The Subjects Most Often on Association Professionals’ Minds

Association Adviser

As our annual Association Communication Benchmarking Report gets underway, we started checking in with our readers to see which topics and issues are most on their minds. In addition to our comprehensive surveys, we talk to readers and mine our newsletter and website analytics for clues. Non-dues revenue, career development, membership development and future/sustainability issues seem to be what’s keeping many of us up at night these days.

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On Collins’ “What Makes Powerful Nonprofit Leaders” – a conversation with Association Trends’ 2007 Young and Aspiring Association Professionals


I was asked to start a conversation going with my fellow bloggers/readers and the other eleven 2007 Young and Aspiring Association Professionals (listed at the bottom of this post, who may or may not be familiar with this kind of blog-conversation format) as named by Association Trends back in November. In the article, What Makes Powerful Nonprofit Leaders , Collins discusses how leadership experience in the social sector can be incredibly beneficial in the business sector.