Mon.Oct 12, 2020

How Do We Sell an in Person Event Sponsorships and Exhibits for 2021? – Ask JP #037

Moery Company

Today’s question is simple question yet very important, “How do I sell an in-person event sponsorships and exhibits in 2021?” ” Before I answer, here are some observations. Events are going to face significant headwinds.

Maine 230

Virtual Event Planning Resource Round-Up


Are you planning on hosting a virtual event or virtual conference in the next several months? Maybe you’ve already hosted one, but you know you’ll need to host another down the road.

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The Most Important Year for Association Membership Renewal – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 254

Moery Company

This is the most important year for membership renewal and now is not the time to take your foot off the gas. Listen to this week’s episode for tips on how to prepare to have a successful membership renewal season this year and beyond.

Why organizations should invest in their employees’ failures

Association Success

For the past six months, we’ve been focused on surviving the pandemic, juggling a remote office, educating our children and staying on top of our responsibilities. But many of us have not taken the necessary step of making sure we are okay.

eLearning demand is at an all-time high. Pick the right LMS!

The need for online learning is greater than ever having the right LMS is absolutely crucial. Quickly, easily, and cost-effectively decide which Learning Management System is right for you with this 12-step guide from LMS implementation experts.

Frugal Innovation Practices for Associations with Tight Budgets

WBT Systems

Frugal Innovation Practices for Associations with Tight Budgets. Read more about Frugal Innovation Practices for Associations with Tight Budgets