Social Media Roundup: Efficiency Is More Than Just a Number

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That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup: Number the problems. link] @weknownext @shrm #tulsa #oklahoma. The post Social Media Roundup: Efficiency Is More Than Just a Number appeared first on Associations Now Why you’ll fall short if you take just a by-the-numbers approach to gauging your organization’s efficiency. Plus: countering unethical business practices is the right move—but not always an easy decision. Sure, speed rules.

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Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly


Social shares are going to make or break your SEO, traffic generation, and your sales funnels. So, it’s time to make sure your new theme is social friendly. What is a Social-Friendly Theme? Social-friendly themes are setup to allow for all the latest social features – sharing, follow tools, rich pins, featured images in shared posts, social commenting, etc. Follow buttons for your social media profiles. Social Media Sharing Tools.

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5 Supah-Cool Free Online Tools For Nonprofits


He is the Media Coordinator at , and he rides his bike to work almost every day. Through our platform, you can reconnect with your family in Rio; manage your employees in Madagascar; organize your non-profit’s resources to Ottawa; teach a virtual class from Tulsa to students all over Thailand; foster a support group for cancer survivors from France to the Falkland Islands. It’s your social media dashboard on steroids covered in human growth hormones.

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