International Travel on the Decline, U.S. Travel Warns

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Travel projects the U.S. The Brand USA Extension Act , which still needs a full Senate vote along with corresponding House legislation, would reauthorize the program through 2027. Two reports from the U.S. Travel Association show that inbound travel to the U.S. is dropping. The organization is calling for a renewal of funding for Brand USA to help reverse the trend.

Ready to Grow Your Association? Freelancers Are Waiting to Help


workers will be freelancers by 2027. Others have procedures in place but are reluctant to abandon the timeclock and brick and mortar office space for a more fluid style—let alone routinely hire freelancers to handle important projects. Time— Projects that require significant onboarding, training or supervision are probably not appropriate for freelancers. To change that, we came up with a structure that allows for on-demand project work in blended, cross-functional teams.

To Succeed in Industry 4.0 Become an Association 4.0™ Leader


By 2027, many employees will count robots among their co-workers. It’s not easy to tell the people who renew your contract that their pet project won’t fly or that the event that was their brainchild is a loser. Deploying a smart factory may not be in your future. But association CEOs who are looking for success must embrace attitudes that keep them in front of these, and other trends associated with Industry 4.0.