Email Marketing Trends: What’s Hot in 2017

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Here’s a bit of a conundrum to start out the year: Despite all the complaints about email filling up our inboxes and generally annoying us, email newsletters and marketing messages are doing pretty well from an attention-grabbing standpoint.

Don’t Close the Book on Indie Bookstores Just Yet

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1,632 The number of members the American Booksellers Association has—down from 2,400 in 2002, but up after a period of recent declines, according to The New York Times. book market in 2012, according to BookStats figures.

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Pop-Up Events: The Next Trend for Associations?

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Some familiar brands have found they’re a great way to not only generate buzz and revenue (between $ 45 billion and $50 billion annually , according to a study conducted by Chicago-based marketing firm PopUp Republic) but also introduce and test new products. New attendee engagement.

Business Ideas for Women


Kendra Scott , 44, is the founder, chairman, lead designer and CEO of Kendra Scott, LLC , a jewelry company that was founded in 2002. Thomae, with the help of two of her friends, worked on the design, look, and voice of the new company. It is headquartered in New York, New York.

Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

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” Naylor Marketing Manager Dana Plotke said she’s surprised by the number of associations that are still grappling with the print versus digital question. Kelly Donovan , Naylor’s team leader for online marketing, agreed.

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Plexus Consulting Group?: Crucial Conversations

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or international market expansion. Authors are Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler, published in 2002 by McGraw Hill, and subsequently a New York Times bestseller. or international market expansion. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. Monday, March 21, 2011.