Sun.Dec 03, 2023

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6 New Years resolutions for your association to have a better 2024

Nimble AMS

Out with the old, and in with the new! It’s time for your association to make New Years resolutions for 2024. Set your organization up for success in 2024 by considering what ineffective p ractices you need to leave in the past. And check out our top list of practices your association should avoid. Avoid these 6 negative organizational p r actices in 2024 Is your association currently experiencing any inefficiencies ?

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Can You Weather a Leadership Crisis?

Associations Now

The recent chaos at OpenAI has put a spotlight on splits between boards and CEOs. It’s a reminder to keep your eye on mission—and check egos at the door. Hopefully, you’re unlikely to experience the kind of leadership crisis that recently consumed the artificial intelligence firm OpenAI. In the course of just a few days, CEO Sam Altman was ousted by OpenAI board; the board proceeded to swap in one new CEO, then another; staff threatened to quit en masse in response to the moves; the board resign

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The Market for Adult Lifelong Learning

Leading Learning

While arguably lifelong learning has always been a vital part of human existence, it’s hard not to notice the new level of emphasis that has been placed on it in recent years. In 2017, The Economist declared lifelong learning an “economic imperative,” and it has hardly been the only publication in mainstream and business presses to insist on the importance of learning in a world where the scale, scope, and speed of change seem much higher than ever before.