up in the business and literally started by running the mailroom in the 1980s. Rick also serves as Executive Director for a few of CM Services’ client partners and has developed expertise in strategic planning facilitation, advocacy, market development and trade shows. CM Services created lifelong business relationships by partnering with national and international trade associations whose members are manufacturers and distributors of building products.

Rob Spangle

Co-Owner, Leading Association

Rob Spangler, MPA, CSC is a leadership confidant who helps association executives and their board of directors to clarify strengths and areas of challenge so they can make informed choices, address areas of growth and proactively develop their organization. He is co-owner of Leading Associations, which provides training, consulting and management services to organizations, advising them on how to provide visionary leadership, establish an aspirational culture and produce remarkable results.

Shelly Alcorn

C.O.O., Ubiquity University

Shelly has held various positions in different associations and served as executive director for two different associations – one a 501(c)(6) and one a 501(c)(3). She is fascinated with the intersection between technology, the education to employment system and the association of the future. She develops future-focused retreats designed to appeal to younger members and speaks on topics meant to provoke and engage discussion on what it means to be a human in an increasingly machine driven world. Shelly is also on the team at Ubiquity University as COO and is bringing her talents to bear on how we can deliver a whole new kind of education for a whole new kind of world.