#13ntc Nonprofit Technology Conference: Plenary Session on Failing Informatively

Beth Kanter

The 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference takes place in Minneapolis next week. It is the largest gathering of people who work in the nonprofit sector and technology. Join us for a discussion about the value of failure in the nonprofit technology sector.

Online NTC Livestream Interviews [LIVE] #13ntc


I’m here at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, in snowy (yes really) Minneapolis. Schedule is below the window – and our interviews will often preview or be reactions to the content in the sessions. You Need A Strategic Technology Plan: Jeremiah Dunham.

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Gen Y Favors Loyalty When Shaping Brand Perception, Study Finds

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Gen Y consumers connect the most to apparel and technology brands, the study found, in addition to companies that predate them like Coke and Adidas.

What 5G Could Mean for Events

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When it comes to hyped new technologies, it can be difficult to determine when and where it realistically makes sense for your organization to begin adoption. One of those events was CES, the gadget-focused tradeshow produced by the Consumer Technology Association.

What Target’s Breach Proves: The CIO’s Role Matters More Than Ever

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“I think CIOs are getting more respect,” Tim Scannell, the director of strategic content for the CIO Executive Council, told the wire service. In a 2012 interview with the Minneapolis / St.

Transmedia — Making Change Across Mediums

Beth Kanter

I caught up with Danny Alpert at the NTC Conference in Minneapolis, MN where he briefed me on how he is using a “Transmedia” strategy to raise awareness and funding to support homeless services.