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How To Build An Email List For Beginners

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Email marketing can be extremely cost-effective. But before you can engage in email marketing you need to have an email subscriber list. In the guide below we’ll cover all aspects of creating an email list that will become an integral part of your growth strategy. Why building an email list is crucial for your business The importance of having a large email list that represents an accurate survey of people interested in your product or service cannot be overstated.

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How Groups Can Attract New Audiences With Joint Membership Initiatives

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Since 2020, the National Fastpitch Coaches Association has collaborated with collegiate and high school coaching associations nationwide on joint membership initiatives. These efforts not only provide benefits to more members but also help participating associations grow membership and build awareness. Over the years, the National Fastpitch Coaches Association has successfully recruited collegiate-level softball coaches as members but has had more difficulty growing membership among high school

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5 Messages Your Volunteers WANT to Hear


It’s hard (and scary) to imagine a world without volunteers. They do so much! For your association, they probably assist with marketing, event planning, fundraising, etc. And for that reason, it’s important to handle your volunteers with care. Now you probably do a good job of thanking your volunteers, but in addition to a simple thanks, there are actually five key messages your volunteers WANT to hear.

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Painting the Bridge

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Painting the Bridge According to this article, the Golden Gate Bridge is painted continuously year-round. That is, rather than painting the entire bridge once per year (or every couple of years), "painting the Bridge is an ongoing task and a primary maintenance job." This, of course, reminds me of data management.

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Increase Member Value with Modern Training Experiences

Unlock the potential of your membership association by prioritizing modern member training experiences. In this white paper, we discuss the infrastructure behind an excellent learner experience for members, and how a modern upgrade can turn into major retention gains down the road. You’ll gain insights from real-life examples and identify and address common UX blind spots that may be undermining your current training initiatives.

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7 Best BuddyBoss Alternatives In 2023

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Developing an online community is a smart decision if you want to bolster the popularity of your brand, ensure that your movement or cause reaches the largest possible audience or you have something to teach. The good news is that there are now more online community platforms available than ever before, including Buddyboss. Buddyboss is an open source platform designed to answer the call of online community builders and managers that has enjoyed significant exposure and popularity over the past