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I dont actively monitor current financial projections compared to the same time last year. I dont try to get a certain # of clients or hit certain revenue targets. I mean blueprint. ; ) The only hiccup I had while processing the list is sometimes the folks in charge of contracts can make it painful, but then they disappear during the project and you end up working with some pretty wonderful people. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3).

MemCom Awards – could you be a winner?

Optimist Consulting

Finally, back up your entry with compelling customer endorsement or case studies which prove how solutions have really solved pain points, driven improvements or savings, and/or increased sales or revenue. This will be the “lessons learnt” stage at the end of the project which you can justify back to your managment/board. As you may know, MemCom organises the annual awards for the membership industry. They are the only dedicated membership awards in the UK.


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Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Seen Elsewhere: Building Creative.

Idea Architects

How Secure is Your Professional Development Revenue Stream? While you may have staff devoted exclusively to learning and professional development, youd be wise to remain aware of some of the rapidly emerging trends in education delivery, since they have the potential to dramatically alter the learning landscape and the revenue that associations receive from their offerings. Dec 2002 (6). Nov 2002 (4). Sep 2002 (2). Aug 2002 (3). Jul 2002 (3).

ASAE Requests Aid for Associations Hit Hard by COVID-19

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Citing major revenue losses related to the coronavirus pandemic, ASAE is asking lawmakers for $25 billion in emergency aid for associations in a proposed economic stimulus package, along with a federal pandemic risk insurance program. ASAE delivered a letter [PDF] to congressional leaders yesterday requesting emergency financial support for associations and other nonprofit groups experiencing significant revenue losses from event cancellations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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