The Importance of an Innovation Strategy in your Culture

Jamie Notter

I led a great session in Wichita, Kansas this week with some really smart healthcare professionals. We had gathered some data prior to the meeting about the cultures inside their organizations, and then we got together to brainstorm some ideas about what they could do to encourage more innovation internally. The pattern in their data was similar to what I see in a lot of organizations when it comes to innovation.

Reads of the Week: January 25, 2013

Reid All About it

This season he volunteered at Watermark Books and Cafe in Wichita, Kansas, helping with restocking, organizing, handselling, and any of “the 1,001 tasks that go on in the busy time of the year,” he says.”. Over at CopyBlogger, Georgina El Morshdy shares 30 ways to build the “know, like, and trust” factor that grows an audience.


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Pharmacy Association’s New Program Gets Patients to Take Their Meds

Associations Now

The program, which starts this month, will initially target three Texas communities: Wichita Falls, Tyler, and Jasper. The Medication Adherence Project, an initiative by the Texas Pharmacy Association, will use a cloud-based platform to check on people with controlled hypertension. The program is designed to help raise the profile of pharmacists in the healthcare conversation. When patients fail to refill—or even fill—their prescriptions, it’s a big problem.

Airline Quality Rating High in 2012, but So Are Passenger Complaints

Associations Now

Conducted annually by researchers at Purdue University and Wichita State University, the study analyzed 14 airlines in four performance areas: On-time arrivals. “The way airlines have taken 130-seat airplanes and expanded them to 150 seats to squeeze out more revenue I think is finally catching up with them,” said Dean Headley, a business professor at Wichita State University and coauthor of the report for the past 23 years, in an interview with the Associated Press.

New Tips from the Giving Day Playbook on Crowdfunding Campaigns

Beth Kanter

In Kansas, for example, the Wichita Community Foundation reached out to a local tech alliance to help with social media updates. From GiveMN Case Study - Click for Case Study. Note from Beth: I’m working with the Knight Foundation to facilitate a peer learning exchange that will help their community foundation partners learn and spread best practices in planning and implementing Giving Days. This learning approach has two ways to capture knowledge.