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Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part I

Principled Innovation

Far beyond solving immediate problems or servicing short-term needs, association business models must be designed to provide meaningful support to their stakeholders as they pursue their deepest aspirations, on their terms and on their time. Membership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy. Indeed, for many organizations, the membership imperative defines the very existence of the association: membership is who they are and what they do.

Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part II

Principled Innovation

For decades, nearly all key business decisions about women’s products and services were made in corporate boardrooms populated almost entirely by men. Membership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy. Indeed, for many organizations, the membership imperative defines the very existence of the association: membership is who they are and what they do.

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Join Jeff for P.I./TMA Resources Executive Breakfast on March 6 in Alexandria, Virginia

Principled Innovation

TMA Resources , located in Vienna, Virginia, provides member-centric organizations with the software solutions, services and partners that help keep their members and other constituents returning to them to find information, collaborate, learn and communicate with their communities. Join Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation on Wednesday, March 6 for the P.I./TMA TMA Resources Executive Breakfast for association CEOs, C-Suite executives and other association leaders.

Why business model thinking matters to associations

Principled Innovation

The fiduciary responsibility that lives at the heart of board service extends far beyond the oversight function traditionally performed through the review and approval of audits, budgets and 990s. This post appears as an article in the May/June 2012 issue of Success by Association , the magazine of Association Executives of North Carolina. You can download a PDF of the article (512 KB).

Jeff De Cagna elected chair of RedRover Board of Directors

Principled Innovation

” RedRover is celebrating 25 years of service to animals this year, and needs your support. Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, has been elected chair of the RedRover Board of Directors. Jeff will begin his two-year term in January 2013.

Why Bad Customer Service Disappears in an Online Community

Higher Logic

According to a study done by Forrester Research , 80 percent of businesses think they deliver ‘superior customer service.’ In a world where mistakes and missteps can go viral instantly, no one wants to be caught in the social media crosshairs for bad customer service.

Team 62

10 keys to creating and growing a customer service culture at your organization.

YourMembership Blog

What does a culture of accountability look like at your association or nonprofit? Here’s a guest blog article from Abila‘s Director of Client Success Jessica Lane who answers the question. As we have seen, time and time again, word of mouth can make or break a company’s reputation.

National Initiative Looks to Strengthen Social Services

Associations Now

A new initiative aims to examine the financial challenges of the social services sector and find solutions. Through research, surveys, and interviews with key stakeholders and industry observers, the initiative will focus on assessing and improving the financial health of social services.

How to Overcome Challenges and Use Community as an Integrated Service to Improve Business Results

Higher Logic

Community is often looked at as a standalone application or service that’s tacked onto a company’s overall suite of platforms, such as their corporate website, their marketing automation platform, their email engine, and their CRM.

Member Services From Top Down to Local First

Associations Now

But in associations, you think of your members, and you’re trying to reach a service goal,” he says. Collins effectively reversed the flow of funds and services from headquarters to local societies.

Dental Group Launches Free Credentialing Service

Associations Now

In reaction to frustration by its members over the tedious payer-application process, the American Dental Association unveiled the new, streamlined ADA Credentialing Service. Now, with the new ADA Credentialing Service , dentists only have to enter their professional credentials once.

New ABA Network Increases Legal Services for Homeless Youth

Associations Now

The American Bar Association’s new legal network addresses gaps in legal services to meet the myriad needs of homeless youth. In effort to increase legal services to this group, the American Bar Association (ABA) recently launched the Homeless Youth Legal Network (HYLN).

4 Little-Known Services from Your AMS Software Vendor that Will Save You Time and Money


Membership Management Association Management Services AMS SoftwareWhy is the image of a frazzled intern fetching coffee so ubiquitous? We all know that interns have much more to contribute than just coffee runs, but the image endures – in part because it illustrates a few important principles.

Give Back: Community Service Projects at Conferences

Associations Now

Service projects will help your attendees feel a closer connection to the city—and also to each other and your association. If the answer’s yes, and you want to give back to the greater Nashville community, consider signing up for this year’s community service project.

The future of customer service


The Future of Customer Service from Jason Falls. The post The future of customer service appeared first on SocialFish. Thanks, Jason Falls for this one. ———— ( photo credit ). More like this.

How AAA’s New Car-Share Service Thinks Beyond Ownership

Associations Now

Gig, a new service that AAA is launching April 30 in California’s Bay Area, is designed to target a consumer segment that is likely to grow in importance in the coming years: the urban resident who doesn’t own a car. The service will be available to everyone, but AAA members get discounts.

Attendee Volunteers: A Meeting’s Best Customer Service Team

Associations Now

Instead of relying only on internal staff or a mix of staff and venue or destination teams to handle onsite customer service at meetings, some associations are asking attendees to volunteer. How associations staff that customer-service function is also considered.

Team 46

Don’t Forget to Create Connection With Customer Service

Associations Now

A recent survey of airline passengers highlights the importance of quality customer service—an area in which airlines might be able to take a note from associations. The American Immigration Lawyers Association turned customer service into a group effort several years ago.

The Other Service Economy: Software as a Service Hits Overdrive

Associations Now

Microsoft’s move to offer a monthly cloud-based enterprise package for its Windows operating system is both uncharted territory and, in many ways, the culmination of the software as a service (SaaS) model.

Monday Buzz: Fixing Customer Service Failures

Associations Now

Learn how your association can give members the service they deserve. While the purpose is to represent members, some organizations have fallen into poor customer service habits that, if not fixed soon, will alienate the very members needing help.

So Long LinkedIn Products & Services Tab

Wild Apricot Blog

On April 14th LinkedIn will "retire" the products & services tab. Here are the details and what it might mean for your organization. social media

Lessons for Associations From the Service Industry

Association Success

They are world-renowned for their outstanding customer service, which has been engrained in the company culture. How do you go about communicating the bigger picture? Ari Weinzweig is co-founder of the massively successful Zingerman’s Community of Businesses.

New Alzheimer Europe Service Connects Patients with Clinical Trials

Associations Now

As a way to connect patients with more treatment options, Alzheimer Europe (AE) launched a new service called Clinical Trials Watch , which tracks clinical trials on drugs to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia conditions.

7 Association Management Services You’ll Actually Use


Most of us have accepted being overly busy as just another unfortunate fact of life today. Emails on your phone, meetings with staff and members halfway around the world, taking your laptop home from work, not quite getting to that extra member program you wanted to start. Association Management Association Executives Member Benefits Membership Management

A Culture That Starts With Member Service

Associations Now

That’s by design, because the member-service department is where Team Cool began. In our feature on Fitness Australia’s organizational culture in the November/December issue of Associations Now , the origin of the motto “Team Cool” is explained: At first, “Team Cool” was just a nickname that Fitness Australia’s member-service staff gave itself. They take a membership and then they get great service and we retain them.”

Team 26

When Service Design Meets the Connected Company


When service design meets the connected company from Dave Gray. You know how I love anything by Dave Gray , author of the Connected Company. Watch this excellent talk or view the slides below. Related articles across the web. Socialogy: Interview with Dave Gray.

Are you using social media for customer service?


I’m not sure why not – seems like such low hanging fruit, to have your member services people be the ones monitoring your social media.

Association Subculture: When Customer Service Isn't

Association Subculture

" Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire Sometimes great customer service isn't. "Help me help you!" A few days before Christmas, I suddenly remembered that on one of our many shopping trips to Barnes and Noble, one of our

Conference Services: How They Can Improve Your Association Events

Association Management

When you need to unite key people in your association—for training, strategizing, or promoting new initiatives—professional conference services can help. What’s the value of conference services?

Tools 30

Tapping Into Attendee Expertise For Community Service Projects

Associations Now

Your attendees have professional skills and specialized knowledge that can make a difference when they’re put to work in a conference-related community service project. The post Tapping Into Attendee Expertise For Community Service Projects appeared first on Associations Now

Wednesday Buzz: The Importance of First Impressions in Customer Service

Associations Now

CMSWire contributor Jose Alvarez takes a look at a recent Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI) from the CFI Group to see how customer service has performed in recent years. The post Wednesday Buzz: The Importance of First Impressions in Customer Service appeared first on Associations Now

Social Media Roundup: Lessons From a Customer Service Fail

Associations Now

But that doesn’t mean you can disregard the feedback and punish people who make negative comments on your customer service. The post Social Media Roundup: Lessons From a Customer Service Fail appeared first on Associations Now

Sorry, Verizon, this is not warm and fuzzy customer service


Sorry, Verizon, this is not warm and fuzzy customer service. In fact, this is not good customer service at all. What customer service lessons can be learned from this example? Uncategorized "customer service" donor membership Verizon

Customer Service Broken? Your Technology Probably Is, Too

Associations Now

The cable and internet giant Comcast is in the middle of a major shift on customer service, after being dogged about it for years. Comcast’s service is so bad that Public Knowledge held a remix contest recently to mock the company’s viral phone calls.

Best Benefit Ever: Free Legal Services for Design Professionals

Associations Now

Professional design association members can get their legal agreements in order with a year of free documentation services. Shake’s services provide AIGA members with a simplified way to manage legal documents and keep tabs on transactions should any disputes occur.

How’s your social customer service?


How’s your social customer service? 88% of consumers are less likely to buy from a company that ignores them on social media sites. Check out the full Conversocial study here. I know I notice – very strongly – when my tweets go unanswered.

Monday Buzz: Concierge Services Embrace Mobility

Associations Now

Hyatt Regency’s app is the result of a collaboration with startup Zingle , which isn’t alone in tackling the problem of upgrading concierge services to fit the demands of mobilecentric guests. The power of a concierge desk can now fit into your pocket.

LinkedIn Products & Services Tab Disappearing April 14

Mizz Information

And now I just learned that another great tool that’s been free up until now will be disappearing soon: LinkedIn page’s Products & Services tab. From the LinkedIn announcement: Your Products & Services tab will be removed on April 14, 2014.

Why and How You Should Get Proactive About Customer Service


This puts customer service front-and-center in today’s marketplace. So, the only way you can really stand out is by delivering superior service. Virgin Atlantic found that customers serviced through chat convert at a rate 3.5

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Product and Service Engagement Drives Membership Retention and

Membership Marketing

Product and Service Engagement Drives Membership Retention and Growth. The connection between the products and services offered by an association and the impact of usage of these on membership is profound