Four Community Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

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Although some might think them old-school, email newsletters are having a renaissance. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, there is a newsletter out there for it. Perhaps newsletters are a way of making sense of all the information out there. CMX Hub Newsletter.

Email-Driven Curation: Get Your Voice Out Front

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Curation Tips If you’re looking to create a newsletter of your own, The Association Contrarian Report’s Jeff De Cagna offers these tips. Perhaps a curated newsletter written under your own name—rather than your association’s—could do the trick.

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Building Community: Real Towns Inform Online Spaces

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However, while communities on a screen seem like a new phenomenon, their goal is to mimic a real-life community. So, rather than seeing yourself as the community manager of an online group, try imagining you are the town planner in charge of helping a new town get off its feet.

Great News – America’s Hiring and Associations have a Reason to Celebrate

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In New York City alone, there are 25,000 unfilled middle-skill jobs in the health care sector, a major industry among the association career centers we work with daily. You interact with them through your website, newsletters, emails, social media channels and events.

Our Favorite 2016 Summer Community Resources

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They come in various formats -- including a newsletter, podcast and videos -- so anyone can find something that resonates. We Support NYC (Newsletter). This weekly newsletter (comes out every Friday) is always packed with resources I otherwise wouldn’t have found.

Advancing your profession

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Baryshnikov’s observation, by the way, was about the new dance center he is helped build in New York City. Write a newsletter blurb or blog post. If you examine your own efforts and those of your close colleagues, how are you helping move your profession forward?