Tue.Feb 27, 2024

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The Unlikely Romance: Culture Change Meets AI


In the ever-evolving workplace, the intersection of culture change and artificial intelligence (AI) is like a sitcom romance—unexpected, a bit awkward, and yet, strangely compelling. 1. The Awkward First Date: Initial Integration Imagine AI walking into the workplace, a bit like a character from a sci-fi show who’s never seen a coffee machine.

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Preparing for the Generational Shift: How Associations Can Cater to the Growing Gen Z Workforce

Association Adviser

The impending generational shift in the workforce, with Gen Z poised to surpass Baby Boomers in early 2024, according to a report from Glassdoor Economic Research, signals a significant transition that associations must acknowledge and prepare for.

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Build a Board for the Digital Future


Are your board meetings caught in a frustrating time loop? The faces change, but the concepts are entrenched. Nobody seems to notice that the same initiatives dressed in different costumes are masquerading as something new. Tradition can be a dynamic legacy. But an inheritance of stale ideas sandbags growth and keeps value at bay. In the digital era, this repetitive thinking is even more toxic.

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Medical Imaging Group Launches Awareness Campaign

Associations Now

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists’ “Be Seen” campaign wants its members to be better understood by the public and in the statehouse. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists has launched a new campaign designed to increase public awareness of—and influence legislation around—the medical-imaging industry. The centerpiece of the “Be Seen” campaign, launched February 20 , is a one-minute video featuring Michael Benzaia, who is also a medical imaging professional—and has playe

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Customer Learning

Every decision that goes into your learning monetization strategy matters for your organization’s bottom line. Our research has shown a clear correlation between high program maturity (and ROI!) and choosing the right monetization strategy. This eBook contains clear, actionable ways to approach packaging and pricing models that will help your association grow revenue, improve profitability, and drive expansion into new markets.