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Golden's Rules for Association

The Generation Gap in Lobbying

Golden's Rules for Association

Association AdvocacyThere is a generation gap between lobbyists and the lobbied that requires rethinking established GR tactics. Read my commentary from this week’s Association Trends.


GAO, optics, over reactions and glass houses

Golden's Rules for Association

Association Advocacy Association Meetings Bad Publicity GAO Image TransparencyI didn’t exactly go through the five stages of grief when the public furor over the GAO Las Vegas retreat first erupted in the media. But I did go through something like that process. Stage one is denial: I am a “benefit of the doubt” kind of guy. If there is an innocent interpretation, I [.].

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Why these things matter

Golden's Rules for Association

You are probably also concerned about some of the issues impacting associations, and maybe even support advocacy by groups like ASAE to address them. Association Advocacy association profession engagement leadership lobbying not-for-profit role of associations tax exempt organizationsChances are that if you are reading this, you consider yourself an association professional and you appreciate the tremendous good that associations do for society.

Looking into the congressional crystal ball

Golden's Rules for Association

Association Advocacy not-for-profit tax exempt organizations tax reformAssociations have garnered their share of attention from the Hill in the last year, but no one expected a thoroughly gridlocked Congress to actually get anything done about it … at least until after the election. And after that? Read my latest commentary in AssociationTRENDS to learn why I don’t think any of the association [.].

Inquiry or advocacy?

Golden's Rules for Association

There are two kinds of public policy research: there is inquiry and there is advocacy. In the case of advocacy, you start with an answer and go in search of the facts that will bolster and support your position. Association AdvocacyIn the case of inquiry, you start with a question and let the facts lead you [.].


Stay focused on mission

Golden's Rules for Association

Association Advocacy The Nature of AssociationsThe new president of the national, not-for-profit organization urged his membership to remember: “The [organization] we passionately love is hardly some cumbersome, outmoded club of sticklers, with a medieval bureaucracy, silly … rules on fancy letterhead, one more movement rife with squabbles, opinions and disagreement.” ” No. All those elements might exist, or be perceived to [.].

Have we lost the ability to argue?

Golden's Rules for Association

Association Advocacy The Way We Are“It is extraordinary to notice how few people in the modern world can argue. That is why there are so many quarrels breaking out again and again, and never coming to any natural end.” How true. Just switch on any cable TV “news” show or go to any online forum. Or visit an association board [.].


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Golden's Rules for Association

Association Advocacy Social Media & AssociationsThe web has made it a whole lot easier to fake it. And that is, if anything, even more of a threat to serious, online communities than to traditional associations. There is little you can effectively do to police the content of others on the web … leaving it up to our associations (traditional and [.].

Association Supply Chain Advocacy

Potomac Core

Association Supply Chain Advocacy can be a game changer for members. Association Supply Chain Advocacy is Fueled by Actionable Research. These steps build a plan that identifies the role that each Association in the Supply Chain plays in carrying out its Advocacy Strategy.

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Advocacy Drives Business Outcomes

Potomac Core

For leading Associations, their mantra is clear Advocacy Drives Business Outcomes. These organizations collaborate with their boards to make sure that the Association’s Advocacy Strategies reflect the growth challenges and opportunities that their members care most about.

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Disruptive Advocacy Strategies

Potomac Core

Can Disruptive Advocacy Strategies unlock industry growth and cost saving opportunities for your members in a slow growth economy? Disruptive Advocacy. Foundation for Disruptive Advocacy Strategies. Disruptive Advocacy Strategies.

Membership Hack: Micro-Advocacy

Associations Now

Asking regional members to take action on micro-advocacy efforts could result in big payoffs—both for your issue and in member engagement. That led him to launch a new advocacy network, which asks members to get involved in small but effective ways. Holcomb calls it “micro-advocacy.”

Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era

Association Adviser

The post Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era by Jill Andreu first appeared on Features Leadership Marketing & Communications advocacy association communications fake newsJill Andreu.

How To Start a Micro-Advocacy Program in Your Association

Higher Logic

An advocacy program. With an advocacy program, your organization can offer added-value for your members while simultaneously positively impacting issues and constituencies important to your industry and members. And that’s where micro-advocacy programs can help.

Using live video streaming for advocacy

Association Advocacy Chick

However, here are some possibilities when it comes to using this service in your advocacy efforts. According to Politico , it was possibly the first use of live video streaming for testimony by an advocacy group. Give your members a live update on your advocacy efforts or breaking news on the status of legislation you’re working on. What do you think of live video streaming for advocacy?

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Generation Advocacy

Association Advocacy Chick

Introducing Generation Advocacy. Generation Advocacy is the name of my new business. GA, which is what I affectionately call it, is my advocacy training/PAC management/general government relations consulting service. Along with advocacy training, GA also works with political action committees as well provides direction for an association’s government relations efforts. I have a confession to make. This past June, I gave birth to my baby.

Trade Association Advocacy and the Political Conventions

Association Navigator

Well it’s here, the two weeks every four years when the political parties hold their nominating conventions. In DC shorthand it’s referred to as “Cleveland” or “Philadelphia” as in “are you going to Cleveland?”.

Advocacy Through Emoji

Associations Now

Key Into the Message For Android users and those who haven’t upgraded to the latest version of iOS, the Ad Council is also offering a third-party keyboard as part of the campaign, which is probably the first time a smartphone keyboard has been created for an advocacy campaign.

Josh Earnest’s Four Tips for Advocacy in Divisive Times

Associations Now

What does your association do to engage members and nonmembers in your advocacy activities, and what strategies have been successful? The post Josh Earnest’s Four Tips for Advocacy in Divisive Times appeared first on Associations Now

Study: Relationships and Storytelling Drive Advocacy Success

Associations Now

A new study from APCO Worldwide examining how association advocacy efforts are perceived by DC power brokers and other stakeholders offers some strategic and tactical insights for association GR teams.

Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy

Beekeeper Group

The Olympics are over but your winning advocacy strategy journey is just beginning. The post Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy appeared first on Beekeeper Group. Follow these steps and bring your campaign from an idea on the starting blocks to a gold medal finish.

Automobile Association Rebrands to Advance Advocacy Efforts

Associations Now

The National Automobile Dealers Association just finished a branding overhaul to refocus the group on its core purpose: advocacy. The National Automobile Dealers Association recently completed an intensive rebranding effort to boost its brand recognition and advocacy efforts.

Four Tips for Leading on Advocacy Amid Uncertainty

Associations Now

advocacy firm that works with association clients, says he’s seen seen a chilling effect. Associations already have a huge amount of data, particularly when you combine what they have on the membership side plus the advocacy side,” he says.

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Can Advocacy Save a Board?

Associations Now

About a month back an article in Nonprofit Quarterly floated an interesting suggestion for how to respond: Step up your advocacy efforts. A focus on advocacy, Light explains, serves as a kind of test of your board member’s enthusiasm for the organization.

How to Help Advocacy Resonate With Leaders

Associations Now

It’s not always easy to sell a CEO on the importance of advocacy. But a funny thing happened during the course of the program, Adams says: Participants who came in skeptical about the advocacy portion grew more excited about it. “We

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Advocacy or Business Outcomes?

Potomac Core

Association executives inside and outside of Washington, DC sometimes struggle to secure key executive participation in advocacy meetings with Congressional representatives or regulatory agencies. If advocacy programs are viewed as “outputs” (events, journal, newsletters, etc.)

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Creating an Advocacy Program from Scratch: A Q&A with Higher Logic’s Marketing and Community Teams

Higher Logic

We’ve had active advocates in our customer base from the very beginning, but we haven’t had a formal advocacy program until now. We have clients who really love Higher Logic and were already doing advocacy activities on a more informal level who wanted to get more involved.

Cancer Group Offers Financial Advocacy Boot Camp to Healthcare Providers

Associations Now

To help patients deal with the rising costs of cancer care, the Association of Community Cancer Centers has launched a Financial Advocacy Boot Camp for healthcare providers. In response, it developed the Financial Advocacy Boot Camp.

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3 Tools and 5 Tips To Help Your Employees Master Social Employee Advocacy


What is Employee Advocacy? Employee advocacy can help relieve them – all it takes is 5 minutes of your employees’ time. Employee advocacy can increase your brand’s reach by 10x on social media. Here are 3 tools you could consider: DrumUp – Employee Advocacy.

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Monday Buzz: Millennials and the Shift Away From Advocacy

Associations Now

An expert on the younger generation suggests that associations should look at social entrepreneurship, not advocacy, to engage millennials. Hence, advocacy is changing. Overall, she sees the tide turning away from advocacy.

How Data Could Define the Future of Advocacy

Associations Now

Could advocacy become more personalized than ever? Having useful consumer information on hand is in some ways more powerful than any individual advocacy campaign. The post How Data Could Define the Future of Advocacy appeared first on Associations Now

An Association Just for Millennials? New Advocacy Group Aims High

Associations Now

” Ultimately, that funding will go toward the group’s advocacy efforts. New Advocacy Group Aims High appeared first on Associations Now The Association of Young Americans hopes to represent to Washington an entire demographic of people: those between the ages of 18 and 35.

Physical Education Group Launches Advocacy Resources for Teachers

Associations Now

The Society of Health and Physical Educators added state advocacy toolkits to its website, which aim to help health and physical education teachers promote programs in their own schools and communities.

New Game Promotes Advocacy in Manufacturing

Associations Now

In addition, AEM can push out new advocacy videos or information through the app. “In The post New Game Promotes Advocacy in Manufacturing appeared first on Associations Now

Why You Should Encourage Social Advocacy among B2B Employees


Offering incentives for active social media participation is also a great way to drive employee advocacy. Now that you’ve seen how beneficial employee social media advocacy can be, I bet you want to know how to get started. Guest post by Daniel Kushner, CEO of

Meetings and Tradeshow Groups Announce Inaugural Advocacy Day

Associations Now

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events announced the first-ever Exhibitions Day, a June advocacy day to educate lawmakers on the value of meetings in the United States. The post Meetings and Tradeshow Groups Announce Inaugural Advocacy Day appeared first on Associations Now

Best Benefit Ever: Critical Advocacy Intel

Associations Now

Most associations engage in some form of advocacy to promote members’ interests to government. ” The association has proved its advocacy chops in the past.

Associations Should Look to the States for Advocacy Action

Associations Now

The partisan chokehold may be easing, but associations are still missing big opportunities in state-level advocacy. But could they find more success by focusing their advocacy efforts elsewhere? One such door: state-level advocacy, where grassroots work often pays big dividends.

Report: Associations Struggle to Engage Members in Advocacy Efforts

Associations Now

Association advocacy is a year-round job, but government relations professionals say it can be tough to keep members actively involved in important day-to-day issues, according to a new report by CQ Roll Call. Like political campaigns, advocacy is now an ‘always on’ activity.

Travel Groups’ App Turns Traffic Jams Into Advocacy

Associations Now

Building America’s Future, a bipartisan infrastructure-advocacy coalition cochaired by three big-name politicians—former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and former Pennsylvania Gov. $ 3.68