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Marketing the Future: Learn From the Mac’s Initial Missteps

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On December 31, 1983, a minute-long ad played on a local CBS affiliate in tiny Twin Falls, Idaho. “Even though we had an incredibly innovative computer that appealed to the masses, IBM owned business,” Mike Murray, the head of the Macintosh marketing team at the time, said of the challenges posed by the competition. Well, part of it is that, for all the Mac’s innovations, it just didn’t have the ecosystem to make it a viable business offering.

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111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


Individuals from North Carolina, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Oregon, and Idaho stand alone as delegates from these states. Dig design, innovation, technology. dustinhaisler - Dustin Haisler; Elgin, Texas; Director of Government Innovation for Spigit, Municipal Judge, Innovator, Dad, Husband, Christ-follower. jhdesai - Jatin Desai; Hartford, Connecticut; Innovation and Strategy expert, speaker, author, mentor, and entreprenuer to large international companies.