How To Handle A “Failed” Project

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Some projects do not pan out the way I expect, and it is a tough pill to swallow. The best way to handle a “failed” project is to look back and learn from what went wrong. Most of the time, it is a combination of both parties involved that determine the outcome of a project.

Implementation of Consulting Projects – Association Field Report (November 12, 2021)

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I reflected on some of our consulting projects over the last year, and I want to give you some advice on how to implement those kinds of programs. He’s done a great job on consulting projects and how we implement them.


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Essentials for Good Consulting Projects (4m 30s) – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 305

Moery Company

Listen to this podcast to discover what the 2 key factors are to any successful consulting project. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. Now once we got the project, what did it look like?

Get Member Thinking on Nondues Revenue Projects

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That’s especially true for associations with declining dues revenue. Taking some time to brainstorm with members provides them a stimulating engagement opportunity and could generate ideas for contributing additional nondues revenue to your organization’s bottom line. The session resulted in 26 different nondues revenue projects that associations could invite members to participate in as a key partners.

Strategies for driving non-dues revenue for your association

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Taking a strategic approach to driving non-dues revenue might seem challenging. Read on for proven techniques and technolog ies that will help you boost your non-dues revenue in no time. . Driving non-dues revenue is critically important to your association’s long-term success.

The Art of Discipline and Selling New Projects – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 253

Moery Company

This week JP shares insights gained from listening to his favorite podcasts and six steps to launching a new sales project. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. The first will cover insights learned from listening to podcasts and the second will cover the steps to selling a new project – maybe a new prospectus, maybe a new membership category – I’ve got some thoughts on how to do that.

Squeezing Non-Dues Revenue Out of Your AMS


Until after four months of trying (it can be a big project with a lot of hidden surprises) they realized that the replacement system had its own warts. Ecommerce sales are just one of the forms of non-dues revenue associations are gleaning from their AMSs.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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More than half (54 percent) of the executives who took part in our annual association communication benchmarking study felt their organization’s inability to generate non-dues-revenue (NDR) was a serious or significant challenge — up substantially from 2015. A lack of confidence in the ability to show sponsors or advertisers a return on their investment can hinder an association’s enthusiasm to pursue non-dues revenue opportunities,” Andreu added. Features Revenue non-dues revenue

I am Not a Fan of Most Membership Structure Change Projects

Smooth The Path

Metrics are softer, as is the revenue to fund member benefits. Others wonder if switching to free membership while leveraging healthy non-dues revenue streams of income is the right course. The association landscape has been slowly changing for at least the last decade.

What’s Your Superpower? – Association Hustle Podcast 274 (8m 54s)

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21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. 5: Project management. 21st century associations must move forward with a little bit of hustle and revenue development at their core. 5: Project management.

3 Add-on Tools to Drive Association Revenue + Amplify Member Engagement

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As you strategize for the future, consider a few add-on tools to help you amplify the impact of your online community and strengthen your ability to meet the personalized needs of your members while driving association revenue, among other business objectives like recruitment and advocacy. Using integrated mobile apps, there’s an opportunity to drive revenue with: Sponsored ad space and push notifications. Is your association leveraging technology to its fullest potential?

How to Mitigate Revenue Losses

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There are a number of steps associations experiencing revenue shortfalls can take to reduce the damage. Whether it’s failing to meet membership goals or advertising projections, it’s not so much if an association will experience a revenue loss, but when an association will experience a revenue loss. And, if a downward revenue trend is spotted, it’s important to let the appropriate people know, whether that’s your boss, the executive team, or even the board.

5 Ways to Power Boost Your Revenue from Member Communication

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How can we increase non-dues revenue? One of the most valuable revenue-building tools all associations have in their arsenal is member communications. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question at hand, there are a handful of strategies that associations can implement to boost their non-dues revenue from print and digital media: 1. If non-dues revenue isn’t where you want it to be, chances are your member engagement isn’t, either.

5 Ways to Power Boost Your Revenue from Member Communications

Association Adviser

How can we increase non-dues revenue? One of the most valuable revenue-building tools all associations have in their arsenal is member communications. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question at hand, there are a handful of strategies that associations can implement to boost their non-dues revenue from print and digital media: 1. If non-dues revenue isn’t where you want it to be, chances are your member engagement isn’t, either.

Serve Your Members and Grow Non-Dues Revenue With These Online Career Center Tips


To help get your online career center off and running, here are a few pieces of advice association managers can immediately implement to engage with and serve members, all while growing non-dues revenue. . What are the necessary steps you need to take for this project to be successful? .

Less is More: Non-Dues Revenue

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Quality > Quantity All associations want to maximize revenue in order to better serve their members. Non-dues revenue channels can be a great opportunity for associations to broaden the range of services they offer, and to build relationships with other bodies in their industry. When it comes to non-dues revenue, I’d rather pursue a share of mind than a share of wallet. It takes strategic thinking to calculate which projects to throw your weight behind.

Is Wounded Warrior Project an Example of Too Much Money?

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The CEO and COO of the Wounded Warrior Project were fired a few weeks ago over spending practices at one of the nation’s largest charitable organizations for veterans. I was thinking about this issue before the Wounded Warrior Project news broke because the executive director of a small nonprofit asked me for help in responding to board members suggesting they were spending too much on fund-raising.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Publications, Events and Continuing Ed

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Non-dues revenue is often an essential component of an association’s operating budget, allowing staff to produce high-caliber member communications, events and continuing education programs. Symbiotically, those same operational areas are where association professionals report they want to focus on earning more non-dues revenue this year. Associations can earn revenue from supplier members wanting to place press releases or product reviews in member communications.

How to tell if your non-dues revenue programs are worth it

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When it comes to non-dues sources of revenue, not all are worth the time, energy and effort. Organization leaders need to understand the total value of the revenue source, which means more than the return on investment; it also means looking at how much mission impact is perceived to be achieved by board members, staff, and members. . So, how can you measure the revenue source’s total value? . In order to construct the matrix, you need expense and revenue information.

Look Beyond the Renewal: The Best Sources of Non-Dues Revenue

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As associations take on the pressures of the economy and increasing member demands, it becomes vital to identify and implement non-dues revenue opportunities to help ensure financial health. Many associations already use a variety of programs to generate non-dues revenue, among the most common being: Annual Sponsorships. Print publications are quickly disappearing as associations go green, taking back the revenue spent on printing and mailing.

Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


But, HFMA has cast that old non-dues revenue practice aside. HFMA’s approach sounds like a great way for an association to become indispensable to members, but there’s one challenge we must address: how to make up for lost non-dues revenue when free education is a membership benefit. Rethinking non-dues revenue: from products to partnerships. It cannot just be about revenue, but about content,’ said Bruce Rosenthal, strategic advisor at Bruce Rosenthal Associates, LLC.

How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic (And How That Translates to Revenue)

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A strong, carefully crafted website that gets new visitors and consistently brings loyal supporters back can become of your nonprofit’s most powerful tools for increasing awareness and revenue. As you increase website traffic, you’ll increase donations and fundraising revenue. Tell stories about your nonprofit and its projects that draw people in and appeal to their emotions. Websites are par for the course.

Top 5 Tips For Preparing For A Data Clean-Up Project


For associations, data clean-up has the dubious honor of being both a vital strategic initiative and the project most likely to be postponed, reprioritized, or tabled.

Looking Ahead: A Digital Products Portfolio Generates Non-Dues Revenue and Engagement


These days more than ever, associations are seeking new sources of non-dues revenue to replace the income they used to rely upon from in-person meetings and events. Consider generating revenue by offering corporate partners the opportunity to sponsor: Blog posts and articles.

Open-Source Projects Failing To Pass IRS Nonprofit Muster

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Though organizations that produce nonprofit software have long been granted tax-exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service recently denied it to two applicants. Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul , while noting successful examples of open-source projects that thrived as for-profit enterprises, specifically took the IRS to task for discounting the educational value of open-source software.

Ad Tech Hits the Lab: IAB Launches Skunkworks Project

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The association’s strategy for funding the project is tied to its evolving membership. They’ll be among the projects researchers will be working on. The two strategies are intertwined—the increased revenues from the expanded member tiers will help pay for the lab. The post Ad Tech Hits the Lab: IAB Launches Skunkworks Project appeared first on Associations Now

Protecting Critical Association Revenue Streams: Managing the Risks of Event Cancellation Insurance

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In many cases, annual conventions and trade shows represent the most significant revenue-generating opportunities of the year for associations. These special events are of the utmost importance to any association that relies on this revenue stream. Without an event cancellation policy in place, associations can be left with substantial revenue shortfalls that could have lasting effects on their operating budgets and also compromise their ability to deliver important member services.

Public Transit Association Takes Good Look At Troubled DC Streetcar Project

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With Washington’s endlessly delayed streetcar transit project—once called the country’s worst—still not carrying passengers after two years, the American Public Transportation Association will do a top-down analysis of the system to ensure it’s safe and ready to run. At the request of the DC Department of Transportation, the American Public Transportation Association will review the long-delayed project to determine whether it is ready to go in its current form.

DC 63

Funding Web Projects from Reserves

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Should financial reserves be used to fund the development of a website instead of from current revenues? The answer lies largely in the strategic value of the project in question. Since they don’t pay out profits to owners or shareholders, bottom line revenue goes into the bank and is typically invested. Funding a website project would qualify under the latter. Using reserves to pay for staff or one-off projects is almost always not.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Continuing Education

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This month, we asked our readers which source of non-dues revenue they plan to improve this year. The results were somewhat similar to those when we asked this question in previous years: Half of respondents cited continuing education as their primary non-dues revenue focus. Ad revenue benefits your association by padding your operational budget and affording additional membership perks, staff benefits and programming.

Secretly Counting On a Happily Ever After

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The happily-ever-after storyline is so ingrained in our society that we sometimes secretly believe that our happily-ever-after is at the end of this next project. When we complete this project, the membership will send roses and accolades. Or the moment we launch this new product, members will wonder where we have been all their lives, renewals will skyrocket, and generous revenue will follow. Members don’t understand or are fearful of interacting with your project.

When Your Superpower is Member Development and Revenue Generation: Tamela Blalock, CAE, CMP, DES

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Tamela Blalock, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES considers her professional superpower to be revenue generation, but after talking with her about her experiences as an association leader, our staff at the Adviser thinks developing authentic empathy that nurtures others’ professional growth should be considered one of her superpowers, too. We talked with Tamela about how she applies a sales mindset to membership growth, revenue generation and board development. Tamela Blalock, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES.

Fight the Jumbles: The Dangers of a Convoluted Project Management Path

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That’s why clear, well-considered project management is so important to your strategy. That’s where project managers come in. That’s something that hit me recently when reading a couple of fascinating social media anecdotes—one about a well-managed (albeit tiny) project and the other involving a company with broad ambitions that could be held back by slow-moving project management paths. When Project Management Works.

Get Board Buy-In for Your Association’s Learning Business

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Plus, offering members learning opportunities can help boost your association’s revenue. After all, your education development team and board fundamentally want the same thing: to invest in projects and initiatives that will benefit your association. by Jeb Banner of Boardable.

What artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can do for your association

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Increase revenue from your professional education program ?by Project future fundraising results by predicting which members will donate and how much they will give. . Drive more non-dues revenue ?by Product News Artificial Intelligence Member Retention Non-dues Revenue

Commonly Used Association Goals Doomed to Failure

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Growing revenues in a consolidating industry. Or set up goals around project completion. Association Leadership Association Strategy achieving goals association innovation association leadership association strategy association vision goals member experience project management project strategy reaching goalsOften we set goals for ourselves that are likely to fail. Failing demoralizes the team and makes us more risk adverse.

Membership Dues: Fair Share is Grossly Unfair


They will be eager and willing to invest big money in projects that lead to great schools, hospitals, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Productivity Revenue Solutions Growthby Frank Kenny. The membership dues model known as “fair share” is unfair to your members and your chamber.

How to Start Grant Writing (+ Templates)

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As a nonprofit, it’s a good idea to have a variety of revenue sources to fund your missions. And if you’re looking for support for a specific project or position within your organization, you may have grant writing.

How To 264

4 steps to consider when moving data

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Something I have personally experienced through my data migration experiences, the person doing the brunt of the work can bang the drum as loud as they can, but the project won’t make a sound until an organizational leader comes in with a cymbal and requests some attention. .

Big Challenges Yield Big Reward for Association Staff

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In the end we delivered 15 great new products on time; many of these products going on to earn quite a bit of revenue. Big projects are a lot of work. And maybe, in the end, it will be a project everyone reflects on as one of the best. The solution to most association problems is… The fragile middle of a big association project. Some of the things that we have the best memories of were extremely challenging at the time.