How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

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Communication – interpersonal, public speaking, writing and digital/social media. Data analytics – Google’s chief economist said the ability to understand, visualize and communicate data will be “a hugely important skill in the next decades.”. Thanks to MOOCs , many people around the world are patching together a college-level education by taking classes from Brown, Penn, UVA, Harvard and other respected universities.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Innovation Trigger. The concept of distributed ledgers has usefulness outside of its thriving use in financial transactions and currency speculation, and it is actively triggering innovation in healthcare IT. The Army Research Laboratory in Orlando, Florida (the Silicon Valley of simulation), is, a source tells us, leaning toward specifying xAPI (see below) as the standard for LMS-simulator communication. All the MOOCs out there.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.7.16

Reid All About it

This list is part of their Data Science Career Guide , a six-part series recommending the best online courses and MOOCs for people entering the data science industry. What online courses (including your own) and MOOCs would you recommend to people entering (or thinking about entering) your industry or profession? – Stand Out in 30 Seconds: Effective Communication for Millennial Professionals.

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Six Issues Associations Are Having Difficulty Responding To

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What we do know is that technology is impacting every component of our civilization; from the way we communicate, to the way we conduct commerce, and ultimately the way we experience the world around us,” says Klososky. We all want the ability to survey business landscapes, identify trends, adopt and adapt innovations, stay abreast of new endeavors, and create new products and services. It’s not going to stop at shopping, communication, and entertainment.

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Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

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Last week, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub. The workshop used design-thinking based on Luma methodology to help participants develop a communications strategy for measuring impact. The process took participants through an assessment of the problems facing them, collective brainstorming, and prototyping. Google offers the free MOOC called “ Google Analytics Academy.”

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Napster, New Yorker, Freeloaders & 4 Other Articles for Association Executives

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By Clay Shirky Using what MP3 and Napster did to the music industry as an example, Shirky talks about the upcoming evolution/revolution within education in the form of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). especially for associations and association communicators who focus on “short-form” content. Member-driven innovations, tools or content made available for free on the Internet? Napster, Udacity, and the Academy.

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