Wed.Jun 21, 2023

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What Lessons Can Failure Teach You?

Association Adviser

For some individuals, failure carries a connotation of embarrassment, triggering a paralyzing fear that hinders them from attempting again. However, for those committed to lifelong learning, failure serves as a motivating force that inspires them to uncover valuable lessons from their experiences, persevere with increased determination, and strive for success through unique and innovative approaches. […] The post What Lessons Can Failure Teach You?

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Top Ten Data Challenges (And Solutions) for Associations

Association Analytics

When you turn to another person for relationship advice, whether that’s a trusted friend or therapist, you often start by discussing what’s bothering you. You turn to them for help because you know something is amiss, but you might not know where to start or have a frame of reference for how to come up with a solution. But when it comes to a troubling relationship with your data, can you turn to those same people?

Team 319

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Engaging Gen Z Members: How Associations Can Attract and Retain Young Professionals

Higher Logic

The post Engaging Gen Z Members: How Associations Can Attract and Retain Young Professionals appeared first on Higher Logic. The post Engaging Gen Z Members: How Associations Can Attract and Retain Young Professionals appeared first on Higher Logic.

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The 23 Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits in 2023

EventMobi: Association Events

Events are the lifeblood of nonprofits and associations. Conferences offer an opportunity for an entire member base to get together, experience the best of what an association can offer, and give the organization a chance to drive non-dues revenue. Fundraising events are an invaluable opportunity to drive revenue and build community, whether they’re online or in person.

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Dont Waste Another Minute Drafting Board Resolutions

Drafting board resolutions should not be draining your leadership’s time. This can impact both the flow of discussions and your overall decision-making. A board resolution is an important compliance document that records the votes and decisions on specific actions. Learn how you can get started with your board resolution by downloading our free template.

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8 Must-Have Resources for Association Executive Directors

AMR Management Services

Executive Directors play a critical role in the success of the membership organizations, professional societies, and trade associations they lead – and I am blessed to work with some of the best and brightest here at AMR Management Services. There is a lot that goes into preparing someone to take on the role of Executive… The post 8 Must-Have Resources for Association Executive Directors first appeared on AMR Management Services.

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#MMCCon Keynote: Build Trust With Marketing and Communications

Associations Now

Rohit Bhargava, founder of Non-Obvious Company, believes in the power of non-obvious marketing to build trust with various audiences. During the opening keynote at ASAE’s 2023 Marketing, Membership, and Communications Conference, he shared five principles for telling authentic and compelling stories. Being able to access a wealth of information comes with a lot of skepticism.

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How to Compete Against New Membership Communities for Gen Z’s Attention & Loyalty


The evidence is in: Gen Z are joiners. They may not join associations, but they do join membership communities created by their peers. GenZer Meagan Loyst wrote about the amazing success of these paid membership communities for Gen Z audiences. Loyst should know. She’s the founder of GenZ VCs , a global community of 24,000 Gen Z venture capitalists (VCs), founders, angel investors, operators, and aspiring VCs.She says, “When we see a lack of community in our chosen field/profession,

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Becker Service Announcement: Florida’s New Immigration Law

Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog

In this informative webinar, we cover what to expect in the event your community is damaged by a casualty event, such as a hurricane. Hear from Community Association Shareholder Jay Roberts, Construction Law & Litigation Shareholder Aaron Pruss, and Public Adjuster Joseph Connelly of Association Adjusting. They approach the conversation from their u The post Becker Service Announcement: Florida’s New Immigration Law first appeared on Becker.

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Fundraising Event Sponsorships


As a nonprofit professional, you know that fundraising events are a key part of your organization’s fundraising portfolio. You also know that sponsorship revenue is crucial to the event’s bottom line and your nonprofit’s return on investment. Sponsorships are a win-win for the sponsoring business and the benefiting nonprofit, but it’s up to the event’s planning team to effectively build, pitch, and sell sponsorships.

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Mastering Remote Onboarding: Proven Strategies for Seamless New Hire Integration

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

Join this brand new webinar with Tim Buteyn to learn how you can master the art of remote onboarding! By the end of this session, you'll understand how to: Craft a Tailored Onboarding Checklist 📝 Develop a comprehensive, customized checklist that ensures every new hire has a smooth transition into your company, no matter where they are in the world.

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Blog | The Key to Setting Up a Successful Referral Program | Multiview


Referral programs are an excellent way to get new members and create a strong, loyal membership base. These programs are meant to reward members when they spread the word about your organization, bringing in organic traffic and new members. Keeping that in mind, we'll discuss the ins and outs of referral programs and how you can best use them within your association.