Associations at Odds Over Proposed Massachusetts Ban on Noncompete Clauses

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61 % The increase in court decisions regarding noncompete agreements between 2002 and 2012, according to a study conducted for the Wall Street Journal by the law firm Beck Reed Riden LLP. The tech industry says a ban is needed to boost innovation, but business groups have a different take.

Seen Elsewhere: Resources for Trend Scanning, Gaming, Productivity

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custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. Summary: A selection of thought-provoking websites from beyond the association management realm that offer new ideas for association executives. Dec 2002 (6).

Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

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As Plotke observed: “You hear so often that Next-Gen doesn’t need associations but , as long as associations continue to evolve and to embrace new ways of thinking and acting, then [industry] up-and-comers are going to want a seat at the table, and will indeed join.”

Big Data: Big Headache or Big Opportunity for Associations?

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As best-selling author and product innovation expert Tony Ulwick explained at last week’s Innova-Con 2014 conference in New York, don’t ask customers or members what they want in a product, ask them what types of “jobs” they need to have done better. Innova-Con is the annual meeting of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP). Next month we’ll hear more from Ulwick and other proponents of systematic, outcome-driven innovation.