Wed.Jun 12, 2024

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The Role of a Nonprofit CRM in Personalized Fundraising


What would you say if someone were to ask you, “What goes into a successful fundraising campaign ?” Drawing on your experience as a nonprofit leader, you might talk about having clear goals, coming up with unique campaign ideas, or using storytelling best practices in your marketing materials. While it’s true that all of these strategies are important, the groundwork for fundraising success is laid long before you ever start designing a campaign.

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Velvet Rope or Come Party with Me?

Spark Consulting

Scene one: I’m in New Orleans on vacation wandering down Frenchmen Street in Faubourg Marigny looking for a good place to hang out and hear some tunes on a Wednesday night. First stop: the Spotted Cat. It was so packed I couldn’t get in the door (literally), so I hung out on the sidewalk with a WIDE mix of characters (and nobody does “characters” like NOLA) for a while enjoying the music wafting out…for free.

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The Journey from Traditional to Futurist: Navigating Culture Transformation


Leadership and management is in the middle of a revolution, as traditional management is giving way to what most call the “future of work.” This has been going on for the last couple of decades (we first wrote about it in Humanize, back in 2011).